New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus

What does Singapore’s new School of the Future look like? goes in to find out. A first look at one of what could become one of Singapore's most high-tech schools...
New School: First Look at GIIS SMART Campus
By Carli Allan
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Virtual classrooms

Learning goes beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom and into virtual classrooms equipped with cameras. Students on the SMART campus can virtually ‘attend’ lectures in other parts of the world and collaborate remotely with their peers in other countries. Lectures and in-class discussions can be recorded to help students prep for exams at a later date.

Broadcasting live!

There’s a TV studio where students are broadcasting on GIIS Digital TV to viewers worldwide, as well as on campus TVs to their peers. Students also have their own radio station from where they produce live shows that are shared with other GIIS campuses.

The school says: “The cloud-based radio system will allow students to collaborate with students of other countries and co-produce talk shows, interviews on topics related to their project.”

NBA-style sports technology

The SMART campus is the first school in the world to have a SPEDAS (Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System), which is used by international teams such as the LA Lakers to study and improve their performance.

The school says: “Students will wear trackers/tags during games which will be precisely located by tracking devices to collect data like individual performances, mapping of the sports field and game statistics during intra-school competitions."

Other sporting facilities include four large multi-purpose halls.

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