7 Free Parenting Apps You Can't Live Without

7 Free Parenting Apps You Can't Live Without
By C Hoppe
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If you haven't checked lately, there's a whole host of new apps designed to make life as a parent (and student) easier. We've rounded up the best free global apps in a bid to make your back-to-school experience simpler for 2015.


COZI: No more missed swimming galas or forgotten PE kits, it’s time to keep your family’s life in one place. Welcome to Cozi- the organisation app for busy parents. The app is user friendly and allows updating from either computer or device and is available for iPhone, Android and Windows 8.1. Via one free account, the whole family can log in and start making shopping lists, searching appointments and sharing schedules.

Features: Comprehensive calendar, various to-do-lists, reminders and messages, shopping lists, meal planners and more…

Get it here: www.cozi.com


Be Safe

MAMABEAR: Drivers, school buses, sleep-overs, parties and the internet all have their inherent dangers, but with Mamabear parents can rest easy knowing their kids are monitored every step of the way. This nifty app keeps an eye on the kids 24/7 both on- and off-line.

Features: Physical location and alerts for location activity, get alerts when they arrive or leave places. Monitor their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr activity, and if they’re using Android devices, follow and monitor their texting too!

Get it here: www.mamabearapp.com



KINDERTOWN: Bamboozled by the number of educational apps available? Wondering what’s best for your child’s age and level? Then fret no more, KinderTown sifts through the billions of educational apps available to bring you the top reviewed and tested apps suitable for your child.

Features: Simply enter your device, child’s age, language and chosen subject and let KinderTown locate the best the web has to offer.

Get it here: www.my.kindertown.com



KNO: This amazing interactive e-book reader and PDF e-reader allows you and your kids to rent or buy at discounted prices- over 250,000 course books for student study. Available for iOS, Android or Windows, Kno makes sourcing and carrying around bulky text books- a thing of the past.

Features: Multi-coloured highlights and note capabilities, an automatic journal to save and organise, stats to track student progress and engagement plus; smart-links, off-line access and flashcards.

Get it here: www.study.intel.com



QUIZLET: This flashcard creator allows students to create their very own flashcard sets and then test themselves and others. Available for iOS and Android, Quizlet makes learning any subject both personalised and fun.

Features: Make your own flashcards and track your progress, test yourself and try the quizzes, challenge your friends, or see what other global Quizlet users have created.

Get it here: www.quizlet.com


Check It

PHOTOMATH: This controversial yet amazing app for iOS and Android allows users to solve any mathematical problem simply by scanning the question with the camera on their device. Obviously this has pros and cons, while maths- challenged parents might heave a sigh of relief, there’s a whole host of teachers and parents wondering just how many kids have already have PhotoMath.

Features: Learn to instantly solve and answer your maths problems.

Get it here: www.photomath.net



MOBICIP: Not sure what they're doing on that iPad? Then monitor their web use and app downloads on almost every device imaginable. While the paid service has features like browsing history reports and access request dialogue options the basic version isn't too shabby either.

Features: Pre defined filtering levels, unlimited internet usage, advanced content filtering and the safe browser app.

Get it here: www.mobicip.com


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