Does Your Child Need Additional Course Credits?

If your child has experienced an exam ‘mishap’ recently, everything is not lost. Dubai now offers a unique summer school programme where teens can spend their spare time making-up their 'lost' credits and preparing for the academic year ahead...
Does Your Child Need Additional Course Credits?
By C Hoppe
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Dubai-based online learning platform, iCademy Middle East, is offering a summer programme with over 50 different course options, allowing students to gain additional or 'lost' course credits.

Students can spend the summer holidays working towards the additional credits they need, whether that’s for school, university entry or even just for fun. spoke to iCademy Middle East's Sharon Hurley-Hussein to find out more…

 Based in Knowledge Village, Dubai, iCademy Middle East’s online learning platform has just won accreditation from NEASC for its online KHDA approved US K12 curriculum.

Students can choose from a variety of learning options which include in-house and online with a shared tutor through to simply accessing the 24-hour tutors and coursework from home.

The Summer School Programme has been running for several years now and has helped students from across numerous curricula, ‘bump-up,’ their credits.


Why do children attend the iCademy Middle East Summer School Programme?

The majority of our Summer School students are those who need extra credits to get into university and/or those who've failed specific subjects and need to recover in order to be ready for next academic school year.

We also have some students who just want to be ahead. By taking additional summer courses they are able to start their academic year with significantly more knowledge and clarity.

We offer them the opportunity to catch up, get ahead, and even try new electives so that they can start the next academic year in a really strong position.


 What exactly is the Summer School Programme?

The summer program offers high school students a wide variety of teacher-supported courses specifically designed for the summer months.

Our courses are tailored for students aged 14 to 18 years-old and are our regular 90-day Semester courses condensed into 20 days.  The curriculum content for both Semester and Summer School is the same. The only difference is our science courses use virtual labs, rather than physical labs, due to time restraints. 


How do you recommend students approach the Summer School Programme?

We recommend four hours per day per Summer School course.  The four hours can be undertaken at the student’s convenience, e.g. they can do two hours of study in the morning, and again two hours in the evening.  Of course it is challenging, but it’s also achievable, and can fit in nicely with the long indoor days experienced by GCC students. 

Students also have the opportunity to take the courses online which allows them to schedule both their regular fun summer activities and yet also complete courses from any location in the world.

The programmes can be accessed at any time of day and from any location.

Those looking for more focused learning assistance can come to our Learning Center in Dubai Knowledge Park where they can get a one on one teacher support, at a flexible pace. Alternatively, they can study anywhere online at home.


Can children in any curriculum make use of the courses?

Yes, students from across all curricula can make use of the programme, however, we do strongly encourage applicants to check that their school accepts US summer school credits before they apply to us.


How do the credits work?

Each course is worth a total of 0.5 credits, and, there’s a vast list of subjects which includes core subjects, languages and other electives.

For credit recovery courses (courses that a student has failed in the past), we have 27 courses available Including: history, geometry, physical science, Spanish and economics.

For original credits we have 35 courses including: English, math’s, history, archaeology, astronomy, web design and many more…


What is the maximum number of courses you recommend a student can take at one time?

We recommend that students choose a maximum of two courses per semester, that would mean eight hours per day of study. So essentially over the two month summer holiday, they can do four courses and earn two credits.


What is the first thing parents should do if they intend on enrolling their child on the Summer School Programme?

First, students/parents need to speak to their registrar or school counsellor and explain they would like to do the K12 courses. They need to check that the school is happy and will transfer the credit they get from us. If they are they will issue a ‘letter of acceptance,’ or ‘credit transfer approval’ which we require to proceed.  

This then allows us to validate the credits earned by the student on the Summer Programme.


Once they have a letter of acceptance/credit transfer, what’s next?

Parents simply need to contact our enrollment counselors and start planning the courses they need for their child.


If you would like more information on iCademy Middle East’s Summer School Programme, call 04 440 1212 or visit

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