Complete Dubai School Fees 2017

Complete list of school fees kept up to date by WSA and Dubai schools themselves. This will be the most up to date school fee list you will find...

Welcome to the complete list of Dubai school fees. School fee data on is owned by the schools themselves, and should be up to date.

Currently the average annual fee for a school in Dubai is AED 34,800. There are 81 schools more expensive than this average and 108 schools less expensive. The most expensive school in the country is currently Dwight School Dubai with average annual fees across year groups of AED 118,300.

The fee of a school will also vary depending on its KHDA rating.

Average Annual Fees by Government Inspection Rating

  • Outstanding: AED 56,700
  • Very Good: AED 38,600
  • Good: AED 37,300
  • Acceptable: AED 17,300
  • Weak: AED 11,100
  • Very Weak:

Average Annual Fees By School's Age

The older the school, in general the less expensive it is. The average fee of a school open for less than 5 years is AED 49,300. The average fee of a school over 5 years old is AED 43,900. The average fee of a 10 year old school is AED 28,400.

  • 1-3 years old: AED 49,500
  • 4-5 years old: AED 45,900
  • 6-8 years old: AED 40,000
  • 9-10 years old: AED 49,000
  • 11+ years old : AED 28,400

Average Annual Fees By Child's Age

Parents should take note of not only the year of entry, but also the variance between years. We add this because there is no point looking at the affordablity of primary, if you do not think you will eventually also be able to afford Year 12. In some schools the rise is gradual, but not in all...

  • Child's age 4-6: AED 27,800
  • Child's age 7-9: AED 30,100
  • Child's age 10-13: AED 32,600
  • Child's age 14-16: AED 36,000
  • Child's age 17 plus: AED 41,700

SchoolCommunityAverage Annual FeePrice VarianceParents RecommendInspection RatingEnquire
Adab Iranian Private SchoolAl QusaisAED 13,300AED 9,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Ameen SchoolAl NahdaAED 10,200AED 1,200Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Arqm Private SchoolAl BarshaAED 11,100AED 7,800Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Al Diyafah High SchoolAl QusaisAED 11,100AED 9,60040%GoodRequest Information
Al Eman SchoolAl RashidiyaAED 6,800AED 2,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Ittihad Private School JumeirahAl SafaAED 30,800AED 20,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Ittihad Private School MamzarAl MamzarAED 23,000AED 20,600Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Khaleej National SchoolGarhoudAED 21,900AED 13,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Maarifa Private SchoolAl QusaisAED 14,800AED 17,600Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Al Mawakeb School Al BarshaAl BarshaAED 17,000AED 8,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Mawakeb School Al GarhoudGarhoudAED 17,000AED 8,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Mizhar American AcademyMirdifAED 53,600AED 22,300Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Rashid Al Saleh SchoolOud MethaAED 11,900AED 9,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Sadiq Islamic English SchoolAl QusaisAED 5,300AED 4,200Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Salam Private SchoolAl NahdaAED 21,400AED 13,600100%GoodRequest Information
Al Shorouq Private SchoolJumeirah 1AED 8,700AED 6,100Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Thuraya SchoolGarhoudAED 9,100AED 6,600Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Wasl Girls SchoolAl WaslInsufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Alpha SchoolAl QusaisAED 24,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Ambassador Al Khail GateAl MankhoolAED 29,400AED 20,00050%GoodRequest Information
Ambassador Kindergarten DubaiMankhoolAED 24,100Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Ambassador SchoolAl MankhoolAED 29,400Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
American International School DubaiAl QusaisAED 14,600AED 7,2000%AcceptableRequest Information
American School of DubaiAl BarshaAED 78,500AED 21,40083%GoodRequest Information
Amity School DubaiAl QusaisAED 20,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
Amled SchoolAl QuozAED 13,900AED 4,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Apple International SchoolAl QusaisAED 8,700AED 5,30088%GoodRequest Information
Arab Unity SchoolAl MizharAED 7,100AED 3,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Arcadia Preparatory SchoolJumeirah Village TriangleAED 54,400AED 9,00087%Request Information
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School DubaiDeiraAED 14,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Bilva Indian SchoolAl QusaisAED 16,500AED 9,000Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Bradenton Prep AcademyDubai Sports CityAED 69,700AED 44,100Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Brighton College DubaiAl Barsha SouthAED 92,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
British Columbia Canadian SchoolDubai Investments ParkAED 51,900Insufficient dataRequest Information
Buds Public SchoolMuhasinahAED 11,300AED 5,900Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Cambridge International School DubaiGarhoudAED 21,800AED 7,20069%GoodRequest Information
Capital SchoolAl NahdaAED 48,000AED 20,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Central School DubaiAl NahdaAED 4,700AED 2,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Clarion SchoolAl QuozAED 61,300AED 33,50080%Request Information
Collegiate American SchoolUmm Suqeim 2AED 66,300AED 32,30060%GoodRequest Information
Credence High SchoolAl QuozAED 19,000AED 8,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Crescent English High SchoolAl QusaisAED 3,600AED 6,500Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Deira International SchoolFestival CityAED 58,200AED 38,90040%Very GoodRequest Information
Deira Private SchoolAl Twar 3AED 24,800AED 11,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Delhi Private School DubaiJebel AliAED 11,900AED 3,900Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Dovecote Green Primary SchoolDubai Investments ParkAED 45,000AED 6,000100%Request Information
Dubai American AcademyAl BarshaAED 78,400AED 58,90064%OutstandingRequest Information
Dubai Arabian American Private SchoolAl MuhaisnahAED 19,100AED 16,000Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Dubai Autism CenterSatwaAED 30,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Dubai British SchoolEmirates HillsAED 56,400AED 23,00080%Very GoodRequest Information
Dubai British School Jumeirah ParkJumeirah ParkAED 69,000AED 10,00050%Request Information
Dubai Carmel SchoolAl QusaisAED 10,400AED 5,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Dubai CollegeAl SufouhAED 83,900AED 10,30092%OutstandingRequest Information
Dubai English Speaking CollegeDubai Academic CityAED 79,400AED 5,600100%OutstandingRequest Information
Dubai English Speaking SchoolOud MethaAED 43,700AED 8,10092%Very GoodRequest Information
Dubai First SchoolAl QuozAED 11,800Insufficient dataRequest Information
Dubai Gem Private SchoolOud MethaAED 16,100AED 12,40063%GoodRequest Information
Dubai Heights AcademyAl BarshaAED 44,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Dubai International AcademyEmirates HillsAED 53,700AED 29,600100%OutstandingRequest Information
Dubai International School Al QuozAl QuozAED 16,300AED 7,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Dubai International School GarhoudGarhoudAED 15,800AED 7,600Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Dubai Modern Education SchoolAl MizharAED 13,600AED 5,900Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Dubai National School Al BarshaAl Barsha 1AED 27,400AED 13,500Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Dubai National School Al TwarAl TwarAED 27,200AED 13,200Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Dubai Scholars Private SchoolAl QusaisAED 18,700AED 16,80067%GoodRequest Information
Dunecrest American SchoolAl BarariAED 67,300Insufficient dataRequest Information
Dwight School DubaiAl Barsha SouthAED 118,300Insufficient dataRequest Information
Emirates English Speaking School JumeirahAl SafaAED 4,400AED 1,800Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Emirates International School JumeirahUmm SuqeimAED 51,300AED 37,90017%GoodRequest Information
Emirates International School MeadowsThe MeadowsAED 47,700AED 50,90080%GoodRequest Information
English College DubaiUmm SuqeimAED 55,700AED 9,90083%GoodRequest Information
English Language Private SchoolOud MethaAED 6,500AED 6,900Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Fairgreen International SchoolThe Sustainable City DubaiAED 59,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
Foremarke SchoolAl Barsha SouthAED 79,000AED 8,00094%GoodRequest Information
GEMS Al Barsha National SchoolAl BarshaAED 51,200AED 12,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS EducationAl QuozAED 49,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS FirstPoint SchoolThe VillaAED 52,600AED 27,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
GEMS Founders Mizhar SchoolAl MizharAED 31,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS Founders SchoolAl Barsha SouthAED 28,10084%Request Information
GEMS Heritage SchoolAl KhailAED 12,700AED 10,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS Jumeirah Primary SchoolAl SafaAED 49,200AED 10,00082%OutstandingRequest Information
GEMS MetropoleMotor CityAED 41,200AED 11,00073%AcceptableRequest Information
GEMS Modern AcademyNad al ShebaAED 41,900AED 23,40081%OutstandingRequest Information
GEMS New Millennium SchoolAl KhailAED 25,200AED 8,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
GEMS Our Own English High SchoolAl WarqaAED 10,100AED 7,60075%Very GoodRequest Information
GEMS Our Own Indian SchoolAl QuozAED 8,000AED 6,00085%GoodRequest Information
GEMS Royal Dubai SchoolMirdifAED 46,10079%OutstandingRequest Information
GEMS Vertus SchoolDubailandAED 46,700Insufficient dataRequest Information
GEMS Wellington Academy Al KhailAl KhailAED 70,600AED 34,60080%GoodRequest Information
GEMS Wellington Academy, Dubai Silicon OasisDubai Silicon OasisAED 59,300AED 44,10080%Very GoodRequest Information
GEMS Wellington International School, DubaiAl SufouhAED 66,800AED 48,30050%OutstandingRequest Information
GEMS Wellington Primary School, DubaiAl WaslAED 52,200AED 10,600100%Very GoodRequest Information
GEMS Winchester School, DubaiOud MethaAED 15,300AED 7,40086%AcceptableRequest Information
GEMS World Academy DubaiAl BarshaAED 88,700AED 45,80069%GoodRequest Information
German International School DubaiDubai Academic CityAED 52,100AED 31,300Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Global Indian International School DubaiAl Barsha SouthAED 21,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Grammar School DubaiGarhoudAED 5,400AED 1,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Greenfield Community SchoolDubai Investments ParkAED 57,300AED 34,90075%GoodRequest Information
Greenwood International SchoolMuhaisna 1AED 23,400AED 9,40040%GoodRequest Information
Gulf Indian High SchoolGarhoudAED 4,400AED 3,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Gulf Model SchoolAl MuhaisnahAED 4,600AED 2,800Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Hartland International SchoolSobha HartlandAED 64,700AED 25,30089%Request Information
Horizon English School DubaiAl SafaAED 36,700AED 10,90090%Very GoodRequest Information
Horizon International SchoolUmm SheifAED 57,100AED 41,00050%GoodRequest Information
iCademy Middle EastKnowledge VillageAED 20,600AED 7,300Insufficient dataRequest Information
Indian High School Al GarhoudGarhoudAED 5,300AED 200Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Indian High School DubaiGarhoudAED 7,800AED 4,40057%OutstandingRequest Information
Indian International SchoolDubai Silicon OasisAED 11,200AED 3,100Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
International Academic School DubaiAl WarqaAED 17,600AED 11,900Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
International Concept for EducationAl NahdaAED 66,300AED 22,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
International School of Arts and SciencesAl WarqaAED 28,200AED 25,200Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Iranian Salman Farsi Boys SchoolAl QusaisAED 2,600AED 1,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Japanese School DubaiAl WaslAED 20,700AED 6,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Jebel Ali SchoolAkoyaAED 51,800AED 39,900100%Very GoodRequest Information
JSS International SchoolAl BarshaAED 22,500AED 21,90025%GoodRequest Information
JSS Private School LLCAl WaslAED 15,200AED 12,40040%GoodRequest Information
Jumeira Baccalaureate SchoolJumeirah 1AED 71,100AED 28,10040%GoodRequest Information
Jumeirah CollegeAl SafaAED 79,200AED 17,10083%OutstandingRequest Information
Jumeirah English Speaking SchoolAl SafaAED 47,100AED 8,900100%OutstandingRequest Information
Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian RanchesArabian RanchesAED 64,300AED 51,40091%OutstandingRequest Information
Kent College DubaiNad al ShebaAED 73,300AED 44,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Kings' School Al BarshaAl BarshaAED 69,100AED 49,80054%GoodRequest Information
Kings' School DubaiUmm SuqeimAED 53,900AED 21,30064%OutstandingRequest Information
Kings' School Nad Al ShebaNad al ShebaAED 56,100AED 53,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Lycee Francais International Georges PompidouDubai Academic CityAED 41,400AED 12,500Insufficient dataOutstandingRequest Information
Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou Primary Oud MethaOud MethaAED 29,100Insufficient dataOutstandingRequest Information
Lycee Francais International Prive de Dubai (AFLEC)Oud MethaAED 37,100AED 28,40067%GoodRequest Information
Lycee Francais International, Dubai - Article En FrancaisOud MethaAED 29,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Lycée Français Jean MermozAl QuozAED 43,600Insufficient dataRequest Information
Lycee Libanais Francophone PriveAl MuhaisnahAED 33,000AED 26,500Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive, Dubai - Article en FrancaisMuhasinahAED 31,600AED 26,500Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Manor Primary SchoolAl SafaAED 49,700AED 4,600Insufficient dataRequest Information
Modern Alternative EducationAl SafaAED 53,200Insufficient dataRequest Information
New Academy SchoolBur DubaiAED 11,900AED 12,700Insufficient dataRequest Information
New Indian Model SchoolGarhoudAED 4,900AED 2,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
New World School PrivateAl TwarAED 13,700AED 7,300Insufficient dataRequest Information
Newlands SchoolAl WarqaAED 20,800Insufficient dataRequest Information
Next Generation SchoolAl BarshaAED 33,100AED 10,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Nibras International SchoolDubai Investments ParkAED 32,000AED 21,600Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Nord Anglia International School DubaiAl BarshaAED 78,600AED 26,00090%GoodRequest Information
North American International SchoolAl MizharAED 34,400AED 16,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
North London Collegiate School DubaiSobha HartlandAED 106,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
Oaktree Primary SchoolAl QuozAED 42,500AED 10,000100%Request Information
Our Own High School Al Warqa'aAl WarqaAED 10,400AED 7,60088%Very GoodRequest Information
Oxford SchoolAl MuhaisnahAED 13,400AED 6,4000%AcceptableRequest Information
Primus Private SchoolAl WarqaAED 15,900AED 11,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Pristine Private SchoolAl NahdaAED 13,300AED 8,30075%GoodRequest Information
Queen International SchoolHor Al AnzAED 18,000AED 12,20050%GoodRequest Information
Raffles International School - WestUmm SuqeimAED 54,400AED 36,50080%GoodRequest Information
Raffles World AcademyUmm SuqeimAED 58,100AED 52,80050%GoodRequest Information
Ranches Primary SchoolArabian RanchesAED 52,500AED 10,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Regent International SchoolThe GreensAED 49,300AED 50,20046%GoodRequest Information
Repton School DubaiNad al ShebaAED 85,600AED 60,10063%OutstandingRequest Information
Sabari Indian SchoolAl WahedaAED 15,500AED 2,200Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Safa British SchoolAl QuozAED 38,800AED 12,80075%GoodRequest Information
Safa Community SchoolMotor CityAED 57,700AED 33,00081%GoodRequest Information
School of Research ScienceAl QusaisAED 49,000AED 39,400Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Sheffield Private SchoolAl NahdaAED 28,900AED 18,300Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Smart Start KindergartenAl Barsha SouthAED 37,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
Solomon International SchoolInternational Media Production ZoneAED 52,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
South View SchoolRemraamAED 41,100Insufficient dataRequest Information
Springdales SchoolAl QuozAED 23,900AED 10,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
St. Mary's Catholic High SchoolOud MethaAED 8,700AED 6,70075%GoodRequest Information
Star International SchoolAl TwarAED 30,700AED 19,200Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Star International School MirdiffMirdifAED 36,100AED 16,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Sunmarke SchoolJumeirah Village TriangleAED 60,900AED 26,00057%GoodRequest Information
Swiss International Scientific School DubaiDubai Healthcare City Phase 2AED 82,600AED 43,000Insufficient dataRequest Information
The American School of Creative Science, Al BarshaAl BarshaAED 32,800Insufficient dataRequest Information
The Arbor SchoolAl FurjanAED 77,700Insufficient dataRequest Information
The City School InternationalNad Al HamarAED 16,300AED 10,300Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
The Elite English SchoolAl WahedaAED 5,700AED 5,200Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
The Indian AcademyAl MuhaisnahAED 16,000AED 9,400Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
The International School of Choueifat DIPDubai Investments ParkAED 33,100AED 21,00040%AcceptableRequest Information
The International School of Choueifat DubaiAl SufouhAED 27,700AED 17,70042%AcceptableRequest Information
The International School of Choueifat GroupAl SufouhAED 27,000AED 17,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
The Millennium SchoolAl QusaisAED 21,000AED 7,50060%Very GoodRequest Information
The Philippine SchoolAl RashidiyaAED 8,300AED 4,300Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
The Rising SchoolNad al ShebaAED 40,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
The Westminster School DubaiAl QusaisAED 10,800AED 6,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
The Winchester SchoolJebel AliAED 19,400AED 16,00050%Very GoodRequest Information
Towheed Iranian Boys SchoolAl QuozAED 15,700AED 3,800Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
United International Private SchoolAl MuhaisnahAED 7,000AED 4,400Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Universal American SchoolFestival CityAED 63,100AED 37,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Uptown SchoolMirdifAED 73,000AED 29,10063%Very GoodRequest Information
Victory Heights Primary SchoolDubai Sports CityAED 43,600AED 12,60090%GoodRequest Information

If you are the owner or manager of a school, and you believe the fees are out of date, inform us - or take ownership of your own school's listing.

All schools can update their own school fee data.