Top Affordable UK Schools in Dubai, 2018-2019

Who says there's no such thing as great affordable British schools in Dubai? Whoever they are, they are wrong. Here we count 17 of them - almost all of which are actually getting better!
Top Affordable UK Schools in Dubai, 2018-2019
By David Westley
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Schools 25,000 - 30,000 AED

Al Salam Private School

Al Salam Private School

Curriculum: UK
Years: Foundation to Year 12
Fees: AED 12,931 to AED 28,903
KHDA Ranking: Good
Location: Al Ghusais

The Buzz: For years now, Al Salam has been incredibly oversubscribed and for most parents- obtaining a seat has been near impossible. That all changed this year with the announcement that this high achieving little school will be opening a significantly bigger branch with top-class facilities in 2019.

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What we say:  With ‘visionary' principal, Sue Johnston now fully focusing on the new Al Salam School build, the UK educated and experienced principal, Kausor Amin-Ali has taken the helm.

According to Johnston, it took time to find the ‘right’ replacement, and together the two have spent a great deal of time on both the recruitment process and the hand-over.

Now fully established in his role, we expect Amin-Ali to really begin taking the school forward via teacher-training, new pedagogies and of course the launch and integration of the new school.

Al Salam's SEN provision is in many ways pioneering and sits very much at the core of the school's principles. Visit Al Salam and you find energised teachers, happy kids and a positive environment.

What the KHDA says: Al Salam scores not only 'Good' ratings across all KHDA indicators throughout its 2017/18 inspection report, but there's a serious haul of 'Very Good' and even 'Outstanding' ratings once again too. Sadly, this year saw the school lose its Outstanding maths attainment and progress at Post-16 fell to Good. However it has maintained the rating for personal and social development, innovation and the health and safety of students.

Exam Results: Al Salam has not updated their exam results for the last two years. In 2016, Al Salam came a close second to Dubai College at GCSE with a staggering 99 percent success rate of A* to C grades. In its A* results, Al Salam once again fell just short of the UAE leader Dubai College (40.8%) with 40 percent.

For an updated list of schools which have published their IGCSE results go here, and for those who have published their A Level results, go here

IGCSE and A Level Options: 13 IGCSE subjects and 9 AS/A Level

Extracurricular: 15 offerings, including; rollerblading to model United Nations to various instrument classes and self defence.

The Pay-Off: Limited outdoor space. Located in an older more congested area of Dubai.

The WSA Parent Survey: According to our parent survey- parents at Al Salam are very happy with almost everything at the school. From sense of belonging to confidence, to value for money and curriculum adaption.

Highlights include:

  • Over 80% say their schools represents great value for money
  • 80% say the school has increased their child’s confidence, ‘a lot,’
  • 80% say they’re satisfied with the academic performance of the school
  • A full 100% would recommend the school to other parents

Worryingly, however, 50% still say they are very concerned about bullying at the school

What the School Says: Al Salam’s examination results page, pits the school against other Dubai private schools and in fact other countries scores in the 2015 TIMMS and PISA results.

The school’s individual TIMMS results are higher than the Dubai private school average, while the TIMMS results in Grade 9 science show the school achieved higher marks (620) than top country -Singapore (597).

In the Pisa scores the school is a full 50 points above the Dubai private school average, with a reading score (542) above the best in the world (Singapore average, 535).

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Dubai Scholars

Dubai Scholars Private School

Curriculum: UK
Years: Foundation to Year 12
Fees: AED 14,341 to AED 29,500
KHDA Ranking: Good
Location: Al Qusais

The Buzz: Dazzling 2018 IGCSE results and a 40 plus year tradition of continually placing students in top global universities, with Oxford University, University College London, New York University, Imperial College, Kings College London and many more among its alumni placements.

What the KHDA says: With its favourable teacher/student ratio of 1:15 plus a eight year run at 'Good' status, Scholars is doing more than a few things right for the DSIB.

The 2017/18 report shows an impressive 28 indicators have improved on the previous year. The biggest gain appears to be in Foundation where the school improved significantly on its long-standing Acceptable provision.

Science is now considered Very Good or better for primary through to post-16, as is English. Health and safety is now universally Very Good as is the curriculum at Foundation level.

Exam Results: The 2018 IGCSE results show students at the school achieved a 100 percent pass rate. Of these, 40 percent were A*, 65 percent A* to A, and 90 percent achieved A* to B grades. This year’s cohort headed off to University College London, University of Manchester, University College Dublin, University of Texas, and University of Indiana and others.

For an updated list of schools which have published their IGCSE results go here, and for those who have published their A Level results, go here

IGCSE and A Level Options: 13 IGCSE courses and 9 A Level options

Extracurricular: 12 different options covering sport, music, STEAM and chess

Facilities: Shaded play areas, four large outdoor fields for sports, shaded swimming pool

The Pay-Off: Limited IGCSE and A Level options, plus located in an older more congested area of Dubai.

The WSA Parent Survey: According to our survey most parents are happy with provision at Scholars. Of note are:

  • Over 80% of parents believe expectations at the school are high
  • Over 80% believe Scholars has improved their child’s confidence
  • 100% of parents are confident the schools meets their child’s learning needs

What the School Says:

"Our graduates are curious, fearless, independent thinkers — aware of their environment and the needs of the world they live in. They have a global perspective, academic rigour, and a healthy body. They are confident in expressing themselves in multiple languages — publicly and in large groups."

Read the full school review: here

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