Complete Abu Dhabi School Fees

Complete list of school fees kept up to date by WSA and Abu Dhabi schools themselves. This will be the most up to date school fee list you will find...
Complete Abu Dhabi School Fees
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Welcome to the complete list of Abu Dhabi school fees. School fee data on is owned by the schools themselves, and should be up to date.

If you are a school and have yet to take ownership of your data, you can do so here.

Currently the average annual fee for a school in Abu Dhabi is AED 32,300. There are 33 schools more expensive than this average and 58 schools less expensive. The most expensive school in the country is currently Cranleigh Abu Dhabi with average annual fees across year groups of AED 80,400.

The fee of a school will also vary depending on its KHDA rating.

Average Annual Fees by Government Inspection Rating

  • Outstanding: AED 48,800
  • Very Good: AED 50,200
  • Good: AED 29,200
  • Acceptable: AED 23,400
  • Weak: AED 6,900
  • Very Weak: AED 23,300

Average Annual Fees By School's Age

The older the school, in general the less expensive it is. The average fee of a school open for less than 5 years is AED 34,500. The average fee of a school over 5 years old is AED 41,300. The average fee of a 10 year old school is AED 31,200.

  • 1-3 years old: AED 36,200
  • 4-5 years old: AED 32,700
  • 6-8 years old: AED 41,000
  • 9-10 years old: AED 41,600
  • 11+ years old : AED 31,200

Average Annual Fees By Child's Age

Parents should take note of not only the year of entry, but also the variance between years. We add this because there is no point looking at the affordablity of primary, if you do not think you will eventually also be able to afford Year 12. In some schools the rise is gradual, but not in all...

  • Child's age 4-6: AED 33,100
  • Child's age 7-9: AED 34,500
  • Child's age 10-13: AED 36,100
  • Child's age 14-16: AED 39,600
  • Child's age 17 plus: AED 42,100

SchoolCommunityAverage Annual FeePrice VarianceParents RecommendInspection RatingEnquire
ABC Private SchoolAl ShamkhaAED 23,300Insufficient dataVery WeakRequest Information
Abu Dhabi Grammar SchoolAbu Dhabi CityAED 31,700AED 23,700Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Abu Dhabi Indian SchoolShabia MuroorAED 9,000AED 6,60054%AcceptableRequest Information
Abu Dhabi Indian School (branch 1) Al WathbaAl WathbaAED 13,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Abu Dhabi International SchoolAl RowdaAED 20,300Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Abu Dhabi International School MBZ branchMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 39,400AED 17,50060%GoodRequest Information
ADNOC Primary School, Abu DhabiUmm Al NarAED 27,200AED 9,100Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
ADNOC Schools, Ruwais Branch, Abu DhabiRuwaisAED 29,500Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
ADNOC Secondary Schools, Abu DhabiUmm Al NarAED 37,900AED 20,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Ajyal International School MBZMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 42,000AED 22,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Bashair Private SchoolMussafahAED 22,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Basma British SchoolOld Al BahyaAED 23,000AED 11,00055%AcceptableRequest Information
Al Bateen AcademyAl ManaseerAED 58,600AED 9,50080%GoodRequest Information
Al Dhafra Private School, Abu DhabiMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 33,200Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Mamoura Academy Abu DhabiAl NahyanAED 56,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Manhal International School Abu DhabiAl MushrifAED 11,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Muna AcademyAl MarkaziyahAED 41,60075%OutstandingRequest Information
Al Mushrif AcademyAl BateenAED 59,600Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Al Najah Private SchoolMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 18,80067%GoodRequest Information
Al Rabeeh School Abu DhabiAl MushrifAED 28,600AED 5,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Ruwais Private School (formerly Choueifat)RuwaisAED 22,100Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Shohub SchoolKhalifa City AAED 39,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Al Yasat Private School, Abu DhabiAl ShamkhaAED 37,400AED 9,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Al Yasmina SchoolAl Raha GardensAED 47,400AED 15,80085%Very GoodRequest Information
American Community School Abu DhabiKhalidiyaAED 67,000AED 33,80070%Very GoodRequest Information
American International School Abu DhabiAl ReehanAED 46,50060%Very GoodRequest Information
Amity InternationalAl BahyaAED 45,700AED 6,00067%GoodRequest Information
Asian International School Madinat ZayedMadinat ZayedAED 7,000Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Asian International School RuwaisRuwaisAED 6,900AED 7,900Insufficient dataWeakRequest Information
Aspen Heights British SchoolAl BahyaAED 41,300Insufficient dataRequest Information
Australian School of Abu DhabiShakhbout CityAED 25,800Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Bright Riders SchoolMussafahAED 14,200AED 9,90044%GoodRequest Information
Brighton College Abu DhabiBloom Gardens & Khalifa CityAED 62,100AED 25,60071%OutstandingRequest Information
British International School Abu DhabiShakhbout CityAED 59,200AED 15,30097%Very GoodRequest Information
British School Al Khubairat, Abu DhabiAl KhubairatAED 55,700AED 20,80090%OutstandingRequest Information
Cambridge High School Abu DhabiMussafahAED 22,500AED 16,20086%GoodRequest Information
Canadian International SchoolKhalifa City AAED 42,000AED 11,400Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Cranleigh Abu DhabiSaadiyat IslandAED 80,400AED 31,30089%Very GoodRequest Information
Creative British School Abu DhabiMussafahAED 13,100Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Creative Scientific Private SchoolAbu Dhabi CityAED 13,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Crescent International Private SchoolKhalifa City AAED 13,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Diyafah International School MBZMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 31,300AED 8,30092%GoodRequest Information
Emirates National School Abu Dhabi (Primary campus)Al ManaseerAED 29,300Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Emirates National School Al AinTowayaAED 33,700Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Emirates National School Al Nahyan (Secondary)Al NahyanAED 36,500Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Emirates National School Mohammed Bin Zayed CityMohammed Bin Zayed CityAED 36,500Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
GEMS American AcademyKhalifa City AAED 68,300AED 19,80058%Very GoodRequest Information
GEMS United Indian SchoolBaniyas WestAED 12,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
GEMS Winchester School Abu DhabiAl MarkaziyahAED 19,600AED 6,300Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
GEMS World Academy Abu DhabiAl DanahAED 49,700AED 18,500100%Very GoodRequest Information
German International School Abu DhabiZaabAED 29,000AED 8,700Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Glenelg School Madinat ZayedMadinat ZayedAED 27,500Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Global Indian International School Abu DhabiBaniyas EastAED 11,000AED 1,800Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Good Will Children Private SchoolMussafahAED 26,600Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
International Academic School Abu DhabiShakhbout CityAED 33,900AED 10,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
International Community School Al Najda (branch 1)Madinat ZayedAED 15,500Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
International Community School MushrifAl MushrifAED 35,00050%AcceptableRequest Information
International Jubilee Private SchoolAl DanahAED 19,600AED 15,700Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Islamia English SchoolAl DhafrahAED 7,900AED 12,70029%AcceptableRequest Information
Japanese School Abu DhabiAl BateenAED 25,800Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Lycee Louis Massignon SchoolAl ZahraAED 31,600Insufficient dataVery GoodRequest Information
Mayoor Private School Abu DhabiAl WathbaAED 20,900Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information
Merryland International SchoolMussafahAED 31,10060%OutstandingRequest Information
Modern Private SchoolShakhbout CityAED 19,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Polaris Private AcademyAl DhafrahAED 13,400Insufficient dataRequest Information
Raha International School, Abu DhabiKhalifa City AAED 53,30074%OutstandingRequest Information
Reach British SchoolBaniyas EastAED 31,60075%AcceptableRequest Information
Repton (Fry Campus), Junior & Senior School, Abu DhabiAl Reem IslandAED 65,00083%Request Information
Repton School Abu DhabiAl Reem IslandAED 61,900AED 12,00091%Very GoodRequest Information
Scholars American International SchoolShakhbout CityAED 32,500Insufficient dataRequest Information
Shining Star International SchoolMussafahAED 12,100Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
The International School of Choueifat Abu DhabiAl MushrifAED 18,50050%AcceptableRequest Information
The International School of Choueifat Khalifa CityKhalifa City AAED 23,00040%GoodRequest Information
The Pearl AcademyAl DhafrahAED 40,400100%Very GoodRequest Information
Towheed Iranian Girls SchoolKaramaAED 9,000AED 500Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Virginia International Private SchoolShakhbout CityAED 30,500AED 12,000Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
Wales International (formerly Al Ansar International) SchoolAl ShamkhaAED 29,700Insufficient dataAcceptableRequest Information
West Yas AcademyYas WestAED 56,000Insufficient dataGoodRequest Information

If you are the owner or manager of a school, and you believe the fees are out of date, inform us - or take ownership of your own school's listing.

All schools can update their own school fee data.

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