2017 Dubai Student Wellbeing Census Revealed

Dubai Student Wellbeing Census marks first-ever city wide effort to measure student wellbeing & happiness. Conducted by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the census revealed that 84% students in Dubai are happy at school.
2017 Dubai Student Wellbeing Census Revealed
By Veathika
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Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) revealed the Student Wellbeing Census results.

The findings showed that students who stay in Dubai longer have higher levels of happiness.

Additionally, eight out of 10 students (84%) in Dubai’s private schools reported high levels of happiness.

65,000 students from Grades 6 to 9 (Years 7 to 10) across 168 schools in Dubai were covered in the census.

This is the first time a census of this stature has been conducted in Dubai’s private schools to measure how students feel and think of their own wellbeing.

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA said:

“The census results are a milestone for the education sector because we now have a baseline that tells us how our students are doing when it comes to their wellbeing.”

The census also revealed that relationships are a key driver of student wellbeing and happiness.


Students in younger grades reported higher levels of happiness and felt more connected to adults at home and school.

The census revealed that students who feel the happiest are those who:

  • Are enrolled in Good or better schools (85%)
  • Are enrolled in Indian curriculum schools (87%)
  • Feel that they do better than others in their schoolwork (89%)
  • Usually get a good night’s sleep (91%)

The ecosystem of education should be one which prepares children for the tests of life, not a life of tests. The census is designed to be a tool that encourages schools and families to have a conversation with their children and look at ways to develop positive relationships and enhance wellbeing,” Dr Abdulla added.

Each school will be receiving its own report, which will provide them with an in-depth understanding of how students feel about their school life, home life, themselves and their relationships with others. The data will also provide insight into student attitudes towards their experiences in and out of school.

Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Creativity, Happiness & Innovation at KHDA said : “Every school will receive an insight into their student wellbeing scores and KHDA will facilitate special workshops with international experts for all schools in Dubai. By bringing schools together to understand the importance of wellbeing, we are looking at a better future for our schools.”

The census is run by the KHDA in Dubai in partnership with the Government of South Australia.

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