Make 2019 a Year of Family Resolutions

Make 2019 a year of family resolutions - that way not only are you more likely to keep them, but your family will come out of the year stronger. Here's lists some easy and very doable ones...
Make 2019 a Year of Family Resolutions
By Veathika
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Most of us start the new year with unbounded optimism and a clutch of resolutions. Unfortunately, almost as many of us have forgotten about them before January ends, hit by a tidal wave of work, school, and family pressures

One way to help keep the resolutions going, is to keep it in the family. With more than one of you with a stake in a resolution, other members of your family will step up as you waver, and help keep those resolutions going throughout the year.

Family time is also one of the things that tends to get sacrificed as the pressures of life pile in. By making resolutions together, you can work as a team to keep sacred that time you set aside for your yourselves.

Reading Club

Studies have shown that the amount of time children spend on books is decreasing. One of the reasons for this decline is that parents themselves have stopped reading to their kids. Make an effort in 2019 to read to, with and around children. Start a book club within the family with weekly or monthly meetings to discuss a book that each one has read.

Game Night

Start a family tradition with a game night that will not only help bond with each other but also gets the entire family communicating. You can try out different games each week or have a game of the month.

Cut Down on the Gadgets

We are not saying get rid of technology completely, but maybe set tech free hours or days. It will make for a great New Year’s resolution to turn off all devices for a set period of time. Encourage other mental and physical activities during this time.

Be More Adventurous

This could be in an activity that you take up as a family that none of you have tried before or inducing more adventure in an evening, weekends or vacations. Why not make a list of all the things you haven’t done, or have a fear of, and try some of them together.

Learn a New Language

Everyone knows the advantages of being multi-lingual. Make a list of countries you want to visit, choose a new country to visit this year and then spend the months up to your holiday learning the language of that country together. You can practice and quiz each and also think of all the activities you would like to do when you visit the country.

Get Outside More

Let's be honest, the weather can be harsh. However, we can all make a commitment to get outside more. It could mean going to a park, biking or camping. It can simply be in your own garden or backyard, or for apartment dwellers – a space where there’s some natural light and air.


Some believe travel is the best form of education. Taking time away as a family gives you the chance to focus on each other while exploring a new place and creating great memories. It doesn't have to be expensive or exotic, rather somewhere where you all, as a family, will enjoy.

If you have more ideas as to what would make a great family resolution, let us all know! Add your resolution below :)

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