Singapore's Top Scholarships for the IBDP, Music & More!

Discover how scholarships to some of Singapore's leading international schools are nurturing and rewarding students’ academic, musical, sporting and community service achievements.
Singapore's Top Scholarships for the IBDP, Music & More!
By Carli Allan
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If your child is academically-gifted or has exceptional skills and talent in the arts, technology or sport, you may want to consider applying for a school scholarship.

There's a small but growing number of international schools in Singapore now offering scholarships for 2024. These scholarships not only offer substantial reductions in tuition fees, reaching up to 100%, but also support the particular gifts and talents of students; most scholarships are offered to sixth form students in Years 12-13.

So, what is a scholarship? And where can you find the best scholarships for academia and the arts in Singapore?

A scholarship is all about brilliance. If your child is an outstanding academic or musician - or excels in sport and the arts – they could be awarded a scholarship. Schools are looking for academic ability and potential on paper, or talent and promise in areas such as music, leadership and community service.

Competition for scholarships is often high and the application process can be rigorous. International students are eligible to apply for most scholarship schemes, but most schools require students to have a Dependent’s Pass. In most cases, scholarships are available to both new and existing students at a school.

What is a scholarship worth?

While scholarships in countries such as the UK have become less about financial value and more about prestige, a scholarship in Singapore can still offer a way to help fund a private education. Several schools are offering full scholarships worth 100% of the tuition fees; some will also cover the cost of items such as MacBooks, but not all. Parents will typically have to pay for additional fees such as uniform, books, building fund fees and capital levy.

Don’t always expect a scholarship to cover the full cost of your child’s education, though. At some schools, it’s more about the prestige and honour of being a scholar – and being given additional responsibilities and opportunities to contribute to wider school life as ambassadors for the school. 

Which international schools in Singapore offer scholarships?

Tanglin Trust School


Tanglin Trust School has launched a music scholarship programme for Senior School students.


While most schools offering scholarships focus on academic merit, Tanglin Trust School has just launched a music scholarship that rewards talent in the arts. As the school nears its 100th birthday in 2025, it has introduced the Tanglin Centenary Music Scholarship for Senior School students who "demonstrate outstanding musical proficiency".

The scholarship is worth a fee remission of 5-10% per years, and/or free  instrumental tuition on up to two instruments (up to two hours tuition per week over 30 weeks).

The true value of this music scholarship lies in the extra opportunities that will stretch and challenge your child as a musician. The school is offering a dedicated programme of enrichment throughout the year including prominent roles in ensembles, the opportunity to assist with directing/coaching junior ensembles, and termly Music Scholars’ talks. 

The school adds:

"It will enable talented young musicians to fulfil their musical potential and perform at a high level. Successful applicants will be exposed to a range of musical opportunities ranging from solo performances, musical masterclasses, and a mentor programme to guide them on their musical journey."

Applications for Tanglin's first cohort of scholars in August 2024 (open to both new and current students) will close on February 15, 2024. 

St Joseph's Institution International

St Joseph's Institution International offers a range of scholarships for different nationalities looking to study the IBDP. The school's academic year runs from January to December, and applications are now open for 2024.

Awards go to up to two merit-based students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Philippines and up to two Singapore citizens/Permanent Residents for the two-year IB Diploma scholarship. There are two merit-based awards for students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Philippines, and up to eight awards for Singapore citizens/Permanent Residents.

These scholarships cover up to 100% of school fees. SJI International is looking for "young school leaders who can demonstrate excellent quality of mind, enthusiastic participation in non-academic activities, positive personal qualities and strong communication abilities.”

Application deadline: For local/Lasallian scholarships, applications are open from the end of February till August-September; foreign scholarship applications timeline varies depending on country.

Chatsworth International School 

The scholarship programme at Chatsworth International School covers 100% of school fees, and includes a laptop for the duration of the scholarship. Full scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year are available to both internal and external candidates; a partial scholarship covering 25% of tuition fees is also offered to current Chatsworth students.

The school says that scholarships are "awarded to a limited number of students on a merit basis. The Scholarship is applicable to both internal and external students and is renewable at the end of Year 12, based on the maintenance of high academic achievement and community involvement.”

Application deadline: January 30, 2024

GIIS SMART Campus and GIIS East Coast 

GIIS offers a choice of five scholarships at its SMART and East Coast campuses in Singapore for its IBDP programme.

The Global Citizen Scholarship funds the cost of education for students studying the IBDP at its SMART campus; students from ASEAN, South Asian, Gulf & EU countries can apply for this premium scholarship  which "is offered to a few, very select and highly meritorious students once every year". The Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values award is a merit-cum-means scholarship, which offers financial assistance of up to 80% relief on tuition fees to students in Grades 1-12 " who have demonstrated both academic merit and financial need".

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship rewards students for excellence in science and technology skills with up to 20% relief on tuition fees (Grades 1-12). The one-year 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship recognises talent in sports, dance, music, art or drama; community service; and leadership skills. And the Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship offers up to 15% relief on tuition fees to "a very limited number of meritorious students" in Grades 7-12.

Dulwich College (Singapore)

The Dulwich College (Singapore) Alleynian Scholarship Programme for the 2024-25 academic year offers 12 students a 100% tuition fee discount for the duration of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. 

The award, which is both merit-based and means-tested, begins in Year 12 and finishes in Year 13 when a student graduates. Students "should be able to demonstrate a high level of academic ability and work ethic, as well as showcase how they could make a positive contribution to the Dulwich community and beyond through service, action, and participation".

All shortlisted candidates are invited to attend a Scholarship Day, which includes a series of short interviews with members of the selection committee.

The College also awards Junior and Senior Organ scholarships each year, which cover the cost of weekly private tuition (30 minutes per week) during school term time.

UWC South East Asia 

UWC awards scholarships, both full and partial, to all of its schools and colleges including UWCSEA's Dover and East campuses in Singapore. these are two-year scholarships covering tuition and boarding fees for Years 12-13 students on the IB Diploma Programme.

Scholarships are allocated annually to successful applicants via the 150-plus UWC national committees around the world, rather than directly by the UWC school or college; students should contact their home country UWC national committee

XCL World Academy

XWA Scholarships are offered for outstanding abilities in academia, the arts and community service to students at XCL World Academy. Concessions awarded range from 25%-100% of the annual tuition fee.

Since its opening, the school has awarded over SGP $3 million in scholarship concessions, with the average value of scholarships awarded being SGP $450,000/year.

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