Singapore: 2020 I/GCSE Results

After months of anxious waiting, students have received their I/GCSE results – based solely on teachers' predicted grades. So, how have schools in Singapore performed?
Singapore: 2020 I/GCSE Results
By Carli Allan
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There have been days, weeks and months of panic and uncertainty for students awaiting this year's I/GCSE results. First, all teaching moved online, then all exams were cancelled, and most recently there has been controversy over the grading process. The wait is over – and students at international schools across Singapore have received their I/GCSE results.

In a U-turn decision, the UK Government has replaced a controversial algorithm used to determine all I/GCSE and A/AS Level grades with an (arguably) fairer method based solely on predicted grades (Centre Assessment Grades). It means that I/GCSE students will receive their results today, knowing that their teachers – who should know them best – have been responsible for the outcomes.


At Dover Court International School (DCIS), 94% of students achieved grades 4-9 in subjects including English and maths, 72% achieved grades 5-9 and 50% of students achieved grades 7-9. 

Craig Bull, Dover Court's head of secondary said:

'These are an outstanding set of results and I am so proud of our students. The grades that they have achieved are exactly what the students deserved following their hard work and commitment to their learning and the rigorous assessment and moderation process that took place by our staff. 

"Wider than these results, I am incredibly proud of the way our students have adapted, united and demonstrated fantastic resilience and determination to succeed during very difficult times and I am certain that these skills will serve them all well in the future as much as their grades will."

The Year 11 cohort at Dulwich College (Singapore), 53% of grades awarded were A* or equivalent; 78% were A*/A or equivalent, and 92% of grades awarded were A*-B or equivalent. 99% of grades were A*-C or equivalent, and 41% of students received A*/A or equivalent in all their IGCSE subjects.

Tanglin Trust School announced the last of its results this summer with news that 78% of all grades were A, A* or equivalent (compared to 27.5% in England) and 99% were A*-C or equivalent (78.8% in England).

49% of students achieved A*, A or equivalent grades in all their GCSE subjects; 23 students achieved A* or equivalent in all their GCSEs, and 11 students achieved a set of Grade A*s and Grade 9s – the highest grades possible.

Allan Forbes, head of senior school said:

“After a turbulent build up to the release of (I)GCSE results, I am absolutely delighted with the outcomes for our Year 11 cohort. Centre Assessed Grades were upheld and, in a number of Pearson subjects, even surpassed for some individuals.

"I would like to congratulate all our students on their sheer hard work and resilience during this trying time, and thank our teaching and support staff for their exceptional support and diligence. The students can now focus on the next stage of their education, whether that be IB or A Level.”

At NPS International School, there was a 100% pass rate, and 82% of students achieved the highest grades of A* and A. Eight students celebrated 11 A* grades, 10 were awarded 10 A* grades, and 10 more students received 9 A* grades.

Students at OWIS International School achieved stellar results for their IGCSE exams; 93% were graded A*-C across, with 61% being awarded A* and A grades.

The school said:

"Every student made excellent progress and achieved personal success too. Of course, this feather in our cap was made possible by our passionate secondary school teachers, who devoted their time to nurture their students. Our teachers guided them, challenged them and ultimately believed in them, which gave them the confidence to believe in themselves as well."

Over two thirds, 74%, of the I/GCSE cohort at the GIIS SMART Campus achieved A or A*. Top scoring student Sonakshi Mishra received 9A* grades.

Results will be added to this article as we receive them. If you would like your school's results to be added, please email them to us at


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