How Well Did UAE Schools Do in Their Exams?

The performance of schools in external examinations in 2015. Credit goes to all schools on this list for releasing this information.
How Well Did UAE Schools Do in Their Exams?
By David Westley
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A Level Results 2015

The UK
2015 saw the UK averages for students attaining A* remain unchanged from 2014, at 8.2% while the proportion achieving A or above fell 0.1 percentage points to 25.9%. Those scoring A* to C rose by 1 percentage points to 77.3%.

Top of the independent schools in the UK was Cardiff 6th form college with an impressive 94.6% of students scoring A or above. Whereas Queen Elizabeth’s in Hertfordshire was the UK’s highest achieving state school with a 98.3% of students scoring A and A*.

This year it has been difficult to measure the UAE results against those of the UK, primarily due to the UAE schools only measuring A* to B pass percent, while the UK measuring A* to C.

However, has still managed to collate and compare the A and above pass percentages.

Hopefully next year schools in the UAE will release their data in a more compatible format for correlation against the those in the UK.



The UAE’s A and above scores levelled out around at 35%, well above the UK average of 25.9% with notable exceptions being The Westminster School with 43% and Dubai College significantly out in front once again, with almost double the average UAE score of 67.1 percent.

Again the A* to B percent scores settle around 65 percent with Al Salam School who did so well in the IGCSE grades this year, falling to 47 percent and once again Dubai College the leader with 87.7 percent.

The English College sadly only reported results in A* to C grade percentages (a respectable 79%), and still above the UK average of 77.3%, however if we measure these against the other schools which recorded the same A* to C percentages (DESC 81.9%, Dubai British School 89.1% and Al Salam 65%) the results show English College still to be within its UAE peer group.

Dubai College performed exceptionally well in 2015, in both the GCSE and A-Level results. is aware that there are still numerous schools missing from this data and we hope to not only add further schools as the data becomes available, but to encourage more schools to submit their results in the years to come.

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