Best Dubai Primary Schools, Best British Schools

1,016,925 AED is the exact amount you will spend on tuition from grades Foundation/KG 1 to Year 13 at Repton School Dubai, currently the emirate's most expensive school, excluding any fee increases over the next 15 years, and excluding any costs other than tuition.
Best Dubai Primary Schools, Best British Schools
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Topping the list of primary schools for attainment in English, Mathematics and Science in the KHDA's inspection reports are Kings' School Dubai (45,073 AED), Jumeirah English Speaking School (38,252 AED), GEMs Wellington International School (44,319 AED), JESS Arabian Ranches (38,252 AED), Dubai English Speaking School (34,560 AED) and Jebel Ali Primary School (36,296 AED).


[Update, Jan 2017: For the latest schools to be rated Outstanding by the KHDA, go here.]

Of these, parents may express a preference for primary only schools, or those with a secondary school attached. Kings' School Dubai, Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) and Jebel Ali Private School (JAPS) are all Foundation/KG to primary schools, while Wellington International and JESS Arabian Ranches offer secondary schooling from the same location.

There are of course pluses on both sides. Foundation/KG to primary schools often have an advantage over the 'feel' of the school, and to some degree empowering older primary school children who get to experience being the eldest before secondary school entrance. However, getting into the 'right' school is difficult, and parents who send their children to schools with no direct access to a secondary school open themselves up to this admissions pain twice.

Parents should check whether schools have agreements in place with secondary schools for primary only institutions. Fortunately most schools in this list do.

Kings Dubai: Kings Nad Al Sheba
GEMS Jumeirah Primary School: GEMs secondary schools - e.g. Jumeirah College
Jumeirah English Speaking School: JESS Arabian Ranches
Dubai English Speaking School: Dubai English Speaking College

There is a strong set of schools falling just behind this first set in terms of KHDA attainment ratings for English, mathematics and science. These include GEMs Jumeirah Primary School (41,315 AED), Horizon English School (54,770 AED), Dubai Scholars Private School (13,448 AED) and The English College Dubai (27,578 AED).

The KG to primary only schools here also have a progression to secondary schools in place. GEMs Jumeirah Primary School has GEM's secondary schools to consider, while Horizon is believed to have a progression agreement for Year 6 students with Dubai College (DC), Dubai English Speaking College (DESC), and The English College Primary School in Dubai.

There are a few outliers whose fees seem out of kilter for their current attainment levels. In general these will be newer schools, in all likelihood in prime real estate (i.e. central) with modern facilities such as Jumeirah Baccalaureate School (which is IB based) whose processes are still very much bedding down.

New schools as we have noted are in general more expensive than older schools.

Admissions into primary years education is one of the toughest missions anyone new to Dubai goes through. Places are incredibly competitive, especially in the most established schools. For a JESS place, if you have just arrived, and expect to get in the same year, rethink those plans - it will not happen. If you're planning early, and we're talking a couple of years early, you have more chance, but you should try to get your names down as early as possible. Remember though a significant number of places go to employees of a company that has taken out a debenture.

See the chart on Interest/Demand here. Schools rated 1/2 in terms of Availability will be very difficult to get into, and those 500 AED fees you pay for applications will most probably be going to waste.

If you are new you do need to cast your net more widely. Again, this article - How to Find, and Shortlist a School in Dubai - provides insight as to how you should go about the selection process. Top tips: Newer schools (less than 6 years) have more availability, schools ranked Good by the KHDA have significantly more availability than Outstanding Schools, and while you may want a school on your doorstep, you have significantly more options if you're willing to travel.

None of this may be ideal, but it is just a fact that it is unlikely you are going to find a tier one, low-cost, high performing school right next to your apartment.

Finally, if you're reading this article, the chances are you have set your mind on a British curriculum, but one of the most interesting things about the UAE for expatriates is that this is probably the first opportunity you have had to consider other curricula. There are a range on offer - from Australian (via a specific state) to a U.S. education, expanding your horizon could also help you find a school more suited to your child.


Table - Primary Schools

School Type Satisfaction- comms Location Fees, Primary Attainment Primary Availability
Kings Dubai K-7 62.50% Um Suqeim 45073 100% 1
Sharjah English School* K-12 100% Sharjah     3.5
GEMS Jumeirah Primary School K-6 67% Al Safa 41,315 89% 1
Horizon English School K-6 81% Jumeirah 29,319 89% 2
Jumeirah English Speaking School K-6 83% Jumeirah 38252 100% 1
GEMS Wellington International School K-13 33% Al Sufouh 44,319 100% 2
Jumeirah English Speaking School - Arabian Ranches K-13 100% Arabian Ranches 38,252 100% 1
Deira International School K-13 Insufficient Response Al Garhoud 41,893 67% 4
Emirates International School - Jumeirah K-13 83% Um Suqeim 40,194 56% 2.5
Emirates International School - Meadows K-13 Insufficient Response Meadows 39,608 67% 1
Jumeira Baccalaureate School K-12 50% Jumeirah 65000 44% 2.5
Raffles World Academy K-12 66% Um Suqeim 46392 67% 2
Repton School Dubai K-13 50% Nad Al Sheba 55159 67% 4
Al Ameen Private School K-10 Insufficient Response Al Nahda 5016 67% 2
Al Diyafah High School K-13 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 7660 67% 2
Al Safa Private School K-8 Insufficient Response Al Quoz 31324 67% 3
Al Salam Private School K-12 Insufficient Response Al Nahda 12504 55% 2
Cambridge International School K-13 75% Al Garhoud 17481 78% 2
Dubai British School K-13 50% Emirates Hills 40,518 67% 3
Dubai English Speaking School K2-6 100% Oud Metha 34360 100% 1
Dubai Gem Private School K-13 Insufficient Response Oud Metha 10912 67% 2
Dubai Scholars Private School K-12 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 13448 89% 2
GEMS Royal Dubai School K-6 66% Mirdiff 39639 78% 5
GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO K-10 60% Silicon Oasis 38500 50% 4
GEMS Wellington Primary School K-6 75% Satwa 45458 67% 2.5
Jebel Ali Primary School K-6 100% Jebel Ali 36296 100% 2
Pristine Private School K-13 Insufficient Response Al Nahda 9857 44% 2.5
Raffles International School South Campus K-10 Insufficient Response Um Suqeim 44726 67% 3
Regent International School K-12 16% The Greens 39867 56% 3
St. Mary's Catholic High School Yr 1-12 Insufficient Response Oud Metha 5099 56% 1.5
Star International School - Umm Al Sheif K-8 50% Umm Al Sheif 39205 56% 3.5
The English College - Dubai K-13 Insufficient Response Um Suqeim 27578 89% 2
The School of Research Science K-12 50% Al Qusais 27691 67% 3
The Winchester School K-13 50% Jebel Ali 12542 56% 3.5
Al Sadiq Islamic English School K-11 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 4302 33% 4
Apple International School K-8 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 7094 33% 3.5
Arab Unity School K-12 50% Al Mizhar 5820 33% 3
Deira Private School K-6 Insufficient Response Al Twar 24663 67% 3
Dubai Carmel School K-12 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 8056 33% 3
GEMS Winchester School K-9 Insufficient Response Oud Metha 11851 33% 3.5
Queen International School K-12 Insufficient Response Hor Al Hanz 14047 44% 3.5
Star International School - Al Twar K-9 Insufficient Response Al Twar 24720 44% 3.5
Star International School - Mirdif K-6 Insufficient Response Mirdiff 38642 44% 3.5
The City School International K-11 Insufficient Response Nad al Hamar 13846 33% 3.5
The Oxford School K-12 Insufficient Response Al Muhaisnah 11511 44% 3.5
The Sheffield Private School K-13 Insufficient Response Al Nahda 22701 33% 3.5
The Westminster School K-13 Insufficient Response Al Qusais 6661 56% 3.5

* Satisfaction with communications based on feedback in the WSA School survey 

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