Happiness in the UAE: Females do it Better...

Women living in the UAE are more happy than their male counterparts. WhichSchoolAdvisor.com drills down as to why...
Happiness in the UAE: Females do it Better...
By WhichSchoolAdvisor.com
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There is very little difference in the happiness levels between males and females living in the UAE, although women do edge men when it comes to describing themselves as either Very Happy or just Happy - but it's slight. There is more of a marked difference in Unhappiness. Women are less likely to be unsatisfied with their life in the UAE - by a margin of approximately 5%.

Women are in general are also more positive than men. They are much more likely to say they have better career opportunities in the UAE, and say that their salaries are much better. Men meanwhile are more likely than women to believe they would be better off in their home countries.

Female respondents tend to be younger than male respondents, and more western - which will also influence the answers to the survey.

Men and women also have different interests and concerns. Interestingly women are more likely to say career opportunity is the single biggest thing that keeps them in the UAE, while men value standard of life more.

In terms of the "single biggest concern", Rent Rises are a much bigger concern for males, while education for children and legal protections are greater worries for females.

Money permeates the education debate in households too. Men will focus in on costs, and output - i.e. what their children will be capable of, and their opportunities, when they leave school. Women are more concerned their children have enough to do, and have fulfilling days right now.

Risk aversion seems to be a much stronger trait in women's responses than in men's. While women and men earn broadly the same, men are, for example, far more willing to take the risk and buy property in the UAE than women. Women also tend to commit themselves to the UAE for less time - although end up staying almost as long.

An almost equal number of males and females think they have a great work life balance in the UAE (approximately 39% of respondents). However, a greater percentage of males say they "live to work", and a greater percentage of women "work to live".

In addition, less than 1% of men say they do not work, however some 6.38% of female respondents say they are not currently employed.


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