Unipod 3: Where Are You Going, and Why?

In this week's UniPod podcast, Josie Campbell focuses on how you can convert your university shortlist into your go-list.  On the way she speaks to David Turner from Dwight School Dubai, and Mollie Luckhurst from BridgeU.
Unipod 3: Where Are You Going, and Why?
By David Westley
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You’ve researched countries, courses and campuses … now what? At some point, you will have to transfer your shortlist into your go-list.  

Easy, yes? After all, we make decisions all day long – coffee or tea? Red shirt or white shirt? WhatsApp or Insta?

Well yes, except this decision has the potential to affect your entire future – so it’s a pretty big one.

In this week’s episode of Unipod, David Turner, High School Counselor from Dwight School Dubai and the owner of A List Education, advises us not to rush and to take the time to self-reflect before you sign on any dotted lines.

BridgeU is a platform used by many school counsellors, and Mollie Luckhurst is back for the last of BridgeU’s recommended three step process to choosing a university.

Click here to read more about BridgeU’s approach to choosing a university here:

To help you narrow down, rank/weight the areas which are important to you when making a decision, and then give a score to each university and course you are considering...

Criteria Ranking / Weightng
Big-brand university, eg Yale or Oxford  
Cost of living  
Diversity of student population  
Support systems  
Quality/choice of accommodation  
Career progression/Employability  
City/town centre  
Big and busy  
Small and friendly  
Big lecture-sized classes  
Smaller tutorials  
Specialist degree  
Range of modules before specializing  
Assessed by exams  
Assessed by coursework  
Practical course  
Theoretical course  
Lots of group work  
Mostly solitary learning  
Sporting facilities  
Student union and societies  

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Josie Campbell

Josie currently works as a University Counsellor at JESS Dubai. Before moving back to Dubai, she was Head of Careers at Ampleforth College, where she also taught English and Drama. Josie also works professionally in theatre, film, radio and voice-over.

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