2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools

If you're planning the IB Diploma (IBDP) for your child, then you need to know which schools offer the most effective teaching, which are the most cost-effective and which achieve the all important results.
2016-17: Dubai's IB Diploma Schools
By C Hoppe
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GEMS Wellington International School

KHDA Rating: Outstanding

Additional Ratings/Accreditations: BSO Rating- Outstanding

Published Results: Across the GEMS IB Schools the pass rate was 92 percent and the average score 33

Programmes: Diploma, CP

Additional Curriculum: British

38 Diploma Options: biology, business and management, economics, English A language, English A, business and management, chemistry, economics, English A language, English A literature, environment and society, film, geography, history, IT in global society, maths studies, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, sports exercise science, visual arts, Swedish B, Spanish B, Spanish AB, Italian B, Italian AB, Italian A literature, German B, German AB, French B, French AB, Dutch A literature, Dutch A language, Arabic B, Arabic AB,  Arabic A language, business management.

Language of Instruction: English

Location: Al Sufouh, Dubai

Diploma Fees Per Annum:  Dhs 89,368



2016 KHDA Analysis of the DP years
The KHDA report does not differentiate the Diploma programme from 'post 16' therefore we have published the results for this group, rather than the diploma programme specifically.

English: Outstanding
Almost all students demonstrated that they could communicate very well in English and wrote fluently and persuasively about literary texts. Attainment and progress were well above international standards. Students read widely and demonstrated their grasp of the key messages and emotions being conveyed by the author. For example, in The Great Gatsby they re-enacted the 'party scene' as the guests waited for the arrival of Gatsby. Students understood the key parts of the language and how each has a purpose. They explored and demonstrated a good understanding of variations in language, form and contexts for meaning.

Mathematics: Outstanding
In mathematics, a large majority of students attained above international expectations in differential calculus, integral calculus and statistics. In lessons, inconsistent algebraic skills and fluency with basic techniques held back the attainment and progress of a minority. A similar issue with number work in mathematical studies hindered the attainment of a minority of these students. Attainment over recent year has been above IB standards for a large majority. Progress of a large majority, from their previous starting points, exceeded external IB standards. Most students were making confident progress in communication, organisation and problem solving.

Science: Outstanding
Students' attainment and progress in the sciences were outstanding. Students' internal and external assessment data supported high levels of attainment and progress that were maintained over the previous few years. In lessons, students took complete control of their learning to demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts. In Year 12, for example, students were able to use the theory of evolution to identify pictures of different human skulls and used them to build a historical time line. Students made excellent progress in lessons because different groups of students were strongly challenged by differentiated learning objectives, and made full use of the rich resources available to them.

Learning Skills Post 16: Outstanding

Post 16 Teaching for Effective Learning: Outstanding

Post 16 Curriculum Quality: Outstanding

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