Sixth-Form Programmes In The UAE: September 2017

The GCSE results are in and whether they're better than expected or not, the great news is the UAE has a whole host of sixth form courses and programmes to suit you. So whether you're looking for the IB Dipoma, IB Career Programme, A Levels or BTEC Diploma and Extended Diploma... there's something to suit everyone, regardless of their GCSE results...
Sixth-Form Programmes In The UAE: September 2017
By David Westley
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Post-16 Study in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Name: Raha International School

We have limited availability in Grade 11 for the 2017-2018 academic year. Candidates are welcome to apply online through our website and will then be contacted for follow-up documents and assessment.

Post-16 Curricula: IB Diploma

Fees for post-16 study per year: AED 56,900

IB Diploma results 2017: 32.5 average score/pass rate 93% 

Do you encourage external admissions for your 6th form? We accept students from any curriculum into our IB Diploma Programme. Many schools in fact will offer their own National Curriculum (British, American or other) and then offer the option of the Diploma for the final two years as it has proven to be the gold standard for university preparation. Although we offer only the IB programme, children can join up until Grade 11 from other curricula.

What options do you offer? We offer only the full IB Diploma. RIS plans to offer additional choices next year including design technology, this year options are: English Literature, French, Spanish, Arabic, History, Geography, Economics, Psychology,  Business Management, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems, & Societies, Mathematics, Mathematics Studies, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts.

New for 2017: Sports, exercise and health science and design and technology.

When can external students apply? Applications are open now for 2017/2018. Students can begin the Diploma Programme only in Grade 11 as it is a 2 year programme. We can take students only up until the beginning of October.

How do they apply? Students apply online through the website. We will then follow up by offering an entrance assessment and request for previous school records and references. 


Name: Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Post-16 Curricula: A Level

Fees for post-16 study per year: AED 96,333 per year

Exam Results: Not Applicable as September 2017 will be the first A Level cohort

Do you encourage external admissions for your 6th form? Yes, we welcome applications from other schools both in the UAE and overseas.

What options do you offer? In our first year, we will offer A Levels  in the following core subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, English Literature, Arabic, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science. Further language and arts subjects will be available in future years.

When can external students apply? Sixth Form admissions are open now.

How do they apply? Applicants can start the application process by emailing


Name: The British International School Abu Dhabi


Students who have received their GCSE results with grades C and above and still looking for a place, please contact our Head of Senior school; Mr Andrew Kenning (

Post-16 curricula: IB Diploma

Fees for post-16 study per year: AED 66,400 (inclusive of examination fees IB Diploma)

Exam Results 2017: 32 average score with 97% pass rate

Do you encourage external admissions for your 6th form? External applicants are welcome to apply from both the UAE and overseas.

What subject do you offer? The IB Diploma subject options are: English language, English literature, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, history, geography, economics, IT in a global society, psychology, philosophy, business management, biology, chemistry, physics, design and tech, environmental systems, & societies, sports exercise & health, mathematics, mathematics studies, dance, music, theatre arts, visual arts.

When can external students apply: External applicants can apply when our Admissions open in October 2018 - our first round of assessments are usually in the first week of December. They can apply by completing our online application form which is on our website and should provide the last 2 years reports and predicted grades for Year 11 (or equivalent) on school headed paper. They are also welcome to come and meet our senior school team, see our facilities and tour the school.


Name: Sharjah English School


External applicants are welcome to apply once they have their GCSE results.

Post-16 Curriculum: A Levels

Fees per year for post-16 study: AED 66,300 per year

A Level Results 2016: 100% pass rate; 95% A* to C grades, over 60% A* to B grades, 45% A* to A Grades

Do you encourage external admissions for your 6th form? Yes, new students are welcome to apply at SES.

What options do you offer? A Level subjects are: maths, English literature, chemistry, biology, physics, economics, music, history, geography, business studies, drama, further maths, computer science, design and technology, art, French, physical education

 When can external students apply? Following GCSE results day, until school opens in September.

How do they apply? Students are encouraged to contact Head of Sixth Form Mr. Paul Egan ( or with their GCSE results.



Name: Wesgreen International School

Post-16 Curriculum: British AS and A Level

Fees per year for post-16 study: AED 51000/- 

Results 2016: AS Level - 56% A - C, A Level - 77% A*- C

Do you encourage external admissions for your 6th form? Yes

What options do you offer? AS and A Level in Accounting, Applied ICT, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, General Paper, Geography, History, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology

When can external students apply? Between May and August for the following September start.

How do they apply? email



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