Top 14 Schools in Sharjah, Northern Emirates

The best schools in Sharjah and the Northern emirates are... Read on to find out our pick of some very good schools that tend to get less air time that their peers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Top 14 Schools in Sharjah, Northern Emirates
By David Westley
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Rosary School Muwailih

Curriculum: UK
Years: 4 years old to 18 years (GIRLS ONLY)
Fees: Dhs 8,000 to Dhs 11,000
Location: Muwailih, Sharjah
Distance from Silicon Oasis: 24 Km/18 mins

The Buzz: A highly affordable and well-respected British curriculum school for girls, and Sharjah’s parents agree- the school is currently full and has a waiting list.

Facilities: Kindergarten play area, library, 700+ seat auditorium, large shared sports hall with raised seating and a swimming pool

Subject Options: Not available

Exam results: None published. In 2016 the Rosary School hit the headlines when one student received the best global score in IGCSE mathematics, and another in IGCSE Arabic. Unfortunately isolated results are not necessarily reflective of the school as a whole.

What WSA Says: This big, newer extension to the Rosary School in Al Abar offers students a proven track record in academics.

With such low fees, there are limitations, namely the outdoor sporting facilities and sports offerings. However, for those seeking a low-cost British education, the Rosary school is Sharjah’s favourite. 

In the 2014 Ministry of Education Inspections the school was considered Highly Effective throughout.

WSA Full Review Rosary School Sharjah

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