New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus

What does Singapore’s new School of the Future look like? goes in to find out. A first look at one of what could become one of Singapore's most high-tech schools...
New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus
By Carli Allan
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Digital age

Students use a multipurpose ID card to make cashless payments for lunch

Every student has a multipurpose ID card that is used to access studios, lockers, the library, the cafeteria etc, as well as make cashless payments for books, stationery and food. Also, digital noticeboards are used across campus to post snack break ads, school events, 9GEMS activities and students’ achievements, as well as information about school buses. There are even smart toilets that have special sensors to detect "strong smells of ammonia and other chemicals” and monitor cleaning activities.

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