Didn't get the GCSE Results? Here's how to sort it...

Although it might feel like the world has ended, we're here to tell you it actually hasn't. Take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea and follow our 5 steps to recovering from GCSE results you didn't expect (or want!)
Didn't get the GCSE Results? Here's how to sort it...
By C Hoppe
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This year, more than any other, experts are warning that students might not achieve what they wanted or hoped for. And, if this is you, try not to stress - all is not lost!

Here's our 5 WhichSchoolAdvisor.com steps to relieve panic, kick-start recovery and start your readmission to sixth-form...


#1 Manage the Panic

“Don’t panic,” says Simon O'Connor at Jumeirah College, “things will be sorted, but this may not be immediately.”

You are not the first student this has happened to and you won’t be the last. And this year more than any other, you are certainly not alone.

There are avenues open to you and options out there, firstly though you need to take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and prepare a reasonably calm mind in preparation for tackling what’s next...


#2 Take Advice

Ok, they didn’t turn out as you expected, you’ve calmed the panic, now you’re ready to take some advice.

“The most important thing to remember is that, regardless of your results, there are always options open to you. Seek as much advice as you can before deciding on your next steps,” says Rebecca Coulter at Kings' School Al Barsha.

O'Connor says, “talk to your school about your options and take their advice, they are the experts and will have seen students in similar situations before.


#3 Review Your Grades

“Speak to the Exam Officer or the Head of Sixth Form,” Says Coulter. “They can request a copy of your marked paper, to see if an enquiry about results (EAR) is appropriate."

"Have a look at your UMS score and check it against the UMS grade boundaries," she says. "If any of your scores seem strangely low, or if you have missed a higher grade by only a few points, it is possible to obtain a review of marking or moderation from the exam board or to request a remark."

However, you need to act quickly as there are deadlines and fees involved for remarking. 


#4 Check your Options

The demographic dip in mid to late teenagers residing in the UAE means there are often unfilled places in many of the UAE's sixth-forms. Interestingly, there's likely to be even more available in 2017, with several schools launching both new and/or expanded sixth forms.

If results day throws up  unexpected results for a significant percentage of students, it could be a safe bet that the UAE's schools are either re-evaluating their entry requirements or weighing up the benefits of 'bums-on-seats' vs their original published entry requirements.

“Be open minded about your next steps into A-Level. Think carefully about what you did well in and what you enjoy, rather than focusing only on the end goal,” says Brendon Fulton at Dubai British School.

Check the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com Sixth Form Options for 2017, for course options, requirements and contacts.

However, if you still can’t access any A Level programmes, then try these alternative courses:

The DESC Foundation Year programme: a new tailor-made course of resits and subjects designed to get GCSE students back on track

The IB Career Programme at Greenfield Community School


#5 Put it in Perspective

“Always remember that GCSEs are important, but they are not the end of your education and you are far more than simply the set of grades that you have achieved,” Simon O Connor.

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