Best Early Years Education in Dubai 2017

Early Years Education is serious business in Dubai and with so many strong early years programs, it can be difficult to choose a school that best meets the needs of your child. has narrowed down some exceptional early years programs or our Best of 2017 lists
Best Early Years Education in Dubai 2017
By Emily
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Name: GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis - Go!
Very Good
Curriculum: UK
Teacher turnover: 11%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:13
What the KHDA says: GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis, is a school that provides, as the report notes, “a very safe and caring learning environment where all students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), have felt secure and well supported.” The Foundation stage is rated Outstanding across the board and “ the school has provided a very safe and caring learning environment where all students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), have felt secure and well supported.”

What we say: A school that’s safe, secure, and has outstanding attainment across the board is a school that WSA can heartily recommend. Because this school supports its own development, WSA is confident that it will continue to shine. As the 2017 report notes, “staffing levels are generous and this contributes to the smooth running of the school. Teachers benefit from regular high-quality professional development, which matches the school’s priorities and the teachers' own personal development needs.”


Name: Collegiate American School - Go!
Rating: Good
Location: Umm Suqeim 3
Teacher turnover: 16%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:8
What the KHDA says: The KG section of CAS is ranked as either Very Good or Good across subjects and is the strongest section of the school; part of this success is due to the strong leadership of the school. As the 2017 KHDA report notes, “strong leadership contributes to a very well managed and resourced school.

The principal sets a clear strategic direction and promotes a vision of inclusivity. The newly formed senior leadership team is effective in establishing a positive learning culture.”

In KG, for the core subjects, the report has found that a majority of students in science, English, and mathematics exceed curriculum standards.

What we say: With a KG division that’s focused on student achievement and growth, and has “a broad and interesting curriculum in the KG,” CAS is one of our Early Years recommended school. The school has a very hands on, task-based approach that enhances the learning experiences for Dubai’s littlest learners. "Engineering projects such as building a birdhouse and creating a beaver dam enhance children's understanding of science concepts.” Furthermore, the latest report notes that “in the KG, teachers pay careful attention to young children's social and emotional development as well as the more formal aspects of learning.”


Name: Foremarke School - Go!
Rating: Good
Location: Al Barsha South
Teacher turnover: 23%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:8
What the KHDA says: With a foundation and primary section only, Foremarke is able to focus on the development of little learners. In core subjects, students are achieving above curriculum standards.

As the report notes, “students are enthusiastic and responsible learners. They concentrate carefully and carry out their work with diligence. They can work independently in lessons when encouraged, such as children in the FS working on chosen activities, or primary students researching projects in mathematics and art.” The report also notes that the personal development of the students is Outstanding.

What we say: Although continued improvements need to be made in offerings and support for SEND students, Foremarke School is on our list because of a focus on continued improvement. As the 2017 KHDA report notes, “school leaders are committed to promoting an inclusive ethos and ensuring that students with SEND play a full part in school life.”

WSA has seen a trend that schools that focus on inclusion and leadership tend to provide better overall for their students' achievement and progress.


Name: GEMS FirstPoint School - Go!
Rating: Good
Location: The Villa Project
Teacher turnover: 5%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:13
What the KHDA says: This first report from GEMS FirstPoint School indicates that good things are to come from this newer GEMS school.

For the Foundation stage, student attainment and progress is Good with English progress being Very Good. This is especially impressive considering that “children enter school with limited skills in speaking English and a large majority make better than expected progress in relation to the curriculum standards,” as the report notes.

The KHDA Report also notes the community feel of the school: “almost all students, across the phases, demonstrate exemplary behaviour. They show self-discipline and consistently follow school procedures, with older students acting as role models for younger students."

What we say: For a first KHDA report, FirstPoint School’s is very impressive. Clearly this is a school that got itself in gear to really achieve before inspectors stepped foot on campus.

WSA is most impressed with the Outstanding personal development of the students and the development and implementation of the curriculum. As the report notes, “the school's ethos and values are at the heart of the curriculum, which has a clear rationale based on its vision to develop students as skilled global citizens. The curriculum is mainly broad and balanced and promotes enjoyment and interest."


Name: The School of Research Science - Go!
Rating: Very Good
Location: Al Warqa
Teacher turnover: 13%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:12
What the KHDA says: The School of Research Science has received the Very Good ranking for a second year in a row and after six years at Good which is due to, “leaders [that] set a very clear direction and vision for continuing school improvement.

Outstanding systems of self-evaluation lead to detailed plans aimed at improving student outcomes.” These outcomes include a very strong foundation years program. In English and mathematics, student progress is Outstanding and the attainment of children in science is above curriculum standards.

What we say: This is a school that has done the rare act of excelling in Arabic and Islamic Studies as well as core subjects. As the KHDA report notes, “over the last three inspections consistent strengths have been found in leadership and management, and in provision for students with special educational needs and disabilities. Strong features have also been highlighted in teaching and students’ personal and social development especially their understanding of Islamic values.”


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