20 Affordable British Schools In Dubai

Who says there's no such thing as affordable British schools in Dubai? Spurred on by so much recent discussion on rising school fees and stagnant salaries, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has not only updated our hugely popular Affordable Schools story but added 7 more schools to the list. Find out which Dubai schools have surprisingly good ratings, feedback and results, and none of which will 'break the bank!'
20 Affordable British Schools In Dubai
By C Hoppe
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First the good news, there are affordable British schools in Dubai and some are really rather good. WhichSchoolAdvisor.com isn't alone in this, the KHDA thinks so too! 

Before we begin it is important parents consider what the pay off for lower fees will be. There is no escaping the reality that less expensivschools will usually have fewer facilities. You can't expect planetariums and Olympic sized swimming pools if you don't want to pay for them.

There are however some necessities: You should expect outdoor play areas and sports facilities within any school. Parents need to be reasonable and to decide what they can and can't live without before assessing any affordable British school in Dubai.

As many of the less expensive schools are 'older' they have been unable to increase their fees significantly, unlike the newer kids-on-the-block which tend to start high. This means that while you are getting an institution with an established, and often respected culture and long alumni, it is also likely to be in older buildings, with older facilities and equipment, and often located in the older, more congested parts of the emirate.

Many 'budget' schools also trade off lower fees with fewer subjects offered for GCSEs and A' Levels, so if your child is planning Mandarin and Theatre Studies post 16, again, expect to be disappointed by what's on offer.

A fallacy is that good quality British education requires British teachers to deliver it. Don't just take our word for it, check the ratings awarded by the KHDA who recognise good teaching wherever it takes place, regardless of nationality.

Note however you will find some Acceptable rated schools here. We include these schools because some schools may be rated as acceptable overall because of criteria important to the KHDA, but may be not to you. As an example, if your child is looking for Post 16 education, and it is the Foundation Stage of a school that has dragged it down, then only its highly rated senior school should be of interest to you.

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