The Happiness Survey - Start Here

The latest survey is in may ways its most ambitious yet. It takes the pulse of those of us living in the UAE, asking not only whether we are happy, but why we're happy, and what affects that state of being.
The Happiness Survey - Start Here
By David Westley
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The social contract in a country you are born in is pretty much an abstract entity. If you're not happy, you can leave, but doing so is difficult and for some impossible - leaving behind family, culture and support mechanisms can be just too difficult.

Residents in the UAE are not that breed of human. They are a people who have proved that for them geography is not a constraint, and just as they stepped off the plane with a bag full of optimism, they can leave with it too to head further East or further West.

Happiness of its residents is therefore important to a country like the UAE where for the most part the social contract is very real, and which is looking to both attract and retain foreign workers to help it to build its economy of tomorrow.

The UAE's resident expat population is growing considerably faster than the number of people leaving, so we can already see that the country is doing well with its 'intellectual assets' growing not declining. Our survey reveals why. You are, for the most part, a very satisfied bunch indeed. And if the UAE is delivering, why leave?

To quantify, just under one-quarter of you, 22.57%, describe yourself as very happy, 61.52% of you say you are happy, 14% of you describe yourself as "not happy", and just 1.91% of you say you are very unhappy.

Add the Happy and the Very Happy respondents together and you have 84% of the population who wake up in the morning feeling good about being in the UAE. That is a pretty impressive figure, and would put the UAE pretty high on any international benchmark that measures such an index.

Before we get to smug, however, 16% of respondents are not feeling it - a not insignificant figure. One of the aims of this survey is to drill down and find out why.


The Happiness Survey - Start Here
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