Complete 2018 KHDA Ratings: Indian Schools

The complete list of KHDA ratings for Indian and Pakistani curriculum schools in Dubai. How schools fared this year, and whether 2018 results were a step up, or down from the previous year...
Complete 2018 KHDA Ratings: Indian Schools
By David Westley
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The complete list of Indian and Pakistani curriculum schools, with both the 2018 and 2017 ratings, as well as the curriculum of the school. Click on the links to jump to fill and in-depth reviews of each school.

School Name Main Curriculum 2017-2018 2016-2017
GEMS Modern Academy Indian(CISCE) Outstanding Outstanding
The Indian High School Indian(CBSE) Very good Outstanding
Delhi Private School Indian(CBSE) Very good Very good
GEMS Our Own English High School Indian(CBSE) Very good Very good
The Millenium School Indian(CBSE) Very good Very good
Ambassador Kindergarten LLC Indian(ICSE) Very good Good
Primus Private School LLC Indian(CBSE) Good Good
The Indian High School-Branch Indian(CBSE) Good Good
Our Own High School Indian(CBSE) Good Good
JSS International School LLC Indian(CISCE) Good Good
JSS Private School LLC Indian(CBSE) Good Good
GEMS Our Own Indian School Indian(CBSE) Good Good
The Kindergarten Starters Indian(CBSE) Good Good
Ambassador School L.L.C Indian(CISCE) Good Good
GEMS New Millennium School L.L.C Indian(CBSE) Good Good
Springdales School LLC Indian(CBSE) Good Acceptable
The Indian Academy Indian(CBSE) Good Acceptable
Credence High School Indian(CBSE) Good Acceptable
Elite English School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Gulf Indian High School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
New Indian Model School Indian(CBSE/KSB) Acceptable Acceptable
The Central School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Buds Public School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Little Flowers English school Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Pakistan Educational Academy Pakistani Acceptable Acceptable
The Indian International School (DSO Branch) Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Sabari Indian School LLC Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Acceptable
Bilva Indian School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Weak
AMLED School Indian(CBSE) Acceptable Not Inspected
Emirates English Speaking School Indian(CBSE) Weak Weak
Crescent English School Indian(CBSE) Weak Weak
Gulf Model School Indian(CBSE/KSB) Weak Weak
Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Pakistani Weak Weak


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