Best Dubai KGs, Foundation Stage, British Schools

1,016,925 AED is the exact amount you will spend on tuition from grades Foundation/KG 1 to Year 13 at Repton School Dubai, currently the emirate's most expensive school, excluding any fee increases over the next 15 years, and excluding any costs other than tuition.
Best Dubai KGs, Foundation Stage, British Schools
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Perhaps unsurprisingly price and attainment at Foundation/KG level is highly correlated, as the above chart shows, with the trend line for tuition fees moving in the same direction - downwards - with attainment.

This is in general good news. The chart below basically shows your money makes a difference and is being well spent. More negatively, there is no escaping the fact that the less you pay, in general, the lower performance of the KG your child will attend. Price is, to some degree a proxy for quality.


The devil, as always, lies in the detail and within that general trend line there are price performance stars.

If you are targeting a top 10 school (where attainment is at 89% above) you will see schools above and below the trend line.

Kings Dubai, GEMs Wellington, GEMs JPS deliver on attainment, but you pay above average tuition fees for that level of attainment. Conversely, DESS, JAPS, Horizon, Dubai Scholars and the English College, Dubai will deliver comparable results with lower than average tuition fees (for that level of attainment).

Horizon and Dubai Scholars stand out as particularly good value while, across the data, Repton and Jumeirah Baccalaureate School really are charging too much for the current levels of attainment they deliver. Of course, both schools will promote more than academic attainment to justify the price tag - Repton has some of the best facilities in the UAE, as does Jumeirah Baccalaureate which is also situated in the heart of Jumeirah 1 - a perfect location for many in its target market. Jumeirah Baccalaureate is also an IB based school.

Note: Not all kindergartens in Dubai are regulated by the KHDA. Any new Foundation school/KG that is a learning centre, as opposed to child care centre, will fall under the Dubai education regulator's remit. Existing kindergartens that are learning centres have the option to be regulated and subject to reports - which means that not all have.

Parents should ask whether the Foundation/KG they are considering is or will fall under KHDA regulation. No matter how mature the Foundation/KG is, there is nothing as motivating as an annual report to sharpen the mind and keep learning centres focused on improvements to education provision.

It also gives you some safeguard knowing that the school is being benchmarked annually against its peers.

Given this report uses KHDA data as a benchmark for its analysis, this cannot be an exhaustive analysis of every Foundation/KG in the emirate. The majority of KGs that we have included here are part of larger schools - K-6 or K-12 schools.


KG Table

School Type T:S Age Fees KG Attainment KG Availability Costs
Kings Dubai K-7 1:12 9 33441 100% 1  
Sharjah English School* K-12 1:12 40     3.5 400 AED when invited for an assessment. Payment AED 5,000 on acceptance. Can only be refunded/utilized in part payment of the final term’s fees
GEMS Jumeirah Primary School K-6 1:15 16 37,045 100% 1 500 AED registration fee. 7500 AED on acceptance adjustable against the first term fees, 2500 AED enrollment fee at the end of each year
Horizon School K-6 1:16 22 20,934 78% 2 Not published
Jumeirah English Speaking School K-6 1:14 39 34385 100% 1 500 AED registration fee, 500 AED entrance fee. Acceptance fees not published
GEMS Wellington International School K-13 1:13 13 39,817 100% 2 500 AED registration fee. Acceptance fees not published
Jumeirah English Speaking School - Arabian Ranches K-13 1:11 8 34,385 100% 1 500 AED registration fee, 500 AED entrance fee
Deira International School K-13 1:09 8 31,750 67% 4 150 AED admissions test fee. 3000 AED admissions fee, non-refundable
Emirates International School - Jumeirah K-13 1:10 22 30,140 33% 2.5 2000 AED admission fee, plus 30% of annual fee for new students, 10% reenrollment fee
Emirates International School - Meadows K-13 1:10 8 26,645 50% 1 2000 AED admission fee, plus 30% of annual fee for new students, 10% reenrollment fee
Jumeira Baccalaureate School K-12   3 50000 67% 2.5 1000 AED application fee. 7,000 AED registration fee on acceptance ajusted from term one fees, 2000 AED re-enrollement fees yearly.
Raffles World Academy K-12 1:12 7 28737 67% 2 Assessment Test Fee AED 1000 (non-refundable).  On acceptance, Registration Fee AED 7,000 (non-refundable but adjustable against Semester 1 fee if admission is confirmed). Re-registration Fee AED 3,000 (non-refundable but adjustable against Semester 1 fee). Sibling discount of 5% is applicable for the fourth child onwards
Repton School Dubai K-13 1:09 6 47599 100% 4 A non-refundable Registration Fee of AED 500 is payable at the time of registration. A non-refundable Assessment Fee of AED 1,000 is payable at the time of assessment. An initial deposit of 30% of the annual tuition fees paid seven days after receiving an offer of a place.  AED 50,000 is payable on acceptance of a boarding place.
Al Ameen Private School K-10 1:14 28 4703 67% 2 Not published
Al Diyafah High School K-13 1:13 31 7404 33% 2 Admission and Registration fee of AED 500, non-refundable. The school may charge up to 10% of the School fees as confirmation fee
Al Safa Private School K-8 1:14 9 26133 67% 3  
Al Salam Private School K-12 1:15 25 11,265 33% 2 300 AED registration fee, non-refundable
Cambridge International School K-13 1:18 10 15,327 67% 2 500 AED registration fee, non-refundable. 2500 AED admission fee on acceptance adjustable from first terms fees
Dubai British School K-13 1:12 8 36,993 100% 3 500 AED registration fee, non-refundable. Up to 10% for re-registration yearly, up to 30% for new registrations on acceptance.
Dubai English Speaking School K2-6 1:15 50 34360 100% 1 500 AED application fee, non-refundable. 3000 AED advance fee to secure a place on offer deducted from first term's fees, 500 AED enrollment fee for new students, non-refundable
Dubai Gem Private School K-13 1:13 40 9919 56% 2 Not published
Dubai Scholars Private School K-12 1:17 37 11666 33% 2 1500 AED registration fee
GEMS Royal Dubai School K-6 1:15 8 35539 67% 5 500 AED registration fee at the time of application, non-refundable and non-deductable. 5,000 AED Admission fee needed to secure the seat, deductable - on acceptance.
GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO K-10 1:15 2 34750 44% 4 500 AED registration fee, non-refundable, non-deductable. 7,500 AED Admissions fee on acceptance needed to secure the seat, deductable
GEMS Wellington Primary School K-6 1:13 6 40761 89% 2.5 500 AED registration fee. 5,000 AED Admission fee on acceptance  needed to secure the seat, deductable
Jebel Ali Primary School K-6 1:14 36 36297 100% 2 500 AED booking fee. 2,000 AED registration fee on acceptance, 1750 AED credited against first term fees
Pristine Private School K-13 1:13 21 8731 67% 2.5 Not published
Raffles International School South Campus K-10 1:14 6 28738 67% 3 1000 AED assessment test. On acceptance, 7,000 registration fee, refundable against first term fees, 3,000 AED re-registration fee (annual), adjustable
Regent International School K-12 1:13 10 34172 67% 3 500 AED assessment test. On acceptance, 30% enrollment fee, adjustable against first term fees.
Star International School - Umm Al Sheif K-8 1:11 5 29678 89% 3.5 500 AED registration fee. On acceptance, 1,000 AED tuition deposit
The English College - Dubai K-13 1:12 21 25457 100% 2 300 AED application fee. On acceptance, 4,000 tuition fee deposit (secondary),  3000 AED primary, deductable.
The School of Research Science K-12 1:12 14 23650 44% 3 Not published
The Winchester School K-13 1:18 10 9923 56% 3.5 500 AED, 2,000 AED on acceptance, deductable
Al Sadiq Islamic English School K-11 1:17 14 3811 44% 4 Not published
Apple International School K-8 1:18 19 5861 33% 3.5 400 AED registration fee, 400 AED admission fee, non-deductable
Arab Unity School K-12 1:16 39 5290 67% 3 Not published
Deira Private School K-6 1:08 4 19500 67% 3 500 AED registration fee. On acceptance, 30% deposit, deductable
Dubai Carmel School K-12 1:11 27 7620 33% 3 500 AED annual registration fee, non-deductable
GEMS Winchester School K-9 1:18 2 9377 33% 3.5 500 AED, non-deductable. 2,000 AED deductable on acceptance.
Queen International School K-12 1:18 15 12844 44% 3.5 Not published
Star International School - Al Twar K-9 1:10 8 19055 44% 3.5 500 AED, non-deductable
Star International School - Mirdif K-6 1:10 5 29252 67% 3.5 500 AED, non-deductable. 2000 AED deductable on acceptance, 2000 AED annual deposit
The City School International K-11 ? 24 12349 33% 3.5 Not published
The Oxford School K-12 1:17 25 10135 44% 3.5 400 AED registration fee. 400 AED admission fee, non-deductable on acceptance.
The Sheffield Private School K-13 1:18 9 19117 25% 3.5 500 registration fee, 500 AED admissions test. Seat confirmation fee 5,000 to 10,000 AED depending upon grade. Annual reregistration fee of between 1000 AED and 2000 AED. All deductable.
The Westminster School K-13 1:17 18 5392 33% 3.5 Registration and admission fee - 650 AED, during new enrollment

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