Summer Camps 2020: The Online Options

With the end of term fast approaching and families looking ahead to a long summer holiday without the usual travel or summer camps options to fill the time, we knew we had to seek out the best online summer camps the UAE has to offer. The list will continue to grow, so please do check back for more exciting ideas in the coming weeks.
Summer Camps 2020: The Online Options
By Jenny Mollon
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Summer 2020 is nearly upon us and now, more than ever, parents need some help in keeping children occupied for the summer!  Our summer camp list will continue to grow, so please keep coming back for more ideas and inspiration...

Early Years Activities 

Name: Teddy’s Virtual Summer Camp Program
Description: The Teddy Bear American Nursery Virtual Summer Programme is set to provide engaging summer activities that your child can participate in when using simple resources. The program will include pre-recorded arts and craft videos, pre – recorded music and movement videos that can be easily followed at home, Zoom opportunities for 1:1 time with the virtual summer camp teacher as well as group meetings for all of the children that would like to participate. Story time will continue to feature in order to create a routine for your child and to continue positive language development. All this will be provided through the Seesaw communication platform, where your child is able to share their summer experience with Teddy Bear through pictures, videos and voice recordings, as well as Zoom, where your child can interact face to face with their summer friends and virtual summer camp teacher.
Host: Teddy Bear American Nursery
Age Group: 18 months – 4 years old
Dates: 5th July – 27th August
Times: The virtual summer camp can be participated in anywhere and at any time while your child is registered. 
Fees: 700 dhs /4 weeks
Registration Form:

Name: Maple Bear At Home Summer Club
Description: Sign up for Maple Bear's summer programme kits, add a little imagination, and you're all set for the summer! Maple Bear's At Home Summer Club offers 8 weeks of multi-sensory activities. Designed to keep little minds from age 6 months to 6 years happily occupied all summer long, the programme includes lovingly prepared activity kits provided to go along with music, dance and mindfulness videos and sessions, and book readings delivered by qualified early years experts.
Host: Maple Bear Nursery & Preschool (Dubai & Abu Dhabi)
Age Group: 6 months to 6 years
Dates: 28th June to 20 August
Times: virtual / self-paced
Fees: 350 AED per week (2 week, 4, week and 8 week bundle packages also available)
Discounts: 5% discount for sibling enrolment

Name: Super Science Camp
Description: Two hours per day that combine learning through hands-on experiments, creative and sensory sessions, games and physical exercise.
Besides the camp we also offer following classes throughout the summer:
Baby Sensory (babies 0-13 months)
Toddler Sense (toddlers 1-4 years)
Mini Professors (science classes for children 3- 6 years)
Host: Smart Start Kids UAE
Age group: 4-6 years old children
Dates: July 5 - August 22
Times: 10am-12noon or 3:00 - 5:00 pm via Zoom
Fees: AED 400/week
Phone: 055 112 6895
Discounts: 10% sibling discount
Prices: AED50/ class; AED300/monthly basic membership (unlimited access to all classes in one programme); AED500/monthly premium membership (access to all online classes and all our programs and workshops).

Name: Little Stars
Description: This camp will encourage children to take part in fun, creative activities using dance, movement and play before moving in to relaxation and calm with massage/positive touch movements, affirmations and story time. Ideal for child and parent/guardian to spend some fun, quality time together. The sessions take children from high energy down to total relaxation, and help promote calm.
Host: SideBySide
Age group: 3-5 years plus parent/guardian
Dates: Available online July – September 2020
Times: These sessions are pre-recorded to enable parent & child to access at a time most convenient for them
Fees: 35 AED per session
Discounts: price is per session – additional siblings/family members can join in

Name: World Explorers
Description: Willow Nursery will invite children to 'travel' around the world and explore the unknown… there will be weekly topics where children will engage in online lessons as well as a weekly resource bag full of activity ideas for all ages.
Host: Willow Nursery – part of Kids First Group.
Age: Group:.from babies until 4 years
Dates: 5th July – 27th August 2020
Fees:1100 aed per month which includes weekly resource bag
Discounts: 50% sibling discount

Arts & Crafts Activities

Name: Arts and Crafts Workshop with Elysian Creatifs
Description: Workshops for decoupage, up-cycling household items, acrylic pouring, traditional tie-dye with natural colours and much more. These art techniques are therapeutic, useful for motor skill development and eye hand coordination development.
Age Group: 7 years and above
Dates: 5th July – 9th July, 12th – 17th July
Times: 3-4 pm
Fees: 30 dhs per hour or 135 per week or 250 for 2 weeks.
Discounts: N/A

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Activities

Name: Virtual Minecraft Back to School Skyblock Challenge Camp
Date: 09th August 2020 – 18th August 2020 (Minecraft Virtual Back to School Camp)
Description: The Virtual Minecraft Back to School Skyblock Challenge Camp is a way for students to ease back into the new school year while learning and having fun through Minecraft. Computers 4 Kids will give students a new lesson every day during the course of the camp that directly relates to their school work with a Skyblock Challenge competition filled with educational puzzles being held on day 10. These tasks could take 1-3 hours per day to complete and are accessed each day with a PIN code.
Host: Computers 4 Kids
Age Group: All
Times: Any time during the day. The PINS do not expire and students can join the Camp at any stage before the competition day on the 18th of August 2020.
Fees: AED 300 per household.
Website and registration:

Name: Bring Your Own Robot (BYOR)
Description: A complete robotics and coding summer programme for Primary and High Schools children with a robot that grows with them. Children will get a robot kit and online access for engaging activities which will enhance and develop the essential skills of 21st century by learning robotics at their own pace.
Host: EdNex
Age Group: 7-16 years
Dates: 5 July 2020
Times: Online, learn at your convenience
Fees: 350 AED
Discounts: Contact EdNEx for discounts

Name: Virtual Robotics Competition Summer Programme
Description: EdNex describe their Virtual Robotics Competition as a "groundbreaking online robotics tournament that engages students in coding virtual robots". Schools can compete and involve students through gaming and competition in STEM, coding, and tech literacy. No previous experience is necessary, everyone can participate.
Host: EdNex
Age Group: 9 years and above
Dates: 15 July 2020 to 15 Sep 2020
Times: Online, learn at your convenience
Fees: Individual License, Classroom License or School-Wide License (call for price)
Email: /
Discounts: Call Ednex for discounts

Name: Mobile App Making Competition - ATLAB
Description: Join ATLAB's Well-Being Mobile APP making competition, learn how to build an app, and then build the app of your dreams. Transform lives and win exciting prizes!
Age Group: 9 to 14 years and 15 to 20 years old
Dates: Registration Deadline - 30th June 2020
Times: 3 Free Classes are held every week after 3 PM
Fees: AED 105

Name: Coding - Using Game Design
Description: Kids learn about the elements of a good game, and develop a methodology to incorporate these elements into their own games. They will re-create some of the famous retro arcade games and will learn with a guided, hands-on approach that individualises the learning experience. 
Host: Logix Engine
Age Group: 8 years and above
Dates: 5th July onwards
Times: 10:30am
Fees: AED600 plus vat
Discounts: 10% off before 18th June; multi-week discounts

Name: Jungle Bungle Animatronics
Description: Start each day of this camp by learning about a particular animal. After that, children will build a lego scale model of the animal using Lego Wedo 2.0 and the provided instruction sets. The building process will help develop a better understanding about the various mechanisms used while the discussions, and learning modules focus on developing general knowledge around the animal and its habitat and adaptations that make it different. Finally the programming develops the logical thinking processes to provide the build with certain behaviours.
Host: Logix Engine
Age Group: 6 years and above
Dates: 5th July onwards
Times: 10:00am
Fees: AED750
Discounts: 10% off before 18th June

Name: App Design
Description: This camp offers excellent opportunity to learn about mobile app development. Students will learn to build several basic apps for the IOS/android devices. They will become familiar with building user interface and creating the code to make it run. The program focuses on event-based programming, functions, and using properties.
Host: Logix Engine
Age Group: 10 years and above
Dates: 5th July onwards
Times: 4:30am
Fees: AED600
Discounts: 10% off before 18th June

Name: Creative Media Summer Camps
Description: Time to get out of this RUT and break out of the routine! Branch out to something new and regain your passion. Join the ONLINE VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMPS to experience a brand new you! We got Stop motion and Animation for the pixel fans, Film for the visionary, Audio for the spirited, Design for the creative, and Game for the playful.
Host: SAE Institute
Age Group: 10 years to 17 years old
Dates: 12 of July until 20 August
Fees: AED 750/ week
Phone Number : +971 4 3606456


Career Development Programmes

Name: Career A Day - Virtual Summer Camp
Description: Have you ever wanted your child to experience different exciting careers such as Engineer, Author, Web Developer or Digital Blogger? Join this “Career A Day” Camp to explore a different career option every single day, work on exciting hands-on projects based on the career, and finally showcase the projects.
Age Group: 12 years to 16 years old
Dates: 5th July to 16th July and 19th July to 30th July
Fees: AED 500 for two weeks
Phone Number: +971 4 3860006

Well-Being Activities 

Name: Relax Kids
Description: Children can take part in themed sessions, participating in fun, creative play and movement, and ending with relaxation and calm.
Host: SideBySide
Age Group: 6-10 years
Dates: Available online July – September 2020
Times: These sessions are pre-recorded to enable children/families to access at a time most convenient for them
Fees: 35 AED per session
Discounts: price is per session – additional siblings/family members can join in

Name: Reading Dogs Virtual Summer Sessions
Description: Our furry friends make reading fun! Our specially trained reading dogs join our online reading sessions to encourage children to practise their reading aloud.
Host: Reading Dogs
Age Group: 3 - 12 year olds
Dates: 5th July to 20th August
Fees: AED 75 per session
Phone Number : +971 52 908 6569

Multi Activity Programmes

Name: Virtual Summer Camp with Smart Vision School
Description: Keep your child active, engaged and motivated through the summer break.  Maintain the momentum of your child’s academic and personal development with this educational and recreational programme from Smart Vision School.  The programme will be run by the Head of Primary and the Head of Foundation.

The Virtual Summer Camp includes:

  • Wake up and Shake Up sessions
  • Daily Live story telling
  • 3 x daily recorded lessons
  • Daily activity cards
  • Personalised feedback on learning and activities
  • Daily health and fitness activities
  • Balance of practical and digital activity
  • Critical thinking and daily challenges
  • Individually levelled reading resources for continued progress
  • Interest based activity pages
  • Art & Cooking ideas
  • Community group of ongoing ideas/support for parents
  • Limited to 60 families.

Host: Smart Vision School
Age Group: 3 - 11
Dates: 5th July - 6th August (5 weeks)
Times: 24/7 - Wherever you are in the world! New activities will be dropped onto Seesaw accounts every morning at 8am. Feedback will be given throughout the day.
Fees: Dhs 750
WhatsApp: 050 168 4268
Discounts: Dhs 750 is the set family price. Access for all age groups for one price. All siblings will be given their own account.

Name: All-Star Summer Challenge
Description: Does your vacation include a vacation from eLearning? The Study Room is taking this Summer offline with a fresh, fun, and engaging skills-based program. The All-Star Summer Challenge recognises and celebrates that learning continues outside the classroom through authentic life experiences and natural curiosity. Sign up for a short, medium, or long-term challenge, and have a mentor guide your child/ren through the learning journey.

This blended Summer program is adapted to suit all children's interests through challenges related to six themes; Exploration, Discovery and Inventions, Technology, Science and Engineering, Community and Service, Health and Wellness, Expressive Literacy and Sustainability. All challenges are carefully designed by teachers and educators to incorporate 21st-century skills. Children choose a challenge and are encouraged to think of how they might provide evidence of the learning process in a way that brings positive attention to what they have done and perhaps gets others excited to follow suit in a challenge of their own.

After choosing a challenge, children will have access to mentors and expert mentors who will guide the full learning cycle from inquiry to planning, participation, presentation, and reflection. There are no real limitations as to how a child might go about sharing and celebrating their experience. Children will also get the opportunity to be included in the All-Star Hall of Fame as well as be entered into the All-Star Summer Competition!
Host: The Study Room
Age Group: There are 3 age groups per category; Age 5-7, Age 8-10, Age 11-13+
Dates: Challenges start on the 5th of July
Times: Flexible
Short-Term Challenges
1 - 2 weeks to complete
299 Dhs per challenge
6 hours with a mentor

Medium-Term Challenges
3 - 4 weeks to complete
384 Dhs per challenge
8 hours with a mentor

Long-Term Challenges
5 - 6 weeks to complete
449 Dhs per challenge
10 hours with a mentor

Price also includes:
• Presentation published in our Hall of Fame
• Unlimited access to expert mentors
• Stars awarded for challenges completed
• Entry into our All-Star Summer Competition


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