CBSE Results 2017: Has Your Child Achieved 'Merit?'

The CBSE Board will release the Grade 12 examination results today, but do you know how to access the information and what it all means?, explains the process...
CBSE Results 2017: Has Your Child Achieved 'Merit?'
By C Hoppe
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The waiting is over and by this afternoon the UAE's Grade 12 CBSE candidates will have their final examination scores.

The results released today will include the candidates grade, information on whether they have passed their Senior Secondary Exam and if they have achieved a coveted 'Merit' in any of their examination subjects.


How Can I Find My 2017 Grade 12 Results?

Grade 12 examination candidates can access their results today via the CBSE portal found here: Find My 2017 Exam Results


How Do I Know If I Passed?

Candidates much achieve 33 percent or higher in each subject to pass the Certificate of the Board.

Obtaining a Pass Certificate of the Board: In order to obtain this, candidates must pass ALL subjects of internal assessment with 33 percent or higher pass mark- which is equal to a D2 or higher pass mark. (Unless the student has a pre-approved exemption from the board.)

Passing the Class 12 examination: In order to pass this the candidate must achieve a 'D2' or higher grade which is equal to 33 percent pass or more) in all 5 subjects of either the main or compartmentalised exams.


How Do I Know My Grade?

External examination results: These will be presented to the candidate in both numerical and graded format.

Internal examinations results: These internal, practical and theory exams also require a minimum of 33 percent and results will be issued to the candidate in graded format.

According to News18, the grading criteria is:

A1 – Top 1/8th of the passed candidates
A2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
B1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
B2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
C1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
C2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
D1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
D2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
E – Failed candidates. (Students need a higher grade than E)


Have I Achieved a Merit?

The CBSE Board issues Merit Certificates to the top 0.1 percent of candidates passing each subject.

This is formulated by rounding the number of candidates in each examination off to the nearest 1000, however it should be noted, if your child sat an examination for a subject with less than 500 total candidates, then NO merit certificates will be issued for that particular subject.


Good Luck  to all our UAE Grade 12 examination candidates from the entire team!

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