Singapore: 2019 CBSE and ISCE Results

The results are in for Singapore’s four international Indian secondary schools – with top honours for several in students in maths, English, the sciences and computer science.
Singapore: 2019 CBSE and ISCE Results
By Carli Allan
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Students in Singapore have received their results for the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams, India’s largest school board. Separately, and within days of each other, students also received results for the Grade 10 ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and Grade 12 ISC (Indian Secondary Certificate) examinations, both held by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

Three international schools in Singapore offer the CBSEGIIS SMART, NPS International School and Yuvabharathi International School – while DPS International School offers the ICSE.

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For the CBSE, 1.3 million students across India and overseas sat the Grade 12 exams in March-April 2019, and over 1.8 million students sat their Grade 10 exams. In India, two girls — Haniska Shukla and Karishma Arora — topped the Grade 12 exams with 499 marks each out of 500.

The pass percentage for Grade 12 in the top performing regions was:
• Trivandrum - 98.2%
• Chennai - 92.93%
• Delhi - 91.87%
• Foreign schools - 95.43 %

The CBSE is seen as the gateway to successful university entry for Grade 12 students or to the continuation to the final two pre-university years of study for those in Grade 10.


A classroom at GIIS SMART

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the biggest school groups offering the CBSE outside India. All existing students moved from its Queenstown all-through school to the new GIIS SMART campus in 2018, where they sat their CBSE exams this year.

The school average for the CBSE Grade 12 was 87.4% – slightly lower than last year’s all-time high average score of 88.1% – while 55.4% scored 90% and above. There was a 100% pass rate.

Out of the 74-strong cohort, three students scored 100% in three subjects including Mrithika Om Prakash in biology, Subhiksha Ganeshan in physics and Navaneeth Ramapurath in computer science. Eighteen others were subject toppers, scoring 95% or above in a given subject.

• 16.2% scored 95% and above as compared to 12.7% in 2018
• 55.4% scored 90% and above as compared to 52.4% in 2018
• Science stream average: 89.01%
• Commerce stream average: 81.7%

The school average for the CBSE Grade 10 80-strong cohort increased from 84.4% in 2018 to 88% this year. There was a 100% pass rate, and 100% students scored an overall of 60% and above. Eight students got a perfect score of 100 marks in English, maths and social science: Devansh Shah (English), Vaishnavi Vinu, Anushka Trehan, Jash Jignesh Veragiwala, Aarushi Mundra, Lahari Aruna Dharmala (maths), Vaishnavi Harihara Venkatesan and Adity Susan Varghese (social science).

• 22.5% scored 95% and above as compared to 12.9% in 2018
• 55% scored 90% and above as compared to 46.2% in 2018
• 80% scored 80% and above compared to 69.7% in 2018

Overall, results at GIIS SMART are higher across the board when compared to 2018, and it is the top-performing CBSE school in Singapore.

“Such outstanding results are a reflection of the drive and dedication of our students and teachers,” said SMART campus principal Melissa Maria. “My heartiest congratulations to all students and their parents, who are equal partners in their children’s success.”

NPS International School

NPS International School

At NPS International School, the Grade 12 class average was 85.7%, and there was a 100% pass rate. The school’s toppers are Ishita Goel (95.8%), Harsh Panchal (94.4%) and Indumathi Sridhar, Akshaya Rajesh (both 93.6%).

• 60% students scored 90% and above
• 83% students scored 80% and above

In the school’s Grade 10 results, the average aggregate was 83.7%; one student, Sandeep Nair, scored 100% in maths.

• 51% students scored 90% and above
• 77% students scored 80% and above

Yuvabharathi International School

Yuvabharathi International School

At Yuvabharathi International School, there was a cohort of 18 Grade 12 students and 34 students who sat the Grade 10 exams. The school’s highest achievers in Grade 12 were Navilarasu Subrahmanyan who scored 100% in maths and chemistry, and Umamahesh Shivani who scored 100% in maths. Students also recorded top scores of 99% in physics, 98% in biology, and 97% in computer science.

In Grade 10, Haritha Shraeya, Kommareddy Joseph Sushanth Reddy, Selvakumar Kavipooja scored 100% in maths, and Saravanan Durga, Kumar Divyashruthi, Joshi Tejasi and Nikhita Elizabeth George scored 100% in social science. Students also recorded top scores of 98% in science, Tamil and Hindi.

DPS International School

DPS International School

Whilst much less popular among students in Singapore, the CISCE is highly regarded. At DPS International School, students taking their ISC exams celebrated a 100% pass rate, with 30% scoring above the 90% aggregate.

• 100% of students scored 90% and above in biology
• 100% of the cohort scored distinctions in business studies and economics

In the ISCE, there was a 100% pass rate, with 35% of students scoring above the 90% aggregate.

• 100% students scored a distinction in economics and French
• Highest aggregate score was 94.5%

Whilst we at are always delighted to share the successes of individual students, our aim is to share the overall results of the schools – a way for parents to see which schools’ students are really achieving at the highest level, but also providing recognition for those schools whose students who may not be so academically successful but have clearly been encouraged and supported in their endeavours.

A measure for us of a good school is not only the one that achieves the best results for its most academic students, but also enables a higher standard of results for all of its students. We are pleased to see that Indian curriculum schools in Singapore are not just focusing on the Toppers, but also beginning to provide more information about overall school success.

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