Singapore: January IBDP 2020 Results!

Students in Singapore celebrate high average scores in the latest International Baccalaureate Diploma results. We will continue to add more schools to this report as results are released to us, but already we can celebrate the fantastic results of our first set of schools!
Singapore: January IBDP 2020 Results!
By Carli Allan
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Students at 18 Singapore local and international schools and institutions received their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and Career-related Programme (IBCP) results yesterday (Friday). A total of 2,275 students studying in Singapore are among 18,700 graduates worldwide who have successfully completed and been awarded the qualifications.

The average score of Singapore students was 37.99 points, higher than the global average of 28.52. The IB Organisation, which conducts the exams, said 35 of the 69 perfect scorers worldwide – those achieving 45 points – were studying in Singapore.

The majority of international schools offering the IB programme in Singapore follow the September to June academic year and sit the exams in May every year. However, there are some schools here that follow a January to December calendar and sit the IBDP exams in November.

Click here to view a table of the 2018 and 2019 IBDP results for all schools in Singapore.

These include St Joseph’s Institution International, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Australian International School, Hwa Chong International School (HCIS), Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA), Singapore Sports School (SSP), St Joseph's Institution and ACS (International) Singapore.

Of the schools that have published results so far...

St. Joseph’s Institution International

• Average score: 37.3
• Pass rate: 97%
• Size of cohort: 189

The IB cohort of 189 graduates at SJI International celebrated an average score of 37.3 points, with 97% of the cohort obtaining the full IB Diploma.

Roisin Paul, principal of SJI International, said: “I am so proud of our students and staff whose hard work and determination came to fruition with this impressive set of results. We are very pleased that over 36% of our students achieved a score of 40 points or more and over 18% of our students scored 42 points or more. We are especially pleased that SJI International has managed to maintain outstanding IB Diploma results even as the size of our IB cohort has continued to grow.”

“While we rightly celebrate those students who have scored 40 points or more, we are equally as proud of the achievements of those who have scored in the 24 to 39 point range. At SJI International we have a fairly broad admissions policy. Entry is not based on academic scores alone, but on a measure of a student’s overall contribution to school life and the community. Many of our Class of 2019 students made outstanding progress from their PSLE starting points and achieved high value-added scores.”

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

• Average score: 42
• Pass rate: 100%
• Size of cohort: 456
• No. students scored 40 points and above: 77%

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)’s cohort of 456 students achieved an average score of 42 points with 349 (77%) achieving 40 points and above. The 2019 cohort is the school’s largest in five years and there was a 100% pass rate.

Principal Arene Koh said that “globalisation, changing demographics, technology advancements will shape how our students will thrive in the 21st century. The diploma programme offers a holistic educational experience where young people acquire the skills and values to guide them as they navigate the unknown future. It is our hope that they will continue to make a positive difference to those around them.”

ACS (International) Singapore

• Average score: 35.3
• Pass rate: 97%

At ACS (International) 91% of students scored above the global average of 28.52, and the school’s average score of 35.3 points is just slightly lower than last year’s average of 35.5. The overall pass rate was 97%.

One student, Gautam Ramasamy, celebrated achieving the top score of 45 points; the Singaporean student has been offered an A* National Science Scholarship, and plans to study physics after completing his National Service.

Principal Rob Burrough said: “41% of students passed the IB Diploma with English as their second language. This is particularly impressive as students firstly have to learn English, then think in English then write in an English academic style.
Research usually suggests that it takes seven years to become fully proficient in a second language, and most of these students achieved this in three to six years.”

School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA)

• Average score: 38.5
• Pass rate: 100%

SOTA’s cohort of 143 students achieved a 100% pass rate in both the IBDP and IBCP; the school’s IBDP students celebrated a high average score of 38.5 points, with one in two scoring 39 points and above.

Principal Mary Seah said: “Over the past six years, we are proud to see our 2019 graduates grow to be confident, caring, critical thinkers. Many of them have also leveraged their artistic skills and creativity to embark on various meaningful initiatives during their time at SOTA.
"We celebrate the 2019 cohort’s achievements today, and encourage them to continue to tap on their creativity and artistic talents to be positive change-makers and cultural leaders of the future.”

St Joseph's Institution

• Average score: 40
• Pass rate: 99.64%
• Size of cohort: 280
• No. students scored 40 points and above: 59%


The Class of 2019 at St Joseph's Institution included 280 students, who achieved a very high average score of 40 out of 45 points. The pass rate was 99.64% of 280 IBDP, and 59% of the cohort (164 students) scored at least 40 points. 19% (52 students) achieved 43 points or higher, and two students were awarded the Bilingual Diploma.

Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, Principal of SJI, said: “The Class of 2019 has demonstrated how determination, effort and great faith in their ability to overcome challenges can produce good results.
"More importantly, this Class has exemplified the very best of being a Josephian – they have studied hard, grown up well and contributed to make the school and world a better place. We are very proud of their achievement.” will publish the results for the schools as they are made available. Keep checking this article for updates.

Dr Siva Kumari, director general of the IBO said: “I warmly congratulate all DP and CP graduates. I know that your hard work and commitment will be rewarded – both in the immediate term, with the highly-deserved award of your diplomas, and in the future, with enhanced prospects for your further education, your careers and your lives as a whole.

“You have been taught valuable skills for your future in the fourth industrial revolution, in which you will face wholly new contexts and challenges."

May 2019 IBDP cohort

In Singapore, the IBDP is taken at the following international schools in May: Canadian International School, Chatsworth International School (Bukit Timah Campus), Dover Court International School, GEMS World Academy, GESS, GIIS SMART Campus, Hillside World Academy, ISS International School Singapore (High School), Nexus, NPS International School, Overseas Family School, Stamford American International School, Tanglin Trust School, United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), Dover and East Campuses. 

Read more: IB results for May 2019 cohort

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