SEND 2017 - Dubai Schools SEND ratings

The announcement by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of its new Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework announced in late November coincides with’s update of the Guide to SEN originally published in 2014.
SEND 2017 - Dubai Schools SEND ratings
By Lyn Soppelsa
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The KHDA's new SEND Policy means schools will be required to provide a minimum level of SEND provision without raising fees. They will also NOT be allowed to turn children away. In more serious cases requiring additional support, schools may not profit from this.

The changes come as Dubai moves to meet its goal of being a fully inclusive city by 2020, part of the ‘My Community… A City for Everyone’ initiative sponsored by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and led by the Inclusive Education Task Force.

This is the latest step underlining the focus in the past two years on the provision of SEND in mainstream schools and the introduction of separate ratings in relation to SEND provision during the inspection process. These measures have started to show results in terms of identification of those schools that show a real commitment to supporting Students of Determination.

None the less, many families have difficulty in identifying schools to which their children with mild to moderate learning difficulties may seek admission. has taken some of the pain out of the process by reviewing all of the most recent Inspection reports issued by the KHDA, focusing specifically on the SEND provision.  Unlike Abu Dhabi, inspections in Dubai include a specific rating for SEND provision.

Since a rating of Acceptable is the minimum that the Regulators have set for schools to achieve, we have sought to identify those schools in Dubai that are providing a level of support that is at least rated Acceptable and, in many cases, Good and above. We have also checked the number of students currently being supported compared with the total roll of each school, so that parents can see the degree of focus on support for students with SEND.

Lastly, we have looked at the comments made by the inspectors to provide parents with a sense of the commitment and provision at each school. This list is not exhaustive; there are other schools offering support to students with SEND, but the schools on this list are those that we believe show a real commitment and which are sympathetic, supportive and have a genuine desire to be inclusive.


Schools with an overall rating of  “Acceptable” with improving or better than Acceptable provision for SEND. 

Al Ittihad School Mamzar – Acceptable - 34/1847 - The recently appointed head of SEND has carried out a thorough review of the provision for students with SEND and those who are gifted and talented. He has introduced a range of significant changes to the school’s practice and documents which are beginning to have an impact on the care and support students get. Comprehensive individual educational plans (IEPs) are written for students to promote their progress.

Al Khaleej National School – Good – 47/2150 - School leaders ensure there is an effective program of instruction and support for students with SEND. The highly qualified SEND coordinators are committed to ongoing improvement of the school's capacity to meet the instructional and emotional needs of students with SEND.

Al Nibras International School – improved to Acceptable – 46/756 - Leadership of SEND has strengthened this year, presenting greater enthusiasm and determination to improve provision. Additional investment in resourcing is supporting further development of early identification and its successful support in the classroom.

Arab Unity School – Good – 232/3445- Leaders help to create an inclusive ethos and have a clear understanding of the school’s provision for students with SEND and areas for development. The special educational needs policy is detailed and sets out clearly the responsibilities for all stakeholders. The school has identified key priorities for improvement, including the training of teachers to differentiate learning and provide more focused support.

Capital School – Acceptable - 76/858 - Leaders show a strong commitment to promoting a fully inclusive school where students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) play a full part in school life. The newly appointed coordinator has a clear view of what needs to be done to improve the provision and has developed effective policies and procedures in a short time.

Deira Private School – Good - 12/262 - A competent special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) leads policy and provision and is committed to inclusive practice. Teachers increasingly understand how to promote inclusion and teach to the individual needs of students with a range of abilities.

Dubai Carmel School –Good - 113/928 - The school is inclusive in its enrolment practices and the continuum of provision for students with SEND. Senior management actively support inclusion through the deployment of competent staff and the provision of resources. Together the principal and the co-ordinator of the provision deliver strong leadership and on-going support to all of the specialist staff.

Dubai International School Garhoud – Good - 50/2392- The leader of SEND is knowledgeable, very committed and enthusiastic. She leads a team of teachers and support staff who implement the support strategies effectively. The environment is purposeful and guided by a vision that all students should achieve their potential.

GEMS Metropole School - Good - 81/2567 – The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo), Inclusion Leader and Inclusion staff provide a good level of care and support for students with special educational needs. Efficient professional links have been made with English Language Learners (ELL) support staff and also with the specialist staff in the Small Steps Centre.

Iranian Salman Farsi School for Boys – upgraded to Good - 28/360 - The highly-collaborative leadership of SEND provision ensures continuing commitment to the school's inclusive education.

Mirdif Private School – Acceptable and improving - 28/895 - The school leadership demonstrate strong support for the instruction of students with SEND. The leadership of inclusion is being established to guide and support the daily instruction provided by SEND staff, shadow teachers, and classroom teachers. Students identified within the wide range of SEND categories are accepted for enrolment.

Modern Skills School - Good – 81/1735 – good care and support for its students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
North American International School – Good - 83/606 - Governors and senior leaders are very positive about accepting students with a range of diverse special educational needs and disabilities. The school is fully inclusive in policy and practice.

Ontario International Canadian School – Acceptable - 33/238 - This is an inclusive school which welcomes students with a range of difficulties. The school has invested in an experienced SEND team. Students with difficulties in communication and social interaction make the most progress through carefully planned behaviour programmes which help remove their barriers to learning.

Springdales School - Good - 38/1445 -  The school admits students with a very wide range of challenges and learning difficulties. To support these students the school has established a well-provisioned inclusion centre.

Star International School Mirdiff – Good - 25/390 - The recent appointment of a new principal, leader of SEND and new learn ing support team, bring fresh energy and the capacity to improve the quality of provision for students who have SEND.

The Indian Academy – Improved to Good - 45/720 - Students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND are well cared for within this inclusive school.

The Indian International School – Improved to Good– 154/2311  - The overall quality of provision for students who have SEND is good. Students who experience difficulties in learning are identified early in their school careers, occasionally before starting, with a key focus on learning. Leaders are aware that no student should be missed and they are working hard to develop and improve the process of identification.


Schools with an overall rating of “Good” with Good and above provision

Al Ameen School – Good – 17/613 - The enthusiastic staff with responsibility for students with SEND are focussed on bringing about the best outcomes for students.

Al Diyafah High School – Good – 20/1606 - The school’s policy for special educational needs is comprehensive and clearly sets out the inclusion parameters of the school. The teachers in the learning support unit are well qualified. The newly appointed coordinator (SENDCO) is enthusiastically developing the provision in this department.

Al Ittihad School Safa – Very Good - 73/2169 - The school is successful in ensuring that most teachers modify the curriculum to meet the needs of all groups of students. Provision for students with SEND is organized and modified effectively by a highly qualified professional in response to the academic and personal needs of the students.

Al Mawakeb School Al Barsha – Improved to Good – 53/2761 - The leadership capacity of the SEND Department has developed through a focus on increased resources. As a result, leaders are more able to monitor the progress of students and react quickly should problems occur. The SEND Policy is up to date and leaders work diligently to apply it and translate it into improved outcomes for students.

Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud – Good -46/2650 - Students with SEND make good or better progress in their personal and social development reflecting the school’s inclusive and supportive ethos. Their academic progress is more variable but many of them make good progress.

Al Mizhar American Academy (Mirdiff) – Good – 31/601 - Most students with SEND make good progress in academic areas, supported by modifications to teaching, guided by their individual learning plan. The school's commitment to personal, social, and emotional growth is very strong and supportive of students with SEND.

Al Rashid Al Saleh School – Good - 89/2626 - Provision for students with SEND is good. The newly re-structured department consisting of a well-qualified and experienced leader and specialist teachers is resulting in improved and increasingly successful SEND provision in the school.

Al Salam School – Very Good – 54/1214 - The school's leaders have established an effective educational programme for students with SEND. They maintain a large and qualified staff of specialists to support students and guide teachers. A well-qualified member of the governing board provides regular support for the team.

Ambassador Kindergarten Dubai – Good – 13/257- The special educator works with enthusiasm and commitment, and is focused on improving provision for all children with SEND. She has an active leadership role through the school, and impacts positively on the professional development of staff, ensuring they can provide appropriate support for individual children.

Ambassador School – Good – 36/748 - The knowledgeable SEND co-ordinator, well-supported by the principal, provides clear direction to the SEND team. Revised policy and procedures provide clear advice on how, when and by whom support is provided to students with SEND. The school is inclusive of students with a wide range of learning needs and disabilities.

American School of Dubai – Very Good – 88/1812 - The overall and generic strength in teaching ensures that almost all students with SEND make good progress from their starting points. Teachers use assessment very skilfully and imaginatively in lessons and students receive high quality, regular feedback which enables them to improve.

Apple International School – Good – 134/2130 - The SEND coordinator and specialist staff provide a good level of care and support for students with SEND. Guidance for students with special talents and gifts is improving rapidly. Individual education plans are written for students to promote and support their progress.

Bradenton Prep Academy – Improving Good – 45/766 - The leadership team has built an effective program of support for students with SEND. They maintain a highly-qualified staff of SEND teachers who work efficiently as a team. They are committed to improving further the school's capacity to address and meet the academic and emotional needs of students with SEND.

Cambridge International School – Improved to Good – 79/2599 - The head of learning support and her team of specialists provide strong support for students in the learning support centre during small group and one-to-one sessions. They use an impressive range of strategies and resources to help students become successful learners.

Collegiate American School – Good – 111/680 - The SEND department consisting of a SENCO, three counsellors and three ELL support staff work collaboratively towards a clear vision. Distributed leadership ensures quality in the delivered services for the different groups of students.

Dubai Gem Private School – Good – 50/1347 - The new leaders of the SEND department are working rapidly to secure improvements in provision. Resources, although limited, are skilfully allocated. The school has a clear understanding about which aspects of SEND provision require further development.

Dubai International School Al Quoz –  Improved to Good - 65/2180 - The school has developed an inclusive policy, which is reflected in all aspects of school life, including the admissions policy. There are appropriate plans and policies, which are applied across the school for the tangible benefit of students with SEND.

Dubai National School Al Twar – Good - 127/1766 - The school is inclusive in policy and practice. It enrols students with a wide range of diverse educational needs and provides a variety of strategies to support their academic development. The provision is led by a competent team of professionals.

Emirates International School Jumeirah – Good – 99/2210 - The school offers a commendably inclusive provision that genuinely welcomes students with SEND. School leaders accept the challenge presented by students who have complex learning issues and are developing their ability to ensure that resources and curriculum modifications match students’ personal learning needs.

Emirates International School Meadows – Good – 102/1655 - The SEND coordinator organises all provision for students with SEND and those who are gifted and talented. She is supported by a team of learning support teachers and a counsellor. There is a strongly inclusive ethos and clear policies and procedures for admission, referral and support.

English College Dubai – Very Good – 77/607 - The school’s senior leaders promote inclusion very effectively. The Enhanced Studies Department (ESD) is restricted to one very committed, full-time member of staff, who has appropriate levels of specialist knowledge.

GEMS World Academy – Very Good – 97/1919 - The school offers very good support and commitment to improving the learning outcomes for students with a broad range of SEND. All special needs staff are highly qualified and experienced.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail – Good - 107/1144 - Students with particular needs are identified very early in their school careers. Information is gathered from a variety of sources with much input from parents. These procedures are effective in accurately identifying students’ needs. Work to develop class teachers’ awareness of the range of barriers to students’ learning and how these can best be overcome is developing.

GEMS International School Al Khail – Improved to Good - 58/1212 - The school's SEND leadership has been strengthened. Staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and determined to improve provision. There is a team of highly committed members of staff in the department and they are focused on improving progress for all students.

GEMS Firstpoint School – Good – 33/1412 - Governors and leaders promote a highly inclusive ethos that is underpinned by the school’s core values. The Leader of Inclusion and his team are caring and passionate about providing effective support for students with SEND.

GEMS Our Own Indian School – Improved to Good - 387/3685 - The new SEND leader is significantly strengthening the school's provision for students and this is already improving students’ progress in the classroom. Increasing expertise, by skilled and innovative training, is building confidence in leaders to make essential modifications to the curriculum.

German International School – Very Good – 56/706 - The leadership of the SEND department is effective and energetically drives the development of the service.

Greenfield Community School – Very Good - 102/1291 - The school admits many students with complex needs. All are identified efficiently and accurately, using the KHDA categories. The SEND specialists have a comprehensive understanding of their area and ensure they know each student’s needs in detail so that provision is highly personalised.

Greenwood International School – Good – 53/1100 - The school demonstrates a commitment to being an inclusive school through placing on site an outside provider to support KG students with severe SEND. However only students with mild to moderate special educational needs are accommodated into other grades of the school.

Horizon International School – Good - 71/944 - All school leaders promote a positive climate of inclusion. Good attention is given to employing staff with relevant qualifications and experience. The Head of Inclusion is a member of the senior management team and is in a strong position to influence decision-making. Regular monitoring of teaching leads to appropriate training.

Indian High School (Primary) Al Garhoud – Good – 300/4214 - School leaders are committed to ensuring that the provision for students with SEND is of a good quality. It promotes an inclusive ethos in classrooms and ensures that students take a full and active part in school life. The training provided for all teachers is having a positive effect on the quality of provision for students with SEND.

International Concept for Education – Good (improving) – 13/248 - The school promotes an inclusive ethos and welcomes students with a wide range of SEND. The positive lead comes from the principal who is supported well by the SENDCO.

International School of Arts and Sciences – Good – 43/793 - Senior management promotes an inclusive ethos through policy and practice across the school. The school enrols students with a range of diverse needs and provides appropriate support to ensure access to the curriculum.

Iranian Towheed School for Boys – Good – 19/836 - The leader of SEND has improved provision in the last year. Lesson plans often include differentiated activities based on students’ abilities. Teachers provide additional support, when required, for those who learn more slowly.

JSS Private School Safa – Good - 75/2009 - The relatively new special needs coordinator and team provide good and improving leadership. They are very well-qualified and experienced. Together with school counsellors and support staff in the Learning Centre, they ensure the effective management of and provision for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Jumeira Baccalaureate School – Good – 61/893 - Leaders and governors effectively promote an inclusive ethos. The admissions policy supports a fully inclusive philosophy and the school provides a nurturing learning environment for students with SEND.

Kindergarten Starters – Good - 579/5438 - Leaders have made effective changes to the quality of SEND provision across the school, which is good. The improved leadership has put in place a thorough approach to ensure that systems bring about improved progress for students.

Kings' School Al Barsha – Good - 60/1367 - The school has an inclusive ethos. Senior staff bring a broad range of knowledge and skills. They are highly committed, enthusiastic and lead with determination and passion.

Kings' School Nad Al Sheba – Good – 30/288 - The school has an inclusive ethos. Leaders are enthusiastic and bring a broad range of knowledge and skills to the department. The school has a very positive approach to inclusion and teachers are meeting the learning needs of almost all students in the classrooms.

Nord Anglia International School – Good - 81/1365 - The SENCo and specialist staff provide a good level of care and support for students with SEND. A range of moderate learning needs are identified quickly by teaching staff and, following professional assessment, effective, well-planned support is initiated.

Our Own High School Al Warqa'a – Improved to Good - 207/4695 - The SEND Department is very well led, and enjoys a high profile within the school. There is frequent and intensive monitoring of individuals and groups of students. This impacts positively on teachers and students.

Primus Private School (Rajagiri) – Good – 66/1565 - In this inclusive school, students with SEND are able to partake in all aspects of school life. The school’s SEND policy is clear and places the responsibility for the progress of these students in class and subject teachers. These teachers receive valuable assistance from the dedicated members of the support department.

Pristine Private School – Improved to Good – 39/1492 - School leaders are committed to inclusion and welcome students with SEND. They successfully organise the daily management of these students and ensure staff supporting them receive relevant professional development.

Raffles International School – Good - 80/1582 - Senior leaders and governors have ensured that action has been taken to improve the quality of provision for students with SEND.

Raffles World Academy – Improved to Very Good - 135/1901 - The highly qualified student support services team very effectively support students with SEND, and increasingly for those who are gifted and talented. Clear and comprehensive policies and procedures ensure a consistent approach. The SEND team has made significant improvements.

Regent International School – Improved to Good - 25/1078 - The new school leadership has a clear and shared vision for high quality provision for students with SEND. This is having a positive impact on teachers’ practice and students’ achievements.

Russian International School – improved to Good – 17/292 - The school is inclusive and this is clearly stated in its Special Educational Needs policy. Accountability for the implementation of the policy rests with a team led by the head of the methodological council.

Safa British School – Good – 20/822 - School leaders have improved the identification and provision for students with SEND. This has been supported by effective training. An increased number of students receive support that meets their needs.

Safa Community School – Good – 40/754 - The school leaders and governors have successfully embedded a very inclusive ethos within all areas of the school's work. The well-qualified SEND co-ordinator, (SENDCo) provides high quality leadership.

St. Mary's Catholic High School – Improved to Good – 47/1894 - The new leadership of the SEND Department is having a positive impact across the provision. The department is well organised and invests considerable time ensuring that support is available for students.

Sheffield Private School – Good – 34/1624 - The school has an inclusive and welcoming ethos. The SEND team provides knowledgeable and well-structured leadership. SEND team members are well qualified and experienced.

Star International School Al Twar – Good – 12/550 - The school welcomes students of all abilities insofar as it can meet their needs within the available expertise and resources. The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is effective and liaises well with the Foundation Stage Leader, and the SENCO for Arabic. They share a vision for inclusion and hold teachers and Learning Support Assistants to account for their work.

Sunmarke School – Good - 26/727 - The leadership of this new school has a clear vision for the development of their Achievement Centre and the quality of their inclusive provision. This is translating into a well-resourced school for students with SEND, with excellent facilities and access arrangements.

The Westminster School – Good - 234/5170 - School leaders including the SEND Co-ordinator provide clear direction to the work of the extended SEND team. Leaders' planning has a positive impact on the quality of provision in the school and maintains the school’s commitment to inclusion.

Victory Heights Primary School – Improved to Very Good – 31/708 - The quality of SEND provision across the school is very good because the leadership has improved the processes of identification, support and modification of the curriculum for all students. The team, which is very well led by the SENDCO, works well to ensure that all students have access to appropriate support.

Universal American School – Good – 63/1426 - Governors and senior leaders promote an inclusive ethos that is reflected in the everyday life of the school.


Schools with an overall rating of “Very Good” with Very Good or Outstanding provision.

Deira International School – Very Good - 133/1606 - The school has developed a very strong inclusive ethos, underpinned by a positive admissions policy. The two leaders of inclusion are well qualified, experienced and have a clear vision of further improvement.

Dubai British School – Outstanding – 80/1141 - The Head of Student Support is dynamic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She has established a very effective team of staff, whose work is having a positive impact on students’ progress. All staff are highly committed and have a very strong desire to support the work of all teachers, thereby improving provision in the classroom. Their expertise permeates the school.

Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) – Very Good – 53/966 - The assistant headteacher, ably assisted by a well-qualified and dedicated staff, had made major strides in developing all areas of provision for students with SEND. The special educational needs policy showed a commitment to the development of an inclusive school.

GEMS Wellington Academy, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Outstanding - 396/4308 - The practices established by the leadership of SEND are exemplary. The skilled leadership of the department has enhanced provision over time to its present excellent position. The key staff are committed, enthusiastic and attend to every possible detail in their drive to improve progress for all students in their care.

GEMS Wellington Primary School – Very Good - 276/1,171 - The outstanding leadership and management of the SEND co-ordinator ensures there is a clear direction for improvements, based on accurate self-evaluation. There are outstanding resources and additional qualified staff to provide a broad range of carefully targeted support for students both in class and in small intervention groups.

Horizon English School – Very Good – 43/800 - The school has developed a very strong inclusive ethos, underpinned by a positive admissions policy. The head of inclusion is well qualified, experienced and has a clear vision of improvement.

Jebel Ali School (2015/16 inspection) – Outstanding – 47/645 - The school provided a child-centred, inclusive model of education which was reflected in the daily practices and values exhibited by the whole school community. Expert leadership in SEND understood the importance of strategic planning and valued highly the quality of parental support. Dedicated, empathetic and skilled staff worked diligently to improve students' outcomes and were appointed to both key stages.

Lycee Libanais – Improved to Very Good – 81/1160 - The leadership and co-ordination of the school’s response to SEND in each phase ensured that teachers understood their responsibilities for the progress of all students in their class. This was underpinned by very effective record keeping and by the gathering of helpful information for teachers and parents on learning, well-being and progress.

The School of Research Science – Very Good – 215/3531 - Governors and leaders facilitate a highly inclusive ethos and have a clear understanding of the schools’ provision and the areas for development for students with SEND. The special educational needs policy is detailed and sets out clearly the responsibilities for all stakeholders. Teachers receive well-structured, targeted training to support them in providing interventions for students with SEND.

The Winchester School – Very Good – 64/3650 - Senior leaders and governors have successfully embedded an inclusive ethos which is evident across the school. The well-qualified co-ordinators of the special educational needs and disabilities department (SENCOs) provide high quality leadership.

Uptown School – Outstanding - 190/1377 - Governors and leaders ensure a highly inclusive ethos and present a clear vision for and understanding of the schools’ provision for SEND. Detailed policies set out clearly the responsibilities for all stake holders and provide clarity to the procedures for the identification of students with SEND.


Schools with an overall rating of Outstanding (all from inspections in 2015/16)

The schools rated Outstanding by the KHDA are almost all clearly focused on ensuring an inclusive approach to students joining their schools with SEND and, in most cases, are adjudged to provide Very Good or Outstanding provision. There are exceptions; Dubai College, Dubai English Speaking College and Kings School Umm Suqeim are all rated Good, Jumeirah College was found to be only Acceptable.

Dubai International Academy – Improved to Very Good – 86/2072 - The governors had provided a very wide range of resources to promote the education of students with SEND, including the appointment of two new special education needs coordinators (SENCOs). The SENCOs had provided professional development for all teachers. The school had separate policies for SEND at PYP and at MYP and cohesion and consistency between the two phases was being developed.

GEMS Dubai American Academy – Improved to Very Good – 249/2340 - Very effective leadership of the SEND program was instrumental in the continued improvement of that aspect of the school. The leadership, in collaboration with the strong cadre of talented SEND teachers, had made informed decisions that rapidly improved practices and procedures, resulting in a better provision for students with SEND.

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School – Outstanding - 99/1435 - The head of inclusion provided very clear, highly effective leadership. The school was committed to an inclusive ethos and made every effort to accommodate the needs of students. Provision was well-founded on thorough and up-to-date professional knowledge about the range of educational and developmental needs of students.

GEMS Modern Academy – Improved to Very Good – 307/3741 - The school admitted students with a wide range of special educational needs. The principal led the inclusion team, supported strongly by a highly skilled and qualified teachers. Staffing increases and recent changes to management structures had enabled them to use their wide range of skills to support students in coherent and integrated ways.

GEMS Royal Dubai School – Outstanding - 95/1166 - The school senior leadership team was fully committed to the provision for students with SEND. The school’s admission and SEND policy were clear, comprehensive and effectively put into practice. Clear timescales and excellent systems were in place to support identification and to meet the needs of students with SEND.

GEMS Wellington International School – Outstanding – 128/2469 - The leadership of the school had further enhanced the provision for those students who had SEND. The implementation of a detailed policy, together with the endeavours of a very well-qualified and dedicated staff, ensured that the school provided excellent support for all students with SEND and enabled them to engage fully in the life of the school.

Indian High School – Improved to Very Good – 313/5791 - Excellent and ambitious leaders at all levels ensured that the identification of students with SEND was very comprehensive and was carried out in a manner that encouraged early intervention. The department staff was well-trained and appropriately experienced to offer advice on a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities, and this was reflected in increasingly improved outcomes for students.

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Jumeirah – Outstanding – 23/700 - The head of the ‘Oasis' provided dynamic leadership to a dedicated team who supported students with SEND. Together with senior leaders, she had provided a shared understanding to all teachers that each and every class teacher was responsible for the continued progress of students with SEND.

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Arabian Ranches – Outstanding – 48/1369 - The SEND team had a wide range of skills and qualifications, which enabled them to provide highly effective interventions across the whole school. Class teachers sought their advice and support regularly to provide inclusive classroom practices.

Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou Primary Oud Metha– Outstanding – 15/380 - The school demonstrated a commitment to admitting children with a range of special educational needs and disabilities. The Principal had a wide range of skills and qualifications, which informed knowledgeable, insightful and highly effective intervention across the school. This intervention had a significant impact upon the provision for, and outcomes of, almost all children, including those with SEND.

Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou – Improved to Very Good – 82/1917 - The school was very inclusive and the leadership of SEND was very high profile, having made significant improvements since the previous year. External practitioners with extremely strong records in research and implementation provided high quality training. The impact of this was already becoming evident. Where the school used specialist staff, this was seen to be sensitive and effective.

Repton School Dubai – Improved to Very Good -151/2111 - The deputy head for inclusion and the head of learning support, shared a clear and inclusive vision for provision and ensured all staff were aware of their collective responsibilities. They provided very effective support for teachers.



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