New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus

What does Singapore’s new School of the Future look like? goes in to find out. A first look at one of what could become one of Singapore's most high-tech schools...
New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus
By Carli Allan
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STEM and beyond

Students have, or will have, access to Global Centres for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are makerspaces and labs for students to create and innovate, and the school is focused on learning experiences like coding, robotics and entrepreneurship boot camps.

The school says: “The Centres are a perfect space for students to challenge the status quo, brainstorm on new ideas and think of new solutions to old problems.”

Technology in the classroom

Teachers will use Augmented Reality (AR) tools like Jig Space to make learning interactive and fun. Also, don’t be surprised to see robots around the SMART campus, helping teachers to carry out minor administrative tasks like carrying books from one place to another.

The school says: “This will free up the teachers’ time to productively aid in the learning process. A point to note is that robots will not replace teachers, rather assist them.”

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