2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools

If you're planning the IB Diploma (IBDP) for your child, then you need to know which schools offer the most effective teaching, which are the most cost-effective and which achieve the all important results.
2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools
By C Hoppe
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Raffles World Academy

Raffles World Academy

KHDA Rating: Good

Additional Ratings/Accreditations: CIS

Published results: In 2015 89% of Diploma students completed the programme

Programmes: PYP/Diploma

Additional Curriculum: British

24 Diploma Options: biology, business and management, chemistry, economics, English A literature, English A language, environment and society,  geography, history, IT in global society, maths studies, mathematics, physics, visual arts, Spanish AB, Hindi B, German B, French B, French AB, Arabic B, Psychology, Mandarin AB, Chinese B, business management.

Language of Instruction: English

Location: Jumeirah, Dubai

Diploma Fees Per Annum:  Dhs 82,119

Contact: here


2016 KHDA Analysis of the DP years

English: Very Good
Over the past three years, in English, the majority of students’ attainment in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills were above national and international standards. Students were able to apply those skills to high-level thinking, analysis and synthesis at the levels necessary for success in university. Through effective use of literature, students extended their vocabulary and ability to interpret texts. Increased opportunities for extended writing led to higher attainment in all aspects of the subject. Overall, results at both standard and higher levels were above national and international standards and had shown improvement over time.

Mathematics-Good- The majority of students made good attainment and progress in mathematics. On the IB Diploma exams a majority of students attained at Level 5. In lessons, students demonstrated good knowledge and understanding. Year 11 students were able to complete full curve sketching by finding intervals where functions were either increasing or decreasing. Students’ progress in lessons was good and students could achieve the stated objectives within the lessons. In regard to the performance of different groups in the school, boys tended to do slightly better than the girls, although the difference was not significant. Over time, the trends in attainment had been broadly consistent.

Science-Good- Students' knowledge, understanding and application of concepts in physics, chemistry and biology exceeded the curriculum expectations. Their distribution of scores on the IB standard and higher A level examinations indicated that their attainment was above international averages. Their science exploration skills had developed well. In Year 11 physics, for example, students were able to hypothesise and design their own experiments to measure sound frequency from a tuning fork. Measurement in all three sciences was sophisticated, as was students’ recordings on tablet computers. Students knew their achievement targets and made good progress towards them. Progress over time was due to students’ high levels of engagement, strong sense of responsibility and their knowledge of regular mock examination assessments. 

Learning Skills in the DP: Good

Diploma Level Teaching for Effective Learning: Good

Diploma Curriculum Quality: Very Good



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