2016-2017: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools

If you're planning the IB Diploma (IBDP) for your child, then you need to know which schools offer the most effective teaching, which are the most cost-effective and which achieve the all important results.
2016-2017: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools
By C Hoppe
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Dar Al Marefa School 

Dar al Marefa Private School

KHDA Rating: Good 

Additional Ratings/Accreditations: N/A

Published Results: Not available

Programmes: PYP, MYP, DP

Additional Curriculum: None

7 Diploma Options:  Visual arts, mathematics, English B, chemistry, business management, biology, Arabic A language.

Location: Mirdif, Dubai

Diploma Fees Per Annum: Dhs 69,660

Contact: here


2016 KHDA analysis of the DP years

English: Good
Students were performing in line with the expectations of the DP standards. In Grade 11 they could debate their ideas using appropriate vocabulary and good intonation. Students in Grade 12 were able to write persuasive texts to suit a range of audiences. Their progress in lessons continued to be at a good pace. They demonstrated a developing variety of writing structures, with appropriate use of vocabulary and grammatical accuracy to engage the reader.

Mathematics: Acceptable
Students' attainment in mathematics was broadly in line with the curriculum standards. In lessons, students were able to apply their knowledge of mathematics securely and with confidence, but they were less skilled at applying their knowledge to a range of real life scenarios. Overtime, students' attainment was broadly average and therefore in line with the national and international standards. In relation to their starting points, students made acceptable progress both overtime and in lessons.

Science: Good
The first small cohort of DP students was just completing their standard level science courses. Their attainment in biology and chemistry was acceptable when compared to curriculum standards and international averages. Overall, the majority of students were making good progress in relation to students’ starting points. 

Learning Skills in the DP: Good

Diploma Level Teaching for Effective Learning: Good

Diploma Curriculum Quality:  Good



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