2016-2017: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools

If you're planning the IB Diploma (IBDP) for your child, then you need to know which schools offer the most effective teaching, which are the most cost-effective and which achieve the all important results.
2016-2017: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools
By C Hoppe
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Jumeirah Baccalaureate School 

Jumeira Baccalaureate School Dubai

KHDA Rating:Good

Additional Ratings/Accreditations: CIS

Published Results: 2016 saw a 100% pass rate at JBS and the average score was 32

Programmes: EYS, MYP, Diploma, CP

Additional Curriculum: None

26 Diploma Options: biology, business and management, chemistry, design and tech, economics, English A language, English B, geography, history, IT in global society, maths studies,  mathematics, physics, visual arts, Hungarian A literature, German B, German AB, French B, French AB, Arabic A language, Russian A literature,  Japanese A literature, Italian A literature, Chinese A literature, German AB, business management.

Language of Instruction: English

Location: Jumeirah, Dubai

Diploma Fees Per Annum:  Dhs 84,197

Contact: here


2016 KHDA Analysis of the DP years

English: Very Good
In English, students’ attainment had strengths in the interrogation of complex text, reason points and theciting of hypotheses. They could research to draw appropriate conclusions substantiated by data whenever possible. A large majority of students attained levels well above curriculum standards. In English standard, higher level literature and in Language B, students demonstrated speaking, reading, writing and listening skills that exceeded curriculum standards. In relation to individual starting points across the three phases, a majority of students made much better than expected progress. This was particularly good for the many students in IBDP for whom English was not their first language.

Mathematics: Good
In mathematics, international benchmarking tests confirmed that students’ attainment was good and had been in the recent past. Progress made by all students including those with SEND, was good. Teachers and students identified and reinforced gaps in curriculum knowledge regularly and this contributed to the good progress made. Students worked confidently with more complicated mathematical concepts such as equations for the tangent of a curve, probability, arithmetic progressions and radians.

Science: Good
In science, a majority of students attained above expected standards, exceeding international levels and had done so over a three-year period. Students had a strong understanding of curriculum requirements and were adept at ensuring their work exceeded the requirements. They made better than expected progress in developing an understanding of scientific concepts. 

Learning Skills in the DP: Very Good

Diploma Level Teaching for Effective Learning: Good

Diploma Curriculum Quality: Very Good



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