Keeping Nursery Nurturing at Orange Seeds DSO enjoyed a morning at Orange Seeds Nursery DSO to experience this cosy early childhood setting first hand.
Keeping Nursery Nurturing at Orange Seeds DSO
By Susan Roberts
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LET'S GO's Senior Editor, Susan Roberts, enjoyed a morning at Orange Seeds Nursery DSO to experience this cosy early childhood setting first hand. Find out what she discovered observing nursery classes in action, having in-depth conversations with parents, and quizzing the nursery's leaders. For a taste of her findings, continue reading...

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What we knew before visiting...

Orange Seeds Nursery DSO opened in February 2022, following the success of its sister nursery in Abu Dhabi, which opened under the name KidsVenture in 2015, and was rebranded as Orange Seeds in 2019. The two nurseries are owned and operated by Edutainment company Ideacrate, which also operates Orange Wheels play centres and Orange Hub amusement centres. 

Walking into Orange Seeds Nursery DSO

The two nurseries are led by Area Director Ms Shehla Khan, an experienced nursery leader and exceptionally knowledgeable advocate of the Montessori approach. The newer DSO branch is managed day to day by Nursery Manager Ms Matilda Fel Gyori, who previously worked in the Abu Dhabi nursery. 

Orange Seeds Nurseries are 'Montessori influenced' while using the popular Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework from the UK. 

Arriving at the Nursery...

Our reviewer visited the nursery at 8:00am on a regular Monday morning and found the basement parking to be safe and convenient for families. The location of the nursery within the building, in a quiet out-of-sight corridor, was definitely a plus also, and likely allows for a smooth and calm drop-off. 

Our reviewer was greeted warmly by the nursery’s receptionist and guided into the nursery, where she was greeted by Area Director Ms Shehla Khan and Nursery Manager Ms Matilda Fel Gyori. 

An FS1 circle time 

Observing Leadership in Action

While not a bold presence in the nursery, Manager Ms Fel Gyori made a positive impression due to her attentiveness to every parent and child, her warm communication style and her outstanding work ethic. In a small setting like this, Ms Fel Gyori's attitude that no issue is too small to receive her full attention, is likely greatly appreciated. 

Cosy and Safe Environment

Orange Seeds Nursery DSO is a modestly sized centre with relatively compact classrooms (although one room is considerably larger). The nursery's size, however, should not be mistaken for a weakness, as less expansive classrooms means smaller class sizes and considerably more individual attention per child. With most classes having a maximum capacity of twelve children, this nursery is truly able to provide a nurturing early childhood experience. 

Shared indoor play space at Orange Seeds DSO

The size of the environment, in addition to its location in a quiet corner of a secure building, makes it feel exceptionally safe. This will likely be a huge comfort to many parents selecting a nursery for their children. 

The nursery has been beautifully designed, with strikingly clean and inviting decor, with large tree motifs and organic tones throughout. 

Inside the Classrooms...

Our reviewer had the opportunity to observe a toddler class (children aged 12-24 months) and an FS1 class (3 - 4 year-olds). The atmosphere in the toddler class was remarkably calm, with clear routines in place, supported with smooth transitions. 

The FS1 class was more energetic during a circle time. Children were eager to provide answers to the teacher’s questions and were clearly comfortable and confident expressing themselves. 

The nursery's most spacious classroom

The nursery’s focus on promoting independence was evident, as even the youngest children managed routine tasks such as tidying up their snack boxes and washing their hands with adult encouragement. 

Keeping Parents in the Loop...

An area that stood out in this nursery was the level of communication parents described receiving from the nursery. Building impactful parent partnerships has been a priority at this nursery, and this approach is clearly paying off. Parents receive individual written information on children’s activities along with photographs daily via a nursery app as well as a weekly newsletter. Parents can also talk to the class teacher in person daily. 

Nursery classes also have access to neighbouring Orange Wheels play centre daily

Our View in a Nutshell...

Orange Seeds Nursery is a high-quality community setting that provides something quite different to its neighbouring nurseries in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area. This is certainly not the boldest or flashiest, it is not aiming to break the mold, but its cosy community feel and attentiveness to each individual family do make it stand out. In short, Orange Seeds Nursery provides what should be considered the essentials (comfort and safety for young children, attentive care, enjoyable early learning experiences and communication with parents) to a very high standard.

Interested to find out more? Read the full Orange Seeds Nursery DSO Experience

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