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This all-through school, previously owned by the global education group GEMS, has been acquired by Singapore-based XCL Education, and offers a full IB education at a modern campus in Yishun.
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Welcome to the XCL World Academy official Q and A page. Here we ask the questions, and the school answers directly. It is its chance to have its say on specific areas you have told us you want to know about. If you think there are additional questions we should be asking you may contact us here.

If you have to highlight three strengths of your school, what would they be?

Holistic character development: We equip your child with essential academic and life skills which prepare them for the demands and rigours of further study and employment.

Personalised learning at its best: Small class sizes with inspiring and highly qualified teachers enable your child to define their own pathway and reach their maximum potential.

Outstanding IB results: Our IB Diploma scores and results place students comfortably above the world average. This allows our graduates to have access to a wide range of university options.

Does your school have a waiting list? In which years?


What are qualities and characteristics that define your school and its students?

XCL World Academy is a family-orientated international school in Singapore for students aged 2 to 18. At XCL World Academy, we equip children with the academic and lifelong learning skills to be agents of their own success – helping to prepare them for further education, future careers or navigating the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives.

To prepare students for an increasingly global world, we prize diversity and are proud to host students from over 60 nationalities, with no one dominant culture or background. Our world-class teachers are trained to identify each student’s special strengths, so we can create personalized pathways that recognize each student’s unique strengths. All this makes XCL World Academy a truly international school that prepares students to stay a few steps ahead of the future.

How many nationalities are represented in your school? How international would you say your school is?

Our student body comprising over 60 nationalities - with no 1 dominant culture, country or background.

Are there high proportions of a particular nationality?


What is the teacher: student ratio in your school?

Small class sizes with inspiring and highly qualified teachers enable your child to define their own pathway and reach their maximum potential.

Nursery: 1:7

Early Years (Pre-K - KG2): 1:8

Primary Years (Grade 1-5): 1:12

Secondary Years (Grades 6-12) 1:24

This kind of learning environment helps to encourage engagement in class, allows students to learn more and at a faster pace, builds strong teacher-student relationships and leads to higher performance.

Please describe your approach to teacher recruitment in terms of the balance of staff you seek in terms of nationalities and in terms of years of experience/ qualifications you look for. Please also provide details of how you use teaching assistants.

Our commitment to diversity doesn’t stop at the nationality of our students. Our world-class faculty comes from over 20 countries and has literally been carefully curated from all around the world.

Their experience and expertise teach students life-long skills and attitudes that will help them succeed beyond term papers and standardised tests. It helps bring out the best in every child.

If external examinations and assessments are part of your curriculum, which ones do you offer?

The IB provides a rigorous framework for assessment, and student work is evaluated according to criteria that clearly reflect the holistic philosophy of the programme. External IBDP/CP assessments are mandatory assessments that are completed during Grade 12 that are not scored by the classroom teacher. These assessments include IB examinations that are administered during the May testing session.

Our MYP students in Grades 9 and 10 also have a choice of completing external IGCSE examinations.

In addition, we use a range of assessment methods (CAT4, PASS, PIVOT, MAP, WIDA) to pinpoint students’ strengths and areas for improvement so that their education can be tailored for greater levels of personalised learning.

Please provide details of how well your school did in its previous external exams for students at 16 and at 18 years of age? Please provide sufficient detail to allow parents to have a view on how academic your school is?

100% IB pass rate, highest score 44 out of 45, average score 34.

What percentage of your sixth form that take exams at 18 go to university, and where, in general, do they go?

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) and IB Career-Related Programme (CP) are recognised and respected by the world’s leading universities, and evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students.

As an IB World School with a highly diverse student population, our future graduates have their sights set on a wide range of different university and college options, including some of the world’s most prestigious tertiary learning institutions.

Watch this video to see the latest update on university matriculation:

Describe your school's approach to education and teaching?

Our school places an emphasis on the holistic development of every child. Academic development is as important as character development and we strive to build qualities like confidence, resilience and leadership in every student. EQ is as much sought after as IQ. And we believe that some of life’s most important lessons can be learned outside textbooks. That’s why we create a vibrant environment through countless opportunities in technology, sports, arts, innovation, community service and extracurricular activities.

Physical education and sport is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. How does your school ensure children engage in physical activity?

Sports at XCL World Academy is a core element in our balanced curriculum. We encourage all students to develop into confident, critically thinking, healthy young individuals whatever their ability. With a focus on health, wellbeing and athletic excellence, we offer a range of sporting opportunities to develop sporting interests that will last a lifetime.

How does your school promote healthy lifestyles?

With a focus on health, wellbeing and athletic excellence, we offer a range of sporting opportunities to develop sporting interests that will last a lifetime.

How do you promote healthy eating?

'Eat well. Live well’. At XCL World Academy health and nutrition topics are blended into our school curriculum through relevant units of inquiry, Science, Social Studies and PE lessons to encourage and support healthy behaviours.

Does the school have cafeteria facilities for the students? How does it promote a balanced diet?

At XCL World Academy we believe that healthy and balanced nutrition plays a big role in a student’s ability to achieve in school. Therefore, we educate and encourage our students to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. In order to facilitate students to make more healthy food choices and to develop healthy eating habits, it is important that the school food environment is healthy.

What is the approximate average cost of a lunchtime meal?

SGD $6-9

What is the starting and finishing time of your school day?

School day : 8:45 am - 3:30 pm (for full-day classes)

Extra-curricular activities take place from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm

Is there a school uniform?


How do you feedback progress and attainment to students and parents?

Our teachers are always available to engage with parents, answer their questions and work together to maximize the potential of each student.

We use Seesaw as a digital portfolio and communication tool with our Early and Primary Years Parents (Nursery - Grade 5). It provides a simple way for teachers to share what their child is working on in the classroom, and to provide regular updates and notifications.

How often is the more formal feedback such as reports and parent/teacher meetings?

We run Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year to share students' performance, character and interests development, and progress. In addition to that, parents receive semester reports with feedback and comments twice a year.

Which languages are taught at your school - please detail any as a first as well as second language?

Learning modern languages is a core component of being an international student.

Our youngest learners (Nursery- KG2) are learning Mandarin as part of their core curriculum. Starting in August 2021, we are very proud to offer a unique Chinese-English Bilingual Programme for Pre-K, KG1, and KG2 students. This new offering is designed to allow non-native Mandarin speakers to have a rigorous introduction to Mandarin during their foundation years.

From Grade 1 onwards, students have the option of continuing Mandarin or opting for Spanish or French classes. In Grades 11 & 12 we are also offering a DP Japanese Language & Literature class.

Do you offer EAL or TEFL support for those students where English is not their first language?

We offer an Enhanced English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and a Standard EAL programme for students in Grade 9 and 10. If your child requires additional language support, they will be assessed during the admissions process to ascertain their current level of English.

Do you offer a dedicated prayer room/s for students? For which faiths?


Do you have a learning support team in your school?

At XCL World Academy, we provide learning support opportunities for a wide range of learning needs across the school in an inclusive setting. We believe in fostering positive working relationships with students in a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.

The learning support staff are highly trained and experienced educators who provide a holistic approach that involves teachers, parents and students in their learning journey. Through the use of diagnostic assessments and observations, we identify, plan, implement and monitor support for learners with a specific learning need, difficulty or disability. Depending on the need, we are able to work with students in small groups, one-to-one or push-in support in the classroom. We believe these learners can be successful and become autonomous, lifelong learners.

Not all schools are staffed or resourced to offer learning support to those children with either moderate or significant learning needs. To what level can you offer support for those with learning differences?

XCL World Academy provides limited learning support to students who are able to learn in a mainstream classroom environment. Parents are encouraged to contact our Admissions team ahead of planned admission date and submit written reports pertaining to their child's educational need to determine if we are able to support your child. Each application from students with special needs is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does your school have an educational psychologist or access to one to assess and support those youngsters with more challenging learning and emotional needs?

XCL World Academy is driven by a singular purpose – to put a quality education within reach of every student. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in our care. We provide comprehensive homeroom and pastoral care programs to promote students’ academic, social and emotional development and allow every student to achieve their full potential. Through the homeroom and pastoral care programs, our students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, achieve positive goals, show empathy for others and make responsible decisions. In addition, we have grade-level leaders, pastoral leaders and school counsellors who are always available to meet with our students.

Do you have a parents’ group supporting the school?

Families, teachers and students are the foundation of a strong and supportive community. We encourage an environment that is engaging for both parents and children, as we believe that the more you engage, the more rewarding your experience will be. A key avenue for parent involvement is the Parent Engagement And Connection Committee (PEACC), the parent-run volunteer group. We encourage our new families to join our Parent Coffee Mornings, Parent Engagement Sessions & School Assemblies to meet our supportive community and find new friends.

Are there opportunities for parents to support the learning, activities and events within the school or on trips other than through the parent group?

The mission of the PEACC is to foster positive relationships that develop and strengthen community spirit through effective partnerships between the school staff, students and parents. The PEACC works closely with the XCL Education Leadership team and teaching faculty to foster positive relationships between the school community, advocate for improvements to educational facilities and standards within the school and contribute to various academic events.

The PEACC organises the following community events/group: Family Fun Day, Cultural Day Food Fair, Parent Coffee Social Mornings, Holiday Bazaar, Family Trivia Night, Fundraising Events, Charity Volunteer Work, Learning Together Workshops, Parent Engagement Workshops, Dad’s Social Group, Mum’s Social Group, etc.

Do you offer specific activities, events or information sessions for those parents new to the school and/or area?

There can be a lot happening for a family relocating to a new country and joining a new school. This is why our Parent Relations Executive (PRE) team is here to support our parents. They are always willing to offer advice for settling into Singapore and help to connect with the PEACC.

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