School Fees Up For PRs, International Students

Ministry of Education in Singapore has announced fee increase for permanent residents and international students for the next three years. There are no plans to adjust school fees for Singapore citizens.
School Fees Up For PRs, International Students
By Veathika
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Singapore’s Ministry of Education has revealed the school fees from 2018 until 2020, for permanent residents (PR) and international students in government and/or government-aided schools.

The school fee is slated to go up for PR students by S$25 to S$60 per month and by S$25 to S$150 per month for international students.

The increased fee will be in effect from January of each year. In a statement, the Ministry said:

 "The release of the fee schedule for the next three years is to provide greater certainty on the fees for non-citizens for the next few years, and to enable parents to plan for the financing of their children’s studies in MOE schools."

The Ministry also clarified that Singapore citizens in government or government-aided primary schools will not pay any fees for primary school and will pay S$5 for secondary school and S$6 for pre-university per month.

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