2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools

If you're planning the IB Diploma (IBDP) for your child, then you need to know which schools offer the most effective teaching, which are the most cost-effective and which achieve the all important results.
2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools
By C Hoppe
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Greenfield Community School

Greenfield Community School

KHDA Rating: Good

Additional Ratings/Accreditations: CIS

Published Results: The 2016 average score was 30.7

Programmes: PYP, MYP, Diploma, CP

Additional Curriculum: None

30 Diploma Options: biology, business and management, chemistry, design tech, English A language, English B, environment and society, history, IT in global society, maths studies, mathematics, physics,theatre, visual arts, Spanish AB, Persian A literature, Japanese A literature, German B, German A literature, French B, French AB, Finnish A literature, Dutch A literature, Arabic B, Arabic A language, Afrikaa A literature, Russian A literature, psychology, Mandarin AB, business management.

Language of Instruction: English, Arabic, German

Location: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

Diploma Fees Per Annum:  Dhs 76,315

Contact: here


2016 KHDA Analysis of the DP years

English: Very Good
Students' attainment in English literature and language was very good. Students demonstrated very good understanding of a range of demanding literature and they critically analysed and discussed texts such as 'The Dubliners' and 'Medea'. Grade 12 students’ literary appreciation skills were highly developed. They were able to review their writing, reflect on strengths and weaknesses, and knew what to do to improve their work. Grade 11 students demonstrated a serious and committed approach to the subject. Students' very good progress was shown in their high quality written work.

Mathematics: Acceptable
Students' attainment in mathematics was in line with curriculum standards. Weaknesses in curriculum provision and in the teaching of mathematics over time had limited the progress students made. Students were not adequately prepared to study mathematics at a higher level (HL), and a HL mathematics course was not taught. Students’ skills in using a range of mathematical methods and strategies for solving problems were adequate. Consequently, their attainment over time in national and international assessments had been variable. Students' mathematical progress in lessons had not been thoroughly analysed by teachers There was little tracking or monitoring of their skills and abilities in relation to their starting points.

Science: Acceptable
Students’ attainment in the sciences was acceptable. Most students were working at levels that were in line with curriculum standards and they made expected progress. Students were able to communicate understanding of complex and abstract scientific concepts, demonstrating competence in their use of scientific language. Problem solving, investigation and the use of critical thinking were developing at an acceptable rate. Sound project and investigative work was a positive feature of this phase.

Learning Skills in the DP: Good

Diploma Level Teaching for Effective Learning: Good

Diploma Curriculum Quality: Good



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