Dubai's 15 Hot New Schools For 2016

Dubai's 15 Hot New Schools For 2016
By C Hoppe
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UK Curriculum Schools

Name: Arcadia Preparatory School

Curriculum: UK

Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle – District 9

Current year groups to fill: FS1 to Y4 (3 years to 9 years)

Opening: August 2016

Fees per year:
FS1 Dhs 60,000
FS2 to Year 4 Dhs 69,000

(All fees inclusive of 4 sets of uniform, textbooks and EAL provision)

Website: Go

The Buzz: A new teacher focused venture from a long-term Dubai businessman with the midas touch

WSA Info: Founder Profile

Facilities: Facilities include an indoor multi purpose sports hall including stage lighting and audio visual capabilities, integrated ICT systems, utilising exclusively using Apple products, music rooms for with Apple workstations and integrated instruments. Year round 20 metre learners pool, canteen serving food with a focus on healthy eating, break out areas, state-of-the-art science laboratories, fully equipped art rooms with specialist teachers, outdoor foundation stage play area, water play area, outdoor MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) Courts, library, art house, language rooms with specialist teachers, academics rooms, upper rooftop play area, garden and media room.

Admissions contact:  Stephanie Tawfiq, Head of HR – Tel: 04 551 4264  Mobile: 055 892 3570

In their words, why choose our school: 

"The Arcadia Preparatory School is a new, independent school in Jumeirah Village Triangle with a focus on lifelong learning. We will offer the highest quality education based on the new National Curriculum for England, from the Early Years Foundation Stage (FS1) to Key Stage 2 (Year 6), by focusing on the training and care of our Western, world-class teachers who will continually be provided with high quality training programmes and our very own housing. Our teachers will be housed in a purpose built teacher accommodation comprising of luxury apartments within 5 minutes of the school. This will be the first in a series of schools within the community delivering the vision of Mohan Valrani and the Al Shirawi Group of Companies..."


Name: GEMS Founders School

Founders School

Curriculum: UK

Location: Al Barsha, Dubai

Current year groups to fill: Foundation Stage 1 to Year 8

Opening: August 2016

Fees per year: Dhs 22,000 to Dhs 29,000 (An additional 'Founders' discount will be implemented)

Website: To be confirmed

The Buzz: WSA has heard this school is already filling up rapidly, thanks to its affordable UK curriculum and GEMS group backing

Facilities: Specialist facilities including art, music and ICT rooms, a state-of-the-art science Lab, indoor play areas and multipurpose hall, and outdoor sport facilities...

Admissions contact: 600 56 7771 or

Why choose our school:

"Based on the successful models of GEMS National Curriculum for England like GEMS Winchester Schools, GEMS Founders School will offer an affordable British Education to families. This school will aim to provide students with high standards of education in a warm and supportive learning environment, so that they can thrive both academically and socially."


Name: Jebel Ali School

Jebel Ali School

Curriculum: UK

Location: Akoya Development (Near Arabian Ranches 2)

Current year groups to fill: Year1 to Year 7

Opening: August 2016

Fees per year:
FS1 to Year 6 Dhs41,093
Year 7 Dhs75,000

Website: Go

The Buzz: 38 years of not-for-profit ‘Dubai institution,’ moves to 21st century purpose built site

WSA InfoWSA Q and A, School Feature

Facilities: Purpose built school with foundation department, primary department, secondary department and a dedicated sixth form area. Specialist classrooms and laboratories- (science/technology and food technology/ICT suites/art studios/music studios/drama and dance). Rugby and football pitches, netball and basketball courts, a multi-level indoor sports centre plus a 25m competition swimming pool and a teaching pool, 650 seat auditorium and cafeteria. Two extensive libraries plus various outdoor learning and play areas.

Admissions contact: Tania Filus, Registrar, Jebel Ali School , Tel: 04 884 6366  or email:

In its words, why choose our school: 

"Jebel Ali School is a Dubai institution, our long established community based school is renowned for its 38 years of sporting and performance art achievement and of course, academic excellence.

Our new school facility will continue to build upon these strong and established family orientated traditions offering a UK curriculum education to children from 3-18 years. Jebel Ali School will remain a not-for-profit school, ensuring that our children and their education is at the heart of everything we do."


Name: Kent College Dubai 

Curriculum: UK to GCSE then option of A Level or IB Diploma 

Location: Nad Al Shiba 2, Meydan South, Dubai, UAE

Current year groups to fill: For all years with the exception of Year 11 and Year 13.

Opening: August 2016

Fees per year:
Year - R                 Dhs 54,000
Year - 1                 Dhs 58,000
Year - 2                 Dhs 69,000
Year - 3                 Dhs 69,000
Year - 4                 Dhs 74,000
Year - 5                 Dhs 74,000
Year - 6                 Dhs 80,000
Year - 7                 Dhs 80,000
Year - 8                 Dhs 86,000
Year - 9                 Dhs 86,000
Year - 10               Dhs 92,000
Year - 11               Dhs 92,000
Year - 12               Dhs 98,000
Year - 13               Dhs 98,000

Website: Go

The Buzz: 130 year old British institution arrives in Dubai

WSA Info: Kent Arrives

Facilities: Kent College Dubai will offer state of the art facilities including: classrooms, laboratories, library, play areas, music and audio rooms, seminar rooms, reading rooms and an all season swimming pool. An international standard artificial turf for rugby, hockey and cricket will be available to all students along with a modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 458 seats.

Admissions contact: Luc Blais, Bursar and Registrar, Kent College Dubai, 04 343 0987 or email:

In its words, why choose our school: 

"All schools develop their own identity and ethos over time. Kent College has the benefit of 130 years of experience in educating young people and prides itself on being a caring, family community and a school which can positively strengthen the community which it serves. There is a very strong focus on the development of character and the nurturing of human values across the learning community. Students will be encouraged to contribute to school development and progress, and know that with the right attitude and support, they can grow their own intelligence, achieving great things throughout the course of their lives. We believe that students should have activities every day that they enjoy and feel challenged in, whilst understanding that there will also be other elements that they may find more difficult and have to work hard at in order to be successful. We take the responsibility of preparing future citizens very seriously, and we know that by ensuring good development of character, very good academic results will follow."


Name:  Manor Primary School 

Curriculum: UK

Location: Umm Sequim, Dubai

Current year groups to fill: FS1 to Year 6

Opening:  August 2016

Fees per year: Dhs 47,150 to Dhs 51,750

Website: here

The Buzz: Dubai institution launches new primary under the management of a big name UK private school

WSA InfoWSA site visit and WSA Q and A

Facilities:  Shared technology room for IT and music, with I-pads and lap-tops being the norm – separate art and food technology rooms, a library, sports hall and swimming pool, separate Foundation play area plus the use of EC’s sports facilities and playing fields.

Admissions contact: Tracey Fynn, or email:

In their words, why choose the school: 

"Our school is quite unique for Dubai as it is a relatively small, family-feel orientated school within one of the most popular residential, expat communities. Our children will have direct access to the local secondary school, The English College for which the Year 6 students will be carefully prepared through a well planned transition programme. The children will be provided with a range of learning opportunities which challenge their thinking. Through the learning process children become increasingly more resourceful and resilient working both independently and within teams to achieve success."


Name: Oak Tree Primary School 

Oaktree Primary Classroom

Curriculum: UK

Location: Al Quoz 4 Dubai

Current year groups to fill: FS1 to Year 4

Opening:  August 2016

Fees per year: Dhs 30,000 to Dhs 39,000

Website:  here

The Buzz: Top UAE head to launch new affordable UK school

WSA Info: School visit and WSA Q and A

Facilities: A five aside football area, basketball court with play areas, a further two courtyard play areas, one of which will be fitted with play equipment, the other will become a garden oasis; with trees, fountains and a reading majalis.

A swimming pool and another play area, Foundation block courtyard,  library for both foundation and primary, a canteen serving hot healthy meals, plus art, science, music and IT labs plus a dedicated SEN suite of rooms. There’s also an irregular shaped multi-use-hall which will allow for sports and a collapsible stage for presentations and performances.

Admissions contact: See website for details.

Why choose the school: 

"Oak Tree is a community school where each child is valued as an individual and is encouraged to reach their full potential. In our rapidly changing world, we believe that teaching children how to think, to challenge and to overcome obstacles, are equally as important as teaching them facts. That is not to say that we don’t focus on the core skills of reading, writing and maths, we do. It’s the way that we teach that makes the difference. Our teachers create hands on lessons, including real world issues and outside learning wherever possible, to ensure that our students develop a wide range of skills which will equip them both with the knowledge and a passion for learning. Our Values are central to school life. They are embedded in the curriculum and the ways that our teachers teach and they guide how we behave towards each other and the wider community."


Name: Sunmarke School 

Curriculum: UK to GCSE/IB Diploma

Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai

Current year groups to fill: FS2 to Year 13

Opening: August 2016

Fees per year:
Tuition Fees, 2016-17
Foundation 1: 44,900
Foundation 2: 47,900
Year 1: 52,900
Year 2: 52,900
Year 3: 53,900
Year 4: 53,900
Year 5: 53,900
Year 6: 53,900
Year 7: 67,900
Year 8: 67,900
Year 9: 67,900
Year 10: 69,900
Year 11: 69,900
Year 12: 70,900
Year 13: 70,900

Website: Go

The Buzz: A popular Dubai school expanding and upgrading

WSA Info: Parent School Regent International School

Facilities: Facilities include large, well-resourced, IT enabled classrooms; dedicated 6th form blended learning zone; activity rooms for co-curricular activities; a large Discovery Centre for EYFS children; 9 science labs with large resource banks; 5 manufacturing and design focused technology labs offering specialist provision in ‘electronics & robotics’, ‘food technology’, ‘resistant materials’ and ‘textiles & fashion’; to promote product design and manufacturing skills; 4 ICT Labs; digital library; Wi-Fi enabled campus; 3 fine art labs; professional dance studio; dedicated drama studio where students learn the craft of acting; a black box’ studio for drama, performances and public speaking; 600 seat auditorium built ground-up to meet the requirements of theatre and the wider performing arts; 4 music labs; TV Studio; radio production studio; video & multimedia studio; IFA-18 sized football pitch; 5-a-side football pitch; athletics running track; swimming and learner’s pools; tennis, basketball, volleyball and netball courts; 2 multipurpose halls for gymnastics, sport & game activities; shaded outdoor play areas and gardens; 3 multiple activity rooms; 3 library media centres (one for each phase of the school); 2 student cafeterias for primary dining & secondary dining; 6th form common room; careers centre;  parents association office; teacher training centre; “achievement centre” for EAL, G&T and SEN provision; counsellor’s office; medical bay and meditation and prayer rooms.

Admissions contact: 04 391 8886

Why choose the school: 

"Fortes brings a 20 year track record from Regent International School, to the launch of Sunmarke School. Interestingly, the school will start by immediately offering grades FS through to year 13, an unusual move for most new schools however, they can pretty much guarantee the seats will be filled as the secondary students will be transferring from RIS to Sunmarke.

RIS has been a consistently rated a “Good” school by Dubai’s Inspectorate, although one with a number of outstanding features, particularly relating to the school’s ethos and child centred focus. With Sunmarke the aim is to significantly ratchet up whole child development. It is aiming to achieve this not only by investment in a very broad spectrum and high quality of facilities provision, but also by extending the school day by one hour with attendance now required between 7:30am and 3:45pm."

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