Singapore: 2020 CBSE and ISCE Results

How did students perform in Singapore’s four international Indian secondary schools? Here are the results of the 2019-20 CBSE and CISCE exams.
Singapore: 2020 CBSE and ISCE Results
By Carli Allan
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Students at Singapore's Indian school faced delays and the eventual cancellation of some exam papers due to Covid-19 – but how did they perform in 2020? Here is a round-up of results for the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Grade 10 ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and Grade 12 ISC (Indian Secondary Certificate) exams.

Three international schools in Singapore offer the CBSEGIIS SMART Campus (pictured above), NPS International School and Yuvabharathi International School – while DPS International School offers the ICSE.

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In Singapore, the CBSE is taken at GIIS SMART Campus, NPS International School and Yuvabharathi International School


  • Grade 12 CBSE school average: 88.2%
  • Grade 12 CBSE above 90%: 62.9%
  • Grade 12 CBSE pass rate: 100%

In the Grade 12 CBSE, GIIS SMART Campus reported a 88.2% school average compared to 87.4% in 2019. 62.9% of students scored above 90%, which is higher than last year's figure of 55.4%; 38.6% scored above 95% compared to 16.2% in 2019.

The results for the Grade 10 CBSE showed a 100% pass rate and a school average of 86%. 12% students scored an overall of 95% and above; 46% students scored an overall of 90% and above; and 77% students scored an overall of 80% and above.

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the biggest school groups offering the CBSE outside India – and there were six top scorers at its Singapore campus. Aishwarya Jayamraman and Sruti Srinivasan both scored 98% in science; Akshata Modak scored 92.6% in commerce; Shishir Umashankar and Rujuta Athlayle scored 100% in maths; and Aishwarya Nair scored 100% in chemistry.

NPS International School

  • Grade 12 CBSE school average: 85.7%
  • Grade 12 CBSE above 90%: 41%
  • Grade 12 CBSE pass rate: 100%

The Grade 12 CBSE at NPS celebrated an average score of 85.7%. the school toppers were Ann Mary Alen (96.6%),  Jyotit Kaushal (95.8%) and Viraj Rahul Mehta (95.0%).

In the Grade 10 CBSE, the average score was 89.5%; 63% of all exams were awarded 90% or more, and 83% were awarded 80% or more.


The ICSE and ISC examinations were held in February and March. Only one international school in Singapore offers the CISCE curriculum, DPS International School.

The 2020 ISC and CISCE cohorts at DPS International School both celebrated a 100% pass rate, and all students passed in First Division. 50% of the ISC cohort and 40% of the CISCE cohort achieved more than a 90% score. 

The school said: 

"This year is an extraordinary one – our students have surpassed all previous records and secured a highest ever aggregate for our school, 98% in the ISC (Grade 12) exam. The brilliance of the exams has dispelled the gloom of the pandemic and proven the true mettle of Dipsites!"

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Singapore: 2020 CBSE and ISCE Results

Students at Singapore's Indian school faced delays and the eventual cancellation of some …

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