White Lodge Latest To Waive and Discount Fees

White Lodge Education Group will waive Term 3 fees for unemployed parents at its eight locations and at Melbourne Specialist International School, following the government’s decision to close schools from April 8 until at least May 4; it offers a 10% discount on its fees to everyone else.
White Lodge Latest To Waive and Discount Fees
By Carli Allan
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White Lodge is the latest international school group to waive Term 3 fees for parents who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 virus. Directors, who founded five pre-schools and three childcare centres across Singapore and the Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS), are also reducing term fees by 10% for all families.

The news follows the government’s announcement on Friday that all schools, including pre-schools and private schools, will be closed from April 8 until at least May 4 to help control the spread of Covid-19. Read more.

Founding director of the White Lodge Education Group and Melbourne Specialist International School, Jayne Nadarajoo, wrote to parents saying:

“As we live in such desperately trying times coupled with fear and uncertainty, we owe it to our community to support our White Lodge families as best as we can.
“In light of this, all parents who are facing financial difficulties due job losses or pay cuts can contact us directly and we will try our utmost best to support you. White Lodge will waive the school fees for Term 3 (June to September 2020) for all who have lost their jobs due to COVID- 19 virus.
“In addition, we will consider reviewing the school fees for parents who have had to take pay cuts which will be based on a case by case basis. As a give back to our school community, we will offer all families 10% off the term three fees as well.”

White Lodge enrols more than 500+ students aged 18 months to six years across its five pre-schools and three childcare centres in Singapore; there are about 50 students at MSIS. Annual tuition fees at MSIS are about $25,000-plus (including support from therapists), and $6,000 to $15, 000-plus for part or full time placements at White Lodge.


Explaining her decision to waive fees, Nadarajoo, said: 

"White Lodge is, has been and always will be supportive of its school community in good times and in not so great times. We need to model for our children the need to think broadly as global citizens and make a difference in any way that we can.

"We live together, learn together, cry together and hopefully soon will celebrate together that we have been able to come out of these difficult times stronger and truly grateful for what we have. "Plus, we have great support from our partner Chip Eng Seng ( CES ) Education who are committed to providing excellent education and care."

Sukh Colebourne, principal at MSIS, added:

"MSIS is a unique school where students, families, teachers and staff support each other and we want to continue to show our support for parents’ in these uncertain times. At MSIS we have always believed that education is the right of every child. We are an inclusive school at every level of need that includes the financial level as well."

In line with all school closures, both White Lodge and MSIS will be closed until 4 May. MSIS will be "providing online learning support to our parents and pupils wherever possible" and White Lodge will "continue to support through home-based activities and resources that are shared daily through Story Park".

White Lodge and MSIS founding director Jayne Nadarajoo said: "The teachers at White Lodge are working hard to prepare the complementary Activity Kits and Work Packs which parents will collect to better support their activities. There will also be video instructions filmed by the schools resident musician who the children know and love, Uncle Mo, to help create some fun and excitement for children to follow at home."

The letter to White Lodge parents 

White Lodge is the latest education group in Singapore to announce discounted fees.

Last Thursday, Invictus International School announced that it would waive fees for anyone within its community who has lost their job due to the Covid-19 virus. Read more.

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