Dubai's Best Indian Schools

We take a look at the best Indian schools in Dubai, highlighting their 2016/17 KHDA inspection reports, their reviews, their parental feedback and more...
Dubai's Best Indian Schools
By C Hoppe
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Very Good Indian Schools


Name: Delhi Private School
KHDA Rating: Very Good (First Year to be Rated Very Good, Previously Six Years Rated Good)
Curriculum: CBSE
Age: KG 1 to Grade 12
Number of Students: 3,671
Teacher Student Ratio: 1:13
Teacher Turnover: 13%
External Tests/Examinations: CBSE; IBT
Fees:  Dhs 9,682 to Dhs 13,555
Location: Jebel Ali
Website: here
Please Note: The Delhi Private School was NOT inspected this year as it was a participant in the Abundance Project, therefore this information is from 2015/16- we DO NOT expect any further details to be released in 2017.

What we say: Outside of the KHDA inspection report, DPS is extremely hard to find information on, the website is minimal as is the school's presence on social media. However, this doesn't seem to have hindered the schools reputation and popularity with Dubai's parents.

Exam results: DPS does not publish the exam results of students on the website, however, in 2016, 100% of those students entered for the Grade 12 examinations secured a First Division pass. The grade aggregate was 84.6.

What the KHDA says: English attainment and progress was Outstanding throughout the school while science and maths were rated Very Good to Outstanding.

Personal and social development are Outstanding for all phases of the school.

Teaching and assessment are rated Good to Very Good while curriculum design and adaption rated predominantly Outstanding.

Inspectors noted the respect and care among staff and students and their genuine involvement in learning which create a positive learning environment. Students’ strong communication and collaborative skills enabled them to speak eloquently about the things they were learning.

The school's curriculum and facilities provide a wide range of learning experiences.

The leadership team and staff share a collective vision and are dedicated to inclusion and continuous improvement.

SEN Provision: The school has an inclusive ethos and welcomes students with SEN. There are clear policies in place to ensure that good provision is made for students across the school. The teachers and special educators adapt the curriculum to suit the learning needs of the children and use many different methods to help them learn and make progress.

For the full review visit: here


Name: GEMS Our Own English High School
KHDA Rating: Very Good (Second Very Good Rating up from Six Years at Good)
Curriculum: CBSE
Years: KG 1 to Grade 12
Number of Students: 10,105
Teacher Student Ratio: 1:22
Teacher Turnover: 17%
External Tests/Examinations: CBSE/IBT/CAT4/CEM/PIPS (BASE)
Fees:  Dhs 6,804 to Dhs 14,397
Location: Al Warqaa
Website: here
What we say: This vast school must be the biggest in the UAE with over 10,000 students. As the very first 'Our Own' in the group this mostly girls (only girls after Grade 4) school still has a lot to offer for its highly affordable fees. 

Exam Results: GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai secured 100% pass in the CBSE Class 12 examination. Of the 383 students of who appeared for the examination, 23.5 % per cent scored an average of 90% and above. A total of 74.4% students scored 75% and above, and 99.5 % per cent of students got above 60%.

Of the 531 Grade 10 students, the school average was  83.6 % in 2016.

What the KHDA says: The secondary and post-16 indicators at OOEHS are actually rated Very Good to Outstanding by the KHDA in 2016/17, it would seem its the Primary/KG (rated mostly Good) and the Arabic and Islamic (rated Acceptable to Good) which let the school down somewhat.

The same pattern continues across the teaching for effective learning, curriculum, assessment and learning skills, with the higher levels rated Very Good with even some Outstanding ratings while the lower levels are predominantly rated Good. 

The KHDA also likes leadership at the school, noting, "the principal provides strong leadership and is aided by a very effective senior leadership team. Some leaders at middle level are very effective too. Governors provide support and exercise accountability rigorously. Partnerships with parents and the community are of outstanding quality. Day-to-day running of the school is very effective and the premises are of high quality."

For the full review visit: here


Name: The Millennium School
KHDA Rating: Very Good (First Year At Very Good Previous Six Years Are Rated Good)
Curriculum: CBSE (Changed from CBSE-i in 2016/17)
Age: KG 1 to Grade 12
Number of Students: 2,803
Teacher Student Ratio: 1:18
Teacher Turnover: 17%
External Tests/Examinations: IBT
Fees:  Dhs 15,888 to Dhs 23,364
Location: Al Quisais
Website: here
What we say: Millennium is no 'budget' Indian school option, fees are mid-range to high, but for this, we think parents receive good value for money.

Facilities are good, with; top science labs available to all Grades,  two basketball courts, a tennis court, a turfed football field, a swimming pool, a baby pool and an indoor multi-purpose hall. There's also a 'rumpus-room' for the little ones, a voice-lab, art room and a dance and movement room.

The school also offers extensive extra-curricular activities and very good SEN provision.

Exam Results: GEMS does not publish the results of Millennium School on the site.

What the KHDA says: Attainment and progress of KG children are Outstanding in all 3 key subjects. In the higher phases, most judgements are Very Good, with exceptions in Secondary science where they are outstanding, and in Arabic as an additional language, where they are acceptable. In English in the Secondary phase progress is Outstanding, while attainment in all phases in Islamic education is Good. In KG and the Secondary phase students learning skills are Outstanding. They are Very Good in the Primary and Middle phases.

Teaching is Outstanding in the KG and Secondary phases. In KG, the learning, social and emotional needs of young children are met to a high standard. Children make Outstanding progress as a consequence. In the Secondary phase, students are increasingly challenged by teachers to be evaluative, to solve problems and to make inferences and predictions. Teaching is very good in the Primary and Middle phases, where questioning and challenge is not as strong. The assessment of children’s achievement in the KG phase is Outstanding, with extensive monitoring and tracking of their progress. Elsewhere it is Very Good.

For the full review visit: here

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