3 in 4 Parents Would Recommend Child's School

The number of parents that say their would recommend their school to another parent has held at the same level as 2017, a record year in terms of parent satisfaction, according to the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com parent survey.
3 in 4 Parents Would Recommend Child's School
By David Westley
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Over three in four parents would recommend their school to others, a percentage that has been consistent for two years in a row. It is up sharply from when our survey first began however.

To be exact, 76% of parents now say they would recommend their school to other parents, down very slightly from 78% from surveys taken in 2017. Both figures are up sharply from the answer to the same question in 2015 when 67% of parents said they would recommend their child's school, and the 62% that said they would do so in 2013.

The chart seems to suggest that the UAE has seen a prolonged period of improvement, but those improvements are beginning to plateau. It is too early to tell if that is a pause, or we are reaching a new normal.

Large differences continue to exist between curricula. Five years ago we wrote: "IB and British curricula schools have a much higher number of respondents who would recommend their school than their Indian or US curriculum counterparts. Some 70% of parents with children attending IB and/or British schools would recommend their schools, as opposed to just 49% and 43% of parents at Indian schools."

This state of affairs remains largely the same today, however IB has seen the biggest gains and now ranks just behind UK curriculum based schools with a 79% recommendation. UK and US schools continue to show a gradual rise, and are now recommended by 82% and 68% of their parents respectively. However, something a little odd is happening with Indian schools. 2017 saw a sharp rise in parent recommendation levels, which has swing the other way in 2018. It may well be that last year was off trend and an anomaly. If we ignore 2017 results, the chart would seem to make more sense, with Indian schools also showing a gradual rise in parental sentiment. In 2018, 65% of parents with children going to Indian schools would recommend their child's school.

Reasons behind the differences in recommendation cannot of course be distilled into a simple, single cause. Choice, and perceptions of quality are key, but price and who pays the fees (a higher percentage of companies contribute to parents of children going to IB and UK based schools) also play a significant role here. 

Finally, there are some differences between emirates. Dubai and Abu Dhabi show very similar recommendation levels, but Sharjah has a sharply higher number of parents that would not recommend their child's school. This may well be be one reason behind the Ministry of Education's recent decision regarding emirati enrolment in under performing Sharjah and Northern Emirate schools.

We do not yet have sufficient response to state results outside the big three emirates.

Note: To see how your child's school, or the school you are researching, is doing, simply click on the Parent Opinion tab on your school's review. If it is not there, it is because it has yet to receive a sufficient number of completed surveys.

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