Best Dubai Secondary Schools, Dubai British Schools

1,016,925 AED is the exact amount you will spend on tuition from grades Foundation/KG 1 to Year 13 at Repton School Dubai, currently the emirate's most expensive school, excluding any fee increases over the next 15 years, and excluding any costs other than tuition.
Best Dubai Secondary Schools, Dubai British Schools
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Six schools get an Outstanding attainment rating from the KHDA across the board for English, Mathematics and Science in the years leading up to the I/GCSE examination (Years 7 to 11).

[Update, Jan 2017: For the latest schools to be rated Outstanding by the KHDA, go here.]

These are names that you will find repeated often in discussions over schools - Dubai College (average tuition fees per annum, secondary, 63,937 AED), Jumeirah College (61,469 AED), Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches (65,561 AED), and GEMs Wellington International (64,274 AED). There are some, however, less often mentioned, notably Al Ameen Private School (5,330 AED), Dubai GEM private school (14,250 AED), and Dubai Scholars Private School (14,182 AED).



Few schools, anywhere in the world, are able to boast external examination results as good as Dubai College's, with 99.6% of students getting 5 or more I/GCSEs with grade C and above. The school is selective, which partially explains the results. 

[UPDATE, Jan 2017, for the latest, 2016 results, go here.]

GEMs education owned Jumeirah College, one of the UAE's most highly regarded schools, obtains similar results, although it is not selective academically. In total 97.8% of its students received 5 or more I/GCSEs at C grade and above in 2012. GEMs Wellington International also posted impressive results with 94% of its students getting 5 or more IGCSEs at grade C and above. JESS Arabian Ranches came in fourth in 2011/12 (of these six schools) with 93% of its students getting 5 or more I/GCSEs at grade C and above.

Al Ameen, Dubai GEM, and Dubai Scholars Private School do not publish the results of their students in external examinations.

Of these schools, Dubai College is the most well resourced when it comes to teachers, with one teacher for every 10 students, JESS Arabian Ranches has one teacher for ever eleven students, Jumeirah College has one teacher for every 12 students, GEMs Wellington and Dubai GEM have one teacher for every 13 students, Al Ameen has one teacher for every 14 students, while Dubai Scholars is the outlier with one teacher to every 17 students.

Note: There is a correlation between tuition fees and the number of teachers for each student which tends to fall into three bands - school with between 1:10 to 1:12 teachers to one student have similar price points, and schools with 1:13 to 1:15 have almost identical price points (as combined groupings). Prices slide considerably from 1:16 onwards.


When considering which secondary school, note that all schools will vary with the number of I/GCSEs they offer. All will cover Mathematics, English, Arabic and the Sciences, but after that there can be considerable variation: Dubai GEM private school has a programme of 19 I/GCSEs for example, Jumeirah College 28 (the most here). 

Schools also differ in the combinations of IGCEs demanded and how 'balanced' they require the selection to be.

Two schools fall just outside this top banding in terms of academic attainment, as rated by the KHDA, at the secondary stage: The English College, Dubai (45,270 AED) and Dubai English Speaking College (61,739 AED). The English College in general does remarkably well at I/GCSE. In total 95% of its students achieved A* to C grades in 2012. In total 89.6% of DESC students received 5 or more I/GCEs grade A to C.

At the flip end there are of course those schools who stand out for the wrong reason - high price points, but - as yet - not corresponding levels of attainment according to the KHDA. GEMs Wellington Academy (I/GCSE based, 62,500 AED), Repton School (IB based, 80,076 AED), Regent International (I/GCSE based, 57,927 AED) and Jumeirah Baccalaureate (IB based, 65,000 AED) are four noticeable outliers in this regard.

All four schools will be able to provide strong reasons for their high fees, however given the focus of parents attending English National Curriculum and IB based schools, these schools are not, yet, delivering on the key metric parents consider the most important. It is worth noting however that these are new schools. Wellington Academy is 2 years old, Jumeirah Baccalaureate is three years old, Repton (the highest attainment of these three schools) 6 years old. Only Regent is reaching maturity with 10 years of operations.


There is a strong correlation with the age of the school and price. Counter intuitively, the older the school, the cheaper it is; the younger it is, the more expensive it is.

Age of a school's operation has little bearing on academic attainment however, although it is difficult for really new schools under three years to pull off Outstanding academic ratings for obvious reasons - no matter how well resourced, it takes time for schools to bed down.

With 'newness' you are paying for a recent investment that needs to be paid back, as well as a 'structural' reality of the Dubai education market that fees once set can only be adjusted incrementally by set amounts agreed for all schools set by the KHDA. New schools also have high build and set up costs, and it makes (business) sense for new schools to lock themselves into higher rates, rather than lower ones. On a more positive note, new schools with come with brand new facilities, and given this is Dubai, these are often state of the art.


Table, Secondary Schools

School Type Parent Satisfaction - discipline % 5 IGCSEs Fees Secondary Attainment Secondary Availability
Sharjah English School* K-12 100% 89.0%     3.5
Dubai College From Yr 7 to 13 100% Not Published 63937 100.0% 1
Dubai English Speaking College From Yr 7 to 13 100% Not Published 61739 89.0% 1.5
Jumeirah College From Yr 7 - 13 75% 100.0% 61,469 100.0% 2.5
GEMS Wellington International School K-13 50% 94.0% 64,274 100.0% 2
Jumeirah English Speaking School - Arabian Ranches K-13 100% 96.6% 65661 100.0% 1
Deira International School K-13 Insuffient Response Not Published 50129 67.0% 4
Emirates International School - Jumeirah K-13 100% 73% 50235 56.0% 2.5
Emirates International School - Meadows K-13 Insuffient Response 83% 50414 78.0% 1
Jumeira Baccalaureate School K-12 50% NA 65000 67.0% 2.5
Raffles World Academy K-12 66% Not Published 56743 67.0% 2
Repton School Dubai K-13 50% Not Published 80076 78.0% 4
Al Ameen Private School K-10 Insuffient Response Not Published 5330 100.0% 2
Al Diyafah High School K-13 Insuffient Response Not Published 10730 67.0% 2
Al Salam Private School K-12 Insuffient Response Not Published 16781 67.0% 2
Cambridge International School K-13 100% Not Published 20810 78.0% 2
Dubai British School K-13 50% Not Published 50,212 67.0% 3
Dubai Gem Private School K-13 Insuffient Response Not Published 14250 100.0% 2
Dubai Scholars Private School K-12 Insuffient Response Not Published 14182 100.0% 2
GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO K-10 70% Too soon 62500 50.0% 4
Pristine Private School K-13 Insuffient Response Not Published 12606 67.0% 2.5
Raffles International School South Campus K-10 Insuffient Response Too soon 56744 67.0% 3
Regent International School K-12 83% Not Published 57927 56.0% 3
St. Mary's Catholic High School Yr 1-12 Insuffient Response Not Published 6742 67.0% 1.5
The English College - Dubai K-13 Insuffient Response 95% 45270 89.0% 2
The School of Research Science K-12 75% 61.0% 36311 78.0% 3
The Winchester School K-13 66% 70% 15518 44.0% 3.5
Al Sadiq Islamic English School K-11 Insuffient Response Not Published 6135 44.0% 4
Arab Unity School K-12 33% Not Published 6613 67.0% 3
Dubai Carmel School K-12 Insuffient Response Not Published 10948 33.0% 3
GEMS Winchester School K-9 Insuffient Response NA 13283 33.0% 3.5
Queen International School K-12 Insuffient Response Not Published 17464 67.0% 3.5
Star International School - Al Twar K-9 Insuffient Response Too soon 34649 67.0% 3.5
The City School International K-11 Insuffient Response Not Published 17491 44.0% 3.5
The Oxford School K-12 Insuffient Response NA 11958 67.0% 3.5
The Sheffield Private School K-13 Insuffient Response Not Published 28078 33.0% 3.5
The Westminster School K-13 Insuffient Response 79% 8355 78.0% 3.5

% satisfaction with discipline based on results from the WSA School survey

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