Singapore: January 2022 IB Results

Students in Singapore celebrate high average scores in the latest International Baccalaureate Diploma results. We will add individual results for schools to this report as they are released to us...
Singapore: January 2022 IB Results
By Carli Allan
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Singapore students have achieved outstanding results in the latest IB exams. The average score was 40.6 out of 45, and more than half of this year's perfect scorers in the November 2021 IB exams come from Singapore.

Singapore's January 2023 IB Results. Click here.

Students at 18 Singapore local and international schools and institutions received their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and Career-related Programme (IBCP) results on January 2. There were 2,156 students in Singapore who sat their IB exams in November 2021; they are among over 16,880 graduates worldwide who have successfully completed and been awarded the qualifications.

The average score of Singapore students was 40.6 points, higher than the global average of 32.37 and above last year's Singapore average of 38.35 points. More than half of this year's students scoring the top score of 45 came from Singapore, 133 out of 238. The IB Organisation, which conducts the exams, said that just under 50% of students in the city-state achieved 40-plus points and the pass rate was 99%.

Once again, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were offered the option of awarding grades using written exams if they could be sat safely or an alternative route using coursework and predicted grades. Schools could also consider deferring to the May 2022 session.

The majority of international schools offering the IB programme in Singapore follow the September to June academic year and sit the exams in May every year. However, there are some schools here that follow a January to December calendar and sit the IBDP exams in November.

Read the May 2021 IB Results for Singapore here.

These include St Joseph’s Institution International, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Australian International School, Hwa Chong International School (HCIS), Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA), Singapore Sports School (SSP), St Joseph's Institution and ACS (International) Singapore.

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the IB, said:

"The last couple of years have been incredibly challenging for our students, teachers and schools. During this time, Singapore's IB students have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and commitment to reach the exams milestone, which could not have been accomplished without the IB community's unwavering commitment and support.
"The dedication that Singaporean teachers have shown is inspiring, and I'm incredibly proud and honoured to see our nation's young people being guided by mentors that share the IB's mission of education for a better world."


St. Joseph's Institution International

St Joseph’s Institution International's largest cohort ever, comprising 198 students, scored an average of 39.3 points – its highest so far. 54.8% of students achieved 40 points or more, an increase of 11.1% from last year, and 36% of the ohort achieved 42 to 45 points, an 8.7% increase from last year.

Roisin Paul, High School Principal, said:

“I am so proud of our 2021 cohort who have achieved record-breaking results despite the incredible Covid related challenges they have faced during their two years of IB studies. This is testament to our students' and staffs' dedication, professionalism and resilience even in the face of adversity.”

The school's top scoring students include Alex Brown, a car racing champion who's been representing Singapore in racing events around the world and co-founded a digital platform to combat fake news. Another is Megan Lim, an artist who has established a foundation to empower an indigenous tribe in the Philippines and is currently working with a global environmental organisation combating plastic pollution.

St Joseph's Institution

Students at St Joseph's Institution achieved an average score of 42.1 out of 45 points, and the pass rate was 100%. In the cohort of 269 students, 85.5% scored 40 and above and three students obtained a bilingual diploma.

Justin Arul Pierre, Principal of SJI, said:

“The Class of 2021 has demonstrated how resilience, determination, effort and great faith in their ability to overcome challenges can produce good results, despite the various disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed the hard work put in by the students from this cohort, many of whom have attained exceptional results despite their heavy commitments in various national competitions and student leadership responsibilities."

Australian International School

At Australian International School, the average score was 36.24 and the pass rate was 100%. 26% of the cohort scored 40 and above, and 70% scored 35 and above. Arkie Mandziz scored a perfect 45, Kaylee Heng achieved 44, and Aria Mathur, Fangbing Dong and Zhiyu Zhang all scored 43.

Announcing the results on Facebook, AIS said:

"Through the many interruptions of Covid the class of 2021 completed their two year IB Diplomas. Living and breathing our AIS vision, these resilient and ambitious students, not only completed the course but exceeded expectations.
"A tremendous effort for the entire graduating class of 2021. 100% passed, 14 completed bilingual diplomas, a massive average Value Added of +5.76 and Arkie Mandziy who started at AIS aged three secured a perfect score of 45!"

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)

Students at Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) have achieved its best ever IB results since the school was established. The average score was a new high of 39.6 points and the pass rate was 100%. 69.2% of the 2021 graduating cohort scored at least 38 points, and 51.7% achieved 40 points and above. Six students achieved the top score of 45 points and 14 students scored 44 points.

HCIS said:

"The stellar results are especially commendable given that the students had faced two very challenging years filled with uncertainty and disruption amid the COVID-19 pandemic since the start of their IB journey."

School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA)

At School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA), the cohort of 156 students celebrated an average score of 41.1 points. More than 50% scored 42 points and above.

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)’s Class of 441 students achieved an average score of 42.7 points and 100% pass rate. 91% scored 40 points and above, while 82% achieved a score of between 42 to 45 points.

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