Complete Sharjah School Fees 2017

Complete list of school fees kept up to date by WSA and Sharjah schools themselves. This will be the most up to date school fee list you will find...

Welcome to the complete list of Sharjah school fees. School fee data on is owned by the schools themselves, and should be up to date.

Currently the average annual fee for a school in Sharjah is AED 19,300. There are 12 schools more expensive than this average and 22 schools less expensive. The most expensive school in the country is currently Victoria International School with average annual fees across year groups of AED 52,800.

Average Annual Fees By School's Age

The older the school, in general the less expensive it is. The average fee of a school open for less than 5 years is AED 23,600. The average fee of a school over 5 years old is AED 16,900. The average fee of a 10 year old school is AED 21,500.

  • 1-3 years old: AED 22,600
  • 4-5 years old: AED 24,100
  • 6-8 years old: AED 16,900
  • 9-10 years old:
  • 11+ years old : AED 21,500

Average Annual Fees By Child's Age

Parents should take note of not only the year of entry, but also the variance between years. We add this because there is no point looking at the affordablity of primary, if you do not think you will eventually also be able to afford Year 12. In some schools the rise is gradual, but not in all...

  • Child's age 4-6: AED 19,600
  • Child's age 7-9: AED 21,400
  • Child's age 10-13: AED 24,100
  • Child's age 14-16: AED 28,100
  • Child's age 17 plus: AED 35,700

SchoolCommunityAverage Annual FeePrice VarianceParents RecommendEnquire
Al Amaal English High SchoolButinaAED 15,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Al Amana Private SchoolAl RamlaAED 10,300AED 3,800Insufficient dataRequest Information
Al Ansar International SchoolAl GharayenAED 30,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Al Shola Private SchoolIndustrial AreaAED 5,800Insufficient dataRequest Information
American School of Creative Science Al LayyahAl LayyahAED 22,600AED 25,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
American School of Creative Science, Maliha RoadAl JurainahAED 34,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Aspam Indian International SchoolAl AzraAED 14,100AED 3,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Australian International SchoolMuweilehAED 47,300AED 29,00050%Request Information
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School SharjahIndustrial AreaAED 12,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Dawha School SharjahAl AzraAED 15,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Delhi Private School SharjahMuweilahAED 11,400AED 1,90064%Request Information
Delhi Private School Sharjah, DPS SharjahIndustrial AreaAED 11,100AED 3,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
Delta English SchoolAl MuwailaAED 12,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Far Eastern Private SchoolAl ShahbaAED 8,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS Millennium School SharjahAl GharayenAED 17,90020%Request Information
GEMS Westminster School SharjahAl MoweilahAED 15,900AED 11,00050%Request Information
German International School SharjahAl AbarAED 32,900AED 29,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Gulf Asian English SchoolMuweilahAED 5,400AED 2,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Ibn Khaldoun SchoolAl AzraAED 7,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Ibn Seena English SchoolAl ShahbaAED 8,400Insufficient dataRequest Information
Indian Excellent Private SchoolAl AzraAED 7,00050%Request Information
Iqraa International SchoolMuweilahAED 17,000AED 12,400Insufficient dataRequest Information
Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou SharjahAl AbarAED 26,400AED 5,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Our Own English High School, SharjahMuweilehAED 9,500AED 6,20088%Request Information
Providence English Private SchoolAl GharayenAED 18,200AED 13,600Insufficient dataRequest Information
Rosary School, Muweilah, SharjahMuweilahAED 8,800AED 40075%Request Information
Scholars International Academy, SharjahAl GharayenAED 28,900AED 15,20075%Request Information
Sharjah English SchoolUniversity CityAED 46,100AED 43,000100%Request Information
The International School of Choueifat SharjahAl ShahbaAED 18,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
The International School of Creative Science, MuwailehMuweilehAED 29,000AED 12,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Victoria English SchoolAl AzraAED 26,600Insufficient dataRequest Information
Victoria International SchoolAl TaawunAED 52,800AED 43,70075%Request Information
Wesgreen InternationalMuweilahAED 29,40074%Request Information

If you are the owner or manager of a school, and you believe the fees are out of date, inform us - or take ownership of your own school's listing.

All schools can update their own school fee data.