IB Diploma 2020 Results Revealed

Today is the day that students in the UAE receive their International Baccalaureate results. It is the first of the International Exam Boards to deliver results post Covid 19 and the cancellation of key school leaving exams globally.
IB Diploma 2020 Results Revealed
By Lyn Soppelsa
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The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) is always among the first international Exam Boards to publish it results for close to 175,000 students from the approximately 5,200 schools in 158 countries that offer the IBO programmes.

On 17th August, the IBO  announced that students who had appealed their original grades would received revised results. Out of the 3,020 schools receiving results in the May 2020 session, around 700 schools submitted a review request on behalf of their students. The award of the revised final grade is based on two data points Internal Assessment and Predicted Grades to ensure the validity and fairness of the final grades, with the Internal Assessment as evidence of actual student work marked consistently to the global standard by IB examiners and the predicted grades provided by the schools as guidance.

Students’ subject final grade results will be adjusted to be equal to the internal assessment (IA) result when the predicted grade was only one grade less, equal to or greater than the IA grade. The student will be awarded their IA grade as their final grade for that subject in these cases. If the PG is the same as the IA grade, then the IA grade should be applied. If the PG is one grade point below the IA, then the IA grade should be awarded.

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has noted amended grades where information has been provided to us by the schools concerned.  We have not amended the original results which were initially released using the controversial algorithm in the text below.

In the UAE,  42 schools offer the IB Diploma Programme - which competes with the UK's A Level in aiming to be the Gold Standard for university entry. An additional 13 schools offer either the IB Career-related Programme or the IB Courses Programme (a scaled back version of the full Diploma).

The current year’s global cohort achieved an average IB Diploma score of 29.90 points. The number of students receiving their results in the UAE this year is 2,203, with an average DP score surpassing the global average at 32.80, and with a pass rate of 93.77%.

Results following revised grades based on IA

School IB DP Average (After remark) % Pass Rate # of Students sitting the IB DP % above 30 % above 35 % above 40
Deira International School 36.9 100 34 97 79.4 24
GEMS Wellington Academy DSO 34 100 68 80 22 3
Jumeira Baccalaureate School 32.12 100 24 79 33 0
Jumeirah English Speaking School  39.12  100  92  98.9  89.1  54.3
Greenfield International School 34.01 97.37 38 86 56.7 8
Nord Anglia International School 39 100 29 100 80 40
Raha International School 34 98 95 72 44 13
Uptown International School 33.61 96 48 76.09 41.3 13.04

Original 2020 including Algorithm

School IB DP Average (Before Remark) % Pass Rate # of Students sitting the IB DP % above 30 % above 35 % above 40
Al Bateen Academy np 96% np np np np
British International School Abu Dhabi (BISAD) 35 95% 40 23 np np
Dar Al Marefa School 31 100% 16 78 np np
Deira International School 34.9 100% 34 88 59 12
Dubai International Academy 35 100% 127 89 47.2 16.5
GEMS American Academy 32.5 90% 31 71 32 4
GEMS Dubai American Academy 33.6 96.80% 158 80 43 12
GEMS Education group 34 95% 520 np np np
GEMS International Al Khail 30.5 62% 34 57 19 0
GEMS Modern Academy 35.3 98.4% 62 87 60 18
GEMS Wellington Academy DSO 32.1 94% 68 80 22 3
GEMS Wellington International 36.3 96% 95 92 64 26
GEMS World Academy 35.5 100% 76 91 61 13
Global Indian International School 36 np np np np np
Greenfield International School 32.7 92% np np 38% np
JESS Arabian Ranches 37.92 100% 92 97.8 79.3 45.7
Jumeira Baccalaureate School 31 100% 24 58 21 0
Nord Anglia International School 37.1 100% 29 97 70 37
Raffles World Academy 34 np 91 87 40 8
Raha International School 32.7 93% 94 67 43 7
Repton School Dubai 34.4 np np np 43 23
Universal American School 30 100% 36 53 17 3
Uptown School 32.5 90% 48 72% 35% 9
Victoria International School of Sharjah            
UAE Average  32.8          

np = not published

First results released in the UAE to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com came from Taaleem's Raha International School in Abu Dhabi.  The school's Andrew Tomlinson told us:

“We are delighted with the results once again at Raha. With our largest ever cohort, we are proud to continue our record of achieving a pass-rate of over 90%, for the 5th consecutive year. In this most difficult of years, we are pleased to see our average points have increased to 32.7, with a staggering 43% of students achieving more than 35 points. Our students can all give themselves a well-earned rest as they move around the world to attend University in the autumn.”

A total of 94 students took the IB Diploma this year, compared with 82 last year, and five further students (one more than a year ago), studied for the IB Courses programme.

In total, 93% of students successfully achieved their Diploma, with an average points score of 32.7, up from 31.8 last year.  Two-thirds of students (67%) achieved 30+ points, compared to 55% in 2019, and 43% achieved 35 + points, compared with 25% a year ago. 

In total, seven students achieved over 40 points, with the highest achiever claiming 43. The maximum number of points achievable for the IB Diploma is 45. There was also a successful re-take candidate from 2019, taking the class of 2019 average up to an astounding 97% pass rate.

Sister school, Greenfield International School in Dubai, also provided its results to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com.

Dr. Allan Weston, Principal at GIS said “We are again extremely delighted with our school’s DP and CP results this year, with record results in all categories. The averages across the board are records for the school representing the best ever pass rates, averages and equal highest scores".

For the IB DP, all students at GIS gained at least the passing 24 points, and 97.4% achieved the full Diploma with an average points score of 32.7. Some 38% of the DP class achieved 35 points. The highest point scorers this year were Emile El Azar with 41 points and Pedro Carmona Jimenez with 40 points. Students who took the IB Career-related programme (IB CP) achieved a 100% pass rate with Felix Rokossa and Jana Abotaleb topping the CP class. 

Following appeals made by GIS, the DP average score increased to 34.1 points. One student, Leonie, became the top scorer with 42 points. 70% of students increased in their scores.

The Taaleem school with the biggest cause for celebration is undoubtedly Uptown International School Mirdif, whose student, Abeer Ladhani, achieved the perfect 45-point score, gaining the maximum 7 points in each of her six courses and the maximum of 3 points for the Core subjects.  Uptown celebrated with its largest cohort of candidates yet, and exceeded the world average for the fourth year running.

Scott Moore, Head of Secondary at Uptown Mirdif said. “We are very proud of Abeer, and all of our graduates, for completing the Diploma Programme under such challenging circumstances”.

Abeer is looking to study Arts and Sciences at University College London.

Uptown had 48 Diploma candidates and 11 Courses candidates, 59 students in total, compared with 41 last year. In total, 43 candidates passed the diploma compared with 28 a year ago. Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma were 32.5 points and, of these, 9.3% of  candidates achieved 40+ points, 34.9% achieved 35+ points and 72.1% achieved 30+ points.

The remaining Taaleem school to release its results is Jumeira Baccalaureate School whose students have retained a 100% pass rate over the past six years. Congratulating the cohort of 2020, Richard Drew, Principal said:

"We would like to congratulate the JBS Class of 2020 for another set of fantastic IB results. For the 6th year running every student has achieved success and yet again we have 100% pass rate. Well deserved, especially in these very challenging times." 

This year, 24 students took part in the IB Diploma Programme,  a further 11 participated in the IB Career-related Programme (taking between three and five subjects), and one student participated in the IB Course programme taking six subjects. The average points score for the Diploma students was 31, with 21% of students achieving a points score of 35+ and 58% achieving 30+ points. The highest point score achieved by an individual student was 38. 

Commenting on the results for all the Taaleem schools, CEO, Alan Williamson, said:

"We are proud that in this year’s IB results we have achieved a 95% pass rate across our schools; this is significantly better that the world average of around 78%.

It has been a record-breaking results year across our Taaleem IB schools. I believe that this pass rate is the highest among comparable school groups in the UAE. A remarkable achievement for staff, students and parents, given the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented us all with.

I am particularly proud of our Jumeirah Baccalaureate School that has achieved a remarkably consistent 100% pass rate over the past 6 years. I look forward to congratulating all of our students, especially those that have achieved the ultimate pinnacle of a maximum 45 points; an achievement that very few attain globally, or even dream of."

According to GEMS Education, this year's cohort of 520 students achieved record results - in both the pass rate and average points, across seven GEMS Education schools.

Five students from GEMS achieved the perfect score of 45, putting them in the top performing one per cent across the world.  Four of these highest scoring students were from GEMS Wellington International School, whilst the third came from GEMS Modern Academy, which offers a bridging programme for students who follow the CISCE curriculum until Grade 10 and may then opt to follow the IB Diploma programme. 

GEMS students achieved an average pass rate of 94.5 per cent, and impressive average point score of 34.  GEMS Wellington International School, GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis, GEMS World Academy Dubai, GEMS Dubai American Academy, and GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi have historically been the most successful schools. Other schools offering the IB Diploma include GEMS International School Al Khail and GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Wellington International School recorded an excellent average score of 36.3 points, closely followed by GEMS World Academy, Dubai with 35.5 points in addition to a 100 percent pass rate, and GEMS Modern Academy with 35.3 points. 

Global Indian International School (GIIS) has one of the smallest cohorts of IB students and did not release details of how many students achieved the IB Diploma.  However, it did reveal that two students scored 45 points and seven scored 43, with a further four scoring 42 out of 45 points.  With average points for the school of 36, this is a remarkable achievement.

Another smaller school to release its IB results was Dar Al Marefa. Its 16 students achieved a 100% pass rate with an IB average of 31 points. A significant 78% of Dar al Marefa students met or exceeded the 30 points world average this academic year. 

In Abu Dhabi, Aldar Academies' only school offering the IB Diploma, Al Bateen Academy, also released its results round up. IB Diploma exam results are its highest in three years, with a 96 per cent pass rate achieved overall. The school says that it has significantly outperformed the global average result for five consecutive years. Among the school's high achievers were Zayed Al Qubaisi with 35 points, Shaika Al Nasri (38 points) and a further seven students scored over 40 points, placing them in the top 5% of IB students globally. Riad Alasadi scored 42 points, Maria Khakimova 41 points, and  Jawad Abdulwahab, Camilla De Leo, Hager ElKasabi, Joao Ribeiro and Mohammad Yassin all scored 40 points.

Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills, the oldest IB curriculum school in the UAE, also announced its students achievements for 2020. A total of 127 students participated in the full Diploma programme, scoring an average of 35 points and securing a 100% pass rate. A further six IB Courses students and seven IB Career-related Programme students also participated as the first cohort to take this programme. From the school’s Diploma students, 21 (16.5%) scored 40+ points out of the total 45 points, 47.2% scored above 35 points and 89% achieved over 30 points. Its top-scoring student was Jiya Rughwani, who scored 43 points.

The DIA Emirates Hills class of 2020 IB Diploma students secured admissions to top ranking universities such as University of Cambridge, University of California - Berkley, Duke University, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, Imperial College, Kings University, University College London, Erasmus University, University of Toronto, University of British Colombia, McGill University, University of Melbourne, Hong Kong University and University of Amsterdam.

DIA’s first cohort of Career Related Programme students also excelled with 100% pass rate and received their first choice University place. Six students achieving the highest possible grade of D*D* in their BTEC. All 7 graduating students have received offers for under-graduate courses from institutions such as Middlesex University Dubai, Brunel University London, Deakin University, ESIC Madrid Business and Marketing School, American University in Dubai and Heriot Watt University.

Jayne Needham, Principal of DIA noted, “The results reflect the nature of this resilient and amazing cohort. We are proud of their achievements and congratulate them on their results. They are part of our DIA family and we look forward to hearing of their future successes. Congratulations class of 2020.”

Innoventures' Raffles World Academy, sister school to Dubai International Academy, had ninety one candidates registered for the Diploma Programme in the May 2020 examinations session, RWA’s largest cohort taking DP examinations to date. Seven students scored more than 40 points, whilst 40% of RWA’s students achieved 36 points or higher in the DP, an increase of 9% since the May 2019 session. In addition, 87% of the class of 2020 attained total scores of 30 points or higher. This is up 8% from last year. The top performing students were Aya Abu Ahmad, Dana Abu Alfailat and Jana El Khatib, with 41 points each.  RWA revealed an average point score of 34 for all students.

We are incredibly proud of these young women and men who have performed so well under trying circumstances. They are well on their way to achieving great success in the future,” said RWA’s Principal, Timothy Roberts, who was justifiably very pleased with these results.

Full details of the results for Nord Anglia International School in Dubai were provided to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com with 29 students taking the IB Diploma this year, up from 20 a year ago.  Not only did all students pass the Diploma, but they achieved an impressive average point score of 37.1 (up from 36.5 last year). In total, 37% of students achieved 40+ points, 70% achieved 35+ points and 97% achieved over 30 points.  The highest achievement for an individual student was 44 points, one off the perfect score of 45.

Principal, Matthew Farthing commented:

"We are absolutely delighted with this year's set of IB results. A 37 point average with 37% scoring more than forty points is a credible testament to the hard work and intellectual engagement of the students and teachers of NAS Dubai. Congratulations all round."

Following the regrading of results which was announced on 17th August, Nord Anglia informed us "The Nord Anglia International School Dubai team are immensely proud of their IB Diploma Programme results. This year, students of the school achieved a top perfect score of 45, 37% scored 40 and the average point score was 39. The school achieved an overall pass rate of 100%".

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS Arabian Ranches) achieved, once again, an extremely strong performance with an average of 38 points (or 37.92 before any remarks, as compared to 37.84 last year). Its cohort of 92 students also secured a 100% pass rate as in previous years and nearly half (46%) achieved 40 points or more, a major point of celebration for the school (up from 36.4% last year).

The number of students achieving 35+ points was 79.3% (comparable with last year's 79.5%). Four students achieved 44 points with all of them being only 1 or 2 marks off the upper boundary - with remark requests potentially in these cases.  JESS students also performed very well in terms of subject averages (nearly 5.95 out of 7 on average) and the core subjects (Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay) with an average of 2.17 (out of 3) which is in line with last year's performance. 

Revised results for JESS resulted a 39.12 average points total (compared to the world average of 30 points), 2.19 average Core points, out of 3 (compared to the world average of 1 point) and a subject average of  6.15. In new records for the school, 89.1% of pupils achieved 35 points or more, 98.9% of pupils achieved 30 points or more and 54.3% of pupils achieved 40 points or more. Five students achieved the maximum 45 points.

Congratulating its students, Kosta Lekanides JESS Deputy Head Teacher of Secondary, and Chair of the UAE Association of IB Schools, said:

"Naturally, with this set of results, I am nothing but elated for our students and their families and I am confident this is a sentiment shared by the entire school. 

Despite the unprecedented nature of grade calculations this year and the lack of exams, our students have performed in line with all our metrics (we predicted an end results of 38.1 which may still come to pass post any remarks). The very fact I have students writing in to tell me they'd have done even better if they had sat the exams is beyond heartening and often brings a smile to my face.

I remain a very proud IB Coordinator today and wish the cohort of 2020 the very best as they move onto the next phase of their journey.

At Universal American School in Dubai Festival City, an Al Futtaim Education Foundation school, 36 students were registered for the IB Diploma, and achieved a pass rate of 100% compared with 88% in 2019. A total of 16 IB Course candidates were also entered for the session. This year, IB Diploma students achieved an average of 30 points, maintaining last year's average score and continuing to outperform the world average. The percentage of students achieving 40+ points continues to rise to 3% compared to last year’s 2% whilst 17% of students achieved 35+ points, slightly lower than last year’s 18%. Some 53% of this years graduates obtained a score in excess of 30+, a significant jump on the 43% of students last year that did so. The highest points awarded to an individual candidate was 42. 

Deira International School, sister school to Universal American School and part of the Al Futtaim Education Foundation family, also shared its results. A total of 34 students completed the IB Diploma programme in 2020. Historically the school's average point score has been significantly above the world average. This year saw this average improve to 34.9 points in comparison to 34 last year.  The pass rate of 100% is above the world average, with both top scoring students achieving 42 points. A significant 12% of candidates achieved 40+ points, 59%  achieved 35+ points, an increase of 16% in comparison to last academic year, and 88% of candidates achieved 30+ points, again an increase of 8%.  There was also a 100% pass rate in the IB Careers Programme (IBCP), and an increase in the IBCP average grade which rose from 3.47 to 5.2.

Ruth Burke, Director at Deira International School said:

“Deira International School students have always done well in the IB programmes but this year’s results are truly exceptional. We are extremely proud of our students’ success and congratulate them for their unrelenting tenacity to achieve their very best. We also thank our teachers for the endless support they continue to give to help every student fulfil their full potential.”

Repton School Dubai noted that almost a quarter of its students had scored 40+ points in their IB Diploma. Repton Head Girl, Jeanne Semple attained 44 points, a new record for the school. Fewer than 1% of students worldwide achieved this score.

David Cook, Headmaster, Repton School Dubai, told WhichSchoolAdvisor.com:

“We are extremely proud to announce that our IB students passed their IB examinations with record results. Students who took the IBDP examinations scored an average of 34.4 points, well above the global average of 30 points and bettering last year’s average Diploma Programme score. In addition, 23% of our students attained a score of 40 points or more.

I would like to commend our students for their hard work and commitment, which has come to fruition as evidenced by their stellar performance this year”.

In total, 43% of Repton School Dubai students achieved 36 points or more.  Students had also improved their Core points for Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay components, reaching an average of 1.74 points (in comparison to the global average of 1 point).  Repton’s IBCP and BTEC students also recorded strong results. IBCP students completed a Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Business within the IB Careers-Related Programme. 

Jeanne Semple, Head Girl, achieved 44 points and will attend LSE to read Law. Christian Holland and Yuri Izumikawa each achieved 42 points, whilst Mari Izumikawa, Aditya Gangwani, and Anusheh Naseem each achieved 41 points. Polina Dorfman, Raphael Fabre, Omar Al Hashimi, Ahmed Ibrahi and Danesh Masani all achieved 40 points.

British International School Abu Dhabi recorded a total of 40 students who received their IB Diploma results with an average point score of 35 compared with 33 a year ago. The school also achieved a 98% pass rate compared with 93% a year ago. 

Commenting on the results, BISAD's team noted that "In 2020 we achieved our best ever results and our students are now making their way to some of the world’s finest universities. Amandine Cohu broke the school record score by scoring 44 points and she was one of 9 of our students to score over 40 points (23% of the cohort)."

Bookmark this page! Results will continue to be added as they are received.

Background to this year's results

In common with all international exam boards, the IBO cancelled the examinations that were due to take place in May 2020, and results have been awarded on the basis of historical assessment data, results from previous exams, individual school data, subject data as well as comparative data from schools that had already uploaded assessed work prior to the closure of many schools globally due to the pandemic.

Schools were required to submit the coursework for all candidates and the IBO arranged that work usually marked by teachers, where the norm is for samples to be moderated, would instead be externally marked. A large portion of the final IB grade usually comes from work done in the IB classroom and through internal assessments in addition to the examinations normally taken at the end of the two year Diploma Programme.

The IBO has stated that if candidates wish to, they can retake a subject in any future examination session and at any IB World School offering the DP or CP. Schools can also request re-marks of students’ work in the May 2020 session as is normal practice.

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