Horizon International Slashes Fees by up to 33%

Horizon International has readjusted its base fees for secondary years. Starting from Year 5, the fee reduction for a particular year ranges from 7% up to to 33%.
Horizon International Slashes Fees by up to 33%
By Veathika
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In 2017, the buzzword of the year was ‘affordability’, with schools talking seriously about how to deliver high quality, affordable education. Some 22 schools took the decision to freeze fees while some premium tier schools even announced they were seeking permission to lower their fees.

One of those schools was Horizon International School in Dubai which has now announced it has received permission from the KHDA to restructure fees for secondary school for the 2018-19 academic year.

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The fees have been reduced significantly: Year 5 and 6 by 7%, Year 7 and 8 by 8%, Year 9 by 24%, Year 10 by 26% and Year 11, 12 and 13 by 33%. 

Headmaster Lee Davies said: 

“Our CEO reviewed the competition, as well as our operational costs and wanted to readjust and realign secondary fees making it realistic and affordable without losing the quality. Our foundation stage has a value proposition for premium FS education – but [we believed] year 12 and 13, with the KHDA approved fees of AED 96,980, was steep. We wanted affordability for parents so that they don’t have to leave us based on the fees. We have repositioned the school to provide fantastic education at a value proposition.”

This fee adjustment at Horizon International School is not a discount. Mr Davies is keen to stress the change is not short-term, but a releveling of base fees.

“Unlike other schools we have readjusted our base fees. Our parents have the security of knowing that this is not a discount. Our fee will increase only up by a percentage based on KHDA ratings,” he added.

Recently the CEO of Evolvence Knowledge Investments, the group that runs Repton and Foremarke schools in Dubai, urged schools to be made more affordable for parents.


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