Over 4/5 UAE Students Look Forward to School

More children in 2018 wake up looking forward to going to school in the UAE than ever before according to the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com survey. We drill into the numbers to find out why.
Over 4/5 UAE Students Look Forward to School
By David Westley
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According to the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com School survey, more children today wake up in the UAE looking forward to going to school than ever before. 

One in two children now look forward to going to school a "tremendous amount" according to their parents, and a further 32% do so "quite a bit". Totalling the figures, 82% of parents in 2018 (over 4 in 5 children) have no difficulties motivating their child for school - up from 80% in 2017 and 75% in 2015. 


How much children look forward to going to school does vary depending on curriculum however. Note, this is not necessarily solely because of the curriculum itself - although it clearly contributes, but will result from varying  average ages, fees and so on. 


More expensive schools will have, if run efficiently at least, more resources, offer more activities, and in general offer better facilities. 

However IB schools are, on average more expensive than UK ones (in Dubai 63,000 versus 44,000 AED), but have less children that look forward to going to school a tremendous amount - 58% (UK) to 54% (IB). However, 85% of parents of children going to IB schools say their children either look forward to going to school either a tremendous amount or quite a bit, versus 81% of UK schools.


This suggests that there is more variability within UK schools - which would make sense as there are well over 130 UK schools across the UAE, versus just 41 IB schools. 

Other variables affecting the happiness of children include the age of school, and its KHDA or ADEK rating. The higher the rating and the more established school, in general, the greater the chance your children will wake up wanting to go to school each day. The age of the school we think explains why the most expensive schools are not those with the highest percentages of students most looking forward to getting to school. Newer schools are, on average, more expensive than established ones.

For all curricula except US schools, the very good news is that the single largest choice of parents regarding the extent which their children look forward to going to school, is a "tremendous amount". For US schools, the single largest choice is "quite a bit". There are, of course, many exceptions to this, but this should be a cause for concern for parents considering a US based education in the emirates. Greater due diligence is required. 

Note: To see how well your school does, simply click the Parent Opinion tab on your school's review page. If it has received enough feedback each school has its own survey results page.

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Over 4/5 UAE Students Look Forward to School
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