Best Primary Schools in Dubai 2017

As often the KHDA report is known for a school-wide mark, schools that have an excellent primary division can often get overlooked. Which School Advisor has gone through the reports to find the Primary schools in Dubai that are ones to celebrate.
Best Primary Schools in Dubai 2017
By Emily
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Name: Horizon English School
Very Good
Curriculum: UK
Open Since: 1989
Teacher turnover: 19%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:26
What the KHDA says: For the 2016/2017 report, “across the school, students display outstanding personal development. They are self-reliant and demonstrate self-discipline in a range of situations.”

What we say: This school, lead by Head of school David Baldwin is well on its way to emerging as a primary school leader with a focus on inclusion and leadership. This year’s low teacher turnover of 19% compared to the previous year’s turnover of 37% shows that Horizon English is moving in the right direction.


Name: Safa British School
Curriculum: UK
Open Since: 2004
Teacher turnover: 32%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:16
What the KHDA says: For the 2016/2017 report for Primary, “in English, students attain standards that are above curriculum expectations. They develop ideas thoughtfully and speak with confidence when contributing to discussions. They read increasingly complex texts, showing understanding of significant ideas and events. Progress in reading is enhanced by reading for pleasure outside the lessons. By the end of the primary phase, students' writing is confident and fluent.”

What we say: Safa British School offers a solid foundational education for students in the primary with attainment and progress across the core subjects. Although there is room for improvement, the Good rating of primary in conjunction with the Outstanding rating of students’ Personal Development make this school a solid foundational space for students


Name: Universal American School
Location: Ras Al Khor
Curriculum: US/IB
Teacher turnover: 24%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:10
What the KHDA says: Per the 2016/2017 reports, improvement can be seen in the core subjects with most being rated Very Good. As the report notes, “ in lessons, and in their recent work, a large majority of students’ exhibit knowledge, skills and understanding that extend beyond the unit objectives for the class.”

What we say: Universal American is continuing to improve the attainment and progress of its students in the primary section. Although there’s still room for growth in the Middle and High School phases, students in primary are given a solid foundation that is critical to a student’s growth mindset.


Name: The Winchester School
Very Good
Curriculum: UK
Location: Jebel Ali
Teacher Turnover: 16%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:30
What the KHDA says: Overall attainment and progress for students in the Primary stage is Good or Very Good. As the 2016/2017 report notes, “In mathematics, despite the wide ability range, the majority of students attain at levels that are above curriculum standards. The school is using international benchmark tests to measure attainment. These tests show that the students are stronger in the mathematical domain of space and shape.

What we say: This popular school continues to make improvements in students’ attainment and progress. On top of this, Students’ personal and social development, and their innovation skills are rated as Outstanding which indicates an inclusive ethos and a strong leadership team.


Name: Dubai British School
Very Good
Curriculum: UK
Teacher Turnover: 27%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:14
What the KHDA says: Apart from Arabic and Islamic which is rated as Acceptable and Good respectively, student attainment and progress in the Primary is Outstanding in English, mathematics, and science. The 2016/2017 report notes," students are very keen to learn and have positive attitudes towards school. They confidently share ideas with each other and their teachers, and appreciate the views of others about their work.”

What we say: DBS is a Very Good school with an Outstanding leaning. All of the qualities for excellent attainment and progress are there with an inclusive ethos with SEND marked as Outstanding as well as a leadership team that is inclusive and ambitious with “a clear vision for improvement that is wholly aligned to the UAE's vision and priorities.”

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