2019-2021 UAE School Term & Holiday Dates

The public and private school calendars for the next two years have been announced by the Ministerial Council for Development. Now you really can plan ahead...
2019-2021 UAE School Term & Holiday Dates
By David Westley
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The 2019-2021 school calendar for private international schools. The public school calendar can be found below. Plan ahead!

UAE Private International Schools

2019-2020 Dates Working Days
Beginning of attendance of the Academic body 25/8/19  
Beginning of the Students' attendance 1/9/19  
Winter vacation for students 15/12/19 3 Weeks
Resumption of study 5/1/20  
Spring break for students 29/3/20 2 Weeks
Resumption of study 9/4/20  
End of students attendance 2/7/20  
End of academic body attendance 9/7/20  
Number of school days 185 With examination days
Beginning of attendance of the Academic body 23/8/20  
Beginning of the Students' attendance 30/8/20  
Winter vacation for students 13/12/20 3 Weeks
Resumption of study 3/1/21  
Spring break for students 28/3/21 2 Weeks
Resumption of study 11/4/21  
End of students attendance 1/7/21  
End of academic body attendance 8/7/21  
Number of school days 182 With examination days

UAE Public Schools

2019-2020 Dates Working Days
First Semester    
Start for academic staff 25/8/19  
Start for students 1/9/19  
Winter Holiday for Students 15/12/2019 - 09/1/2020 20
Winter Holiday for Staff 22/12/2019 - 02/01/2020 10
Second Semester    
Start for academic staff 5/1/20  
Start for students 12/1/20  
Spring Vacation - students 29/03/2020 - 09/04/2020 10
Spring Vacation - staff 29/03/2020 - 02/4/2020 5
Third Semester    
Start for academic staff 5/4/20  
Start for students 12/4/20  
Summer Vacation - students 2/7/20  
Summer Vacation - staff 9/7/20 30 working days
Number of School Days 185 with examination dates
2020-2021 Date Duration (working days)
First Semester    
Start for academic staff 23/08/2020  
Start for students 30/08/2020  
Winter Holiday for Students 12/12/2020-07/1/2021 20
Winter Holiday for Staff 20/12/2020 - 31/12/2020 10
Second Semester    
Start for academic staff 3/1/21  
Start for students 10/1/21  
Spring Vacation - students 28/3/2021 - 8/4/2021 10
Spring Vacation - staff 28/3/2021 - 1/4/2021 5
Third Semester    
Start for academic staff 4/4/21  
Start for students 11/4/21  
Summer Vacation - students 1/7/21  
Summer Vacation - staff 8/7/21 30
Number of School Days 182 With examination dates


The 2019 academic year will be three days longer than that of 2018. Students will be in attendance for 185 days in the year that runs from 2019-2020, as oppose to the 182 days they were asked to attend in the 2017-2018 year. In 2017, children were expected to attend school on 180 days up from 175.

For private schools following foreign curriculums, the first day of school will fall on September 1, 2019, while teachers must return a week early on August 25. Pupils will get a three-week-long winter break, starting on December 15 and ending on January 2. There will also be a two-week-long spring break from March 29 to April 9.

July 9 will be the last day of school for the year for teachers, and the 2nd for students.

Public and private schools following the Ministry of Education's curriculum will also begin the new academic year on September 1, but will get a longer, four-week winter break from December 15 to January 9.

Spring break will start on March 29 and children will go back to school on April 9.

In the academic year that runs from 2020 to 2021, however, the school year will start on August 30 across the country and the year will be 182 school days long.

Schools following foreign curriculums will start winter holidays on December 13 and resume studies on January 3, whereas Ministry of Education schools will resume on January 7.

Spring holidays will start on March 28 and end on April 8.

International schools are given a leeway of up to a week from the dates approved in the school calendars. However, the school must get authorisation from the relevant education authority in their emirate for any change from the published dates.

The school calendar has been approved following a thorough and "detailed study on the requirements of the teaching and education process and is in line with the MoE's vision in fulfilling an efficient learning process".

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